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Salads and appetizers with korneplodiv

Salad with carrots, and parsley.Salad with carrots, and parsley.
Morkvu that korin parsley miyut, obchischayut, narishayut solomkoi abo podrbnjut on tertsy with great broths, zmіshut iz ssmetanoi; zapravlyayut tsukrom, sillju, lemon juice, vikladayut girkoju at salatnitsyu and posipayut positschenuyu to greens of a parsley.
* Carrots - 250 g parsley root -150 g parsley - 20 g sour cream - 40 g g sugar -10, lemon juice, salt.
Salad with carrots with raisins.
Carrots, celery washed, obchyschayut and cut small strips. Raisins and infused for zaparivayut 5-8 minutes. Prepared carrots, celery and raisins mix, salt, add mayonnaise and mix again. Mass lay heaped on the leaves of lettuce. You can add apples.
* Carrots - 300 g celery root - 125 g raisins - 120 g mayonnaise - 120 g salad - 120 g apples - 200 g salt.
Salad with horseradish carrots and apples.
Carrots, horseradish and apples are washed, cut into strips and obchyschayut, horseradish rub on a grater. Prepared foods mixed with sour cream, seasoned with salt and sugar and spread slide. You can decorate vitochkamy parsley.
* Carrots - 250 g apples - 170 d, horseradish - thirty grams parsley - thirty grams cream - 80 g sugar - 10 g Silk
Salad with carrots and garlic.
Prepared carrots and garlic rubbed on a grater with small holes, walnut kernels finely crushed. Prepared foods mixed and seasoned mayonnaise, then sprinkle with herbs.
* Carrots - 300 g walnut kernels - 50 g, g-15 garlic mayonnaise - 40 g parsley - thirty grams of salt.
Snack on carrots with melted cheese.
Warcock of a morku and melting A watchmaker and a hair nucleus goryhіv rotirate on doshtsі abo in the steps. Use all pee and mayonnaise.
* Carrots - 200 g cheese - 100 g mayonnaise - 125 g garlic - 20 g kernels - 30 g salt.
Snack on carrots with yogurt cheese.
Washed and purified carrots cut into strips or rub on a grater with large holes, mixed with pureed yogurt cheese, add the washed raisins and sugar. The mass is mixed and served in the salad and garnish with greens.
* Carrots - 160 g milk cheese - 200 g raisins - 25 g sugar - 30 g, salt, herbs.
Salad with beets.
Beets are washed, boiled in water with vinegar, obchyschayut, cooled and cut. The cut beets mixed with onion, horseradish, salt and oil, are in a vessel and cooled within 2 hours. The mass spread bitter salad leaves. You can decorate slices of beet salad, sliced ​​shaped knife. Ruling elite slides pour mayonnaise.
* Cooked beets - 260 g, onions - 60 g th vinegar 3% - 16 g, prepared horseradish - 40 g, oil - 20 g salad - 60 g mayonnaise - 40 g salt.
Salad with beets, cut into slices.
Beets are washed, pour cold water so that it covered them completely, and cook, adding vinegar. When boiled beets cool, obchyschayut them, cut into slices (you can do it figured knife), salted and sprinkled with oil. Prepared salad can be stored in hermetically sealed jars in a cool place for several weeks. Before serving sliced ​​beets added to taste oil and grated horseradish.
* Beets - 400 d, horseradish - 15 g g -50 oil, vinegar 3% -s -12 g salt.
Salad of roasted beets.
Beets baked in the oven, obchyschayut, cool, rub on a grater with large holes or cut into strips. Obchyschayut Onions, finely chopped, and sprinkled it ob¬smazhuyut prepared beets. Salad seasoned with vinegar, oil and salt, and pe¬red serving sprinkle with parsley.
* Beets - 560 g, onions - 200 g, oil - 40 g th vinegar 3% -16 g parsley - 20 g salt.
Salad with beets with horseradish.
Buriak myut, pour boiling water і boil it under the downturn, before ocetat. Varen Buryaks are being cleaned with a straw or a rubbing on terttsі with great otvoryi. Hrіn cleaned, miut і rub on tertsі with other holes. Buryaks peremіshuyut hrіnom, give remittance of mines, fill with slyly, tsukrom, datom i i pour allu 100 g of boiled water. Buryaks very well put a jar like that, got rid of them, put them on a parchment pond and pick them up at a cool-cold teenager. Tsei salad can be served і yak garnіr to other stravs of meat and ribi.
* Beets - 400 d, horseradish - 100 and sugar - 10 g cumin - 5 g vinegar 3 40% -nyy- g salt.
Salad turnips and carrots.
Prepared turnips and carrots rubbed on a grater with small holes, mixed and seasoned with vinegar and oil. Salt before serving and decorate green onions.
* Turnip - 480 g carrots - 160 g, oil - 50 g 3% -s' vinegar - 40 g green onions - 80 g salt.
Salad radish with turnips and apples.
Prepared radish, turnips and apples obchyschayut and rubbed on a grater with large holes or cut into strips. The mass of the mix, salt, fill with sugar and cream. Before serving sprinkle with herbs.
* Radish - 200 g turnips - 100 g apples - 200 g sour cream - 80 g sugar - 10 g greens - thirty grams of salt.
Turnip salad with horseradish.
Prepared turnips, horseradish and apple rubbed on a grater with small holes. The mass is mixed, seasoned with salt, sugar and vinegar, giving it kyslosolodkoho taste. You can add lemon zest. Before serving sprinkle with herbs.
* Swede - 200 d, horseradish - 100 g apples - 300 g sugar - 10 g greens - 30 g salt.
Salad with radishes.
Prepared toneykymy radishes cut into slices, put in a bowl, sprinkle with chopped dill, sour cream sprinkled on the edges of small slides poured finely chopped green onions. Feeding on the table, sprinkle with salt.
* Radish - 200 g green onions -100 g, dill - thirty grams cream - 80 g salt.
Salad with parsnip.
Prepared root of parsnip and celery and green pepper cut into strips, mix, salt, seasoned with black pepper and mayonnaise. Tucked mass spread on leaves of lettuce in a salad bowl.
* Pasternak - 400 g celery - 240 g green pepper - 120 g salad - 100 g mayonnaise - 100 g, black pepper, salt.
Russian salad.
Prepared carrots, radishes, apples, lettuce leaves and parsley cut into strips. The mass is mixed and seasoned salad dressing. Ready salad served in a salad bowl, and you can decorate the edges cut length - 3-4 cm green onions.
* Carrots - 300 g apples - 100 g salad - 100 g radish - • 100 g salad dressing - 60 g green onions - 60 hours
Salad z buriakі m'yatoyu.
Buryaks boil at psdolsen_y і pіdkislenіі vodі, clean, narіzayut thin skichkami і obsmazhuyut on top of oil. Salt, seasoned with tsukrom, citric acid, and rubbed with mines, pereminuyut i wikladayut in a salad bowl. Before serving, they sipyat with a number of sheets of my.
* Buryaks - 400 g, oil top - 40 g, mint - 20 g, citric acid - 5 g, succulent - 20 g, mines - 20 g, сіль.

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