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Soups with korneplodiv

Beet borscht.Beet borscht.
Chilled beet broth put sliced ​​slices cooked beets and pickles, chopped onions and grated horseradish. All seasoned brine from cucumbers, sour cream and cool. To beets retain their color during thermal processing must add brine.
* Cooked beets - 200 g, pickles - 200 g, onions - 100 g g -100 cream, horseradish - 30 grams of cucumber pickle -140 g, beet broth - 600 hours
Cold beet soup.
Coolings of buryakovsky vidvar should be bred with boiled water, added with straws of buryak, plates of boiled maple and svіzhі ogirki, most of them baked boiled cool, there are different herbs and vegetables. Dress borsch with sour cream, roasted with zucchar, boiled gingerbread, add citric acid, salt and cool.
* Beets-170 g potatoes - 160 g g -125 cucumbers, eggs - 1 pcs., Sour cream - 80 g green onions - 50 g sugar - 6 g Citric acid - 2 g, beet broth - 400 g , fennel - 30 g salt.
Lithuanian borschets.
Prepare the bouillon from the stock, dry the mushrooms soak and cook, cook the heated mushrooms, pass through the meat grinder, and the mushroom vidar percent. Dumplings should be cooked in straws, seasoned with zucra, citric acid and filled with a hot broth. Dovіvshi to kipіnnya, zalisyayut for nastoyuvannya, p_slya why percent. Buryakovsky nastіy zmіshyut with mushroom vіdvar that kіstkovim broth і and fill with chukra and sіlyu.
Garnish cooked patties. Knead the dough with pureed cottage cheese, butter, eggs and flour by adding salt, sugar and soda. For the minced onion and chopped cooked mushrooms Passer, salt and seasoned pepper. From the prepared dough and mince pies oblong form; Before baking them coated with egg, mixed with chopped herbs and baked. Patties served separately, per serving - 3 pieces.
* Кістки - 480 г, water - 1200 г, корннь parsley - 20 г, буряки - 200 г, citric acid - 1г, tsibulya ріпчаста - 25 г, морква - 25 г, грибний відвар - 320 г, цукор- 7 г, сіль ; for the tist: boroshno - 100 g, top oil - 60 g, sour-milk sir - 80 g, soda - 0,6 g, egg - 0,25 pcs, zucor- 2 g; for stuffing: dried mushrooms - 40 g, ripchasta zibula - 35 g, melted butter - 15 g; for obmazuvannya pirizhkiv: egg - 0,5 pcs., greens - 5 g, sіl.
Cream of carrot.
The prepared carrots are cut into pieces of arbitrary shape and assembled in a closed bowl with a small amount of broth and butter. Finished carrots are washed. Prepare white sauce. On the side dish in salted water, cook rice. Add to the white sauce the grated carrot from the decoction and boil for 20 min. After that, the soup is filtered through a sieve, again brought to a boil and removed from the fire, placed on a water bath. Soup is filled with a mixture of egg yolks and milk, salt, add pieces of oil and stir until homogeneous mass is formed. Before serving, put the cooked rice in a bowl of soup.
* Carrots - 600 grams, rice - 40 g flour - 40 g butter - 40 g milk - 300 g yolk - 1 pieces.
Soup from beet.
Prepared siri buryaki rubbed on tertsі and carcasses, having finished the bouillon and oil, until m'yakostі. Shchob zaberti kol_r buryakіv, finish the batch of citric acid. I’m giving a shake to the rest and passing it on oil. At the bouillon, put stewed beetroot beef, pasteurized tsibul, bring to a boil, season with bilim sauce and boil with a weak boil. Wipe the masu through 20 — 25, bring it to a boil again, bring the broth so that the consistency of the masi was given to the soup puree (like sour cream of medium density), and dress with sour cream a whole tops. Serve with grinkas.
* Beets - 800 g, onions - 80 g flour - 40 g butter - 60 g sour cream or vershky- 100 g vinegar 3 20% -y- g toast - 80 hours
Cream of celery.
Celery root obchyschayut, wash and finely cut into strips, throw in a pan, add the butter, pour the broth, put bilny bread (bread without crust) and readiness to assume, then rubbed through a sieve and filled with a mixture of milk and eggs. The mass of diluted broth to the consistency of cream of medium thickness. Before serving sprinkle with parsley.
Korin celery - 60 g, yakush loaf - 200 g, zhovtki - 2 pcs., Tips - 150 g, greenery - ZO g.
Celery soup with rice.
In broth prepared and put chopped parsley and celery, dried leaves of celery and cook until tender roots. Before serving add lemon without kernels, boiled rice and sour cream, sprinkle with herbs.
* Celery root - 300 g parsley root - 300 g green celery - 40 grams, rice - 120 g lemon - 40 g sour cream - 125 g salt.
Soup of white root and carrots.
Have prepared carrots see a core of heart. That part of the carrot, which is already missing, is the root of celery, part of the tsibul and tsibuli leek, and let out in oil at once with a piece of the shred. Pour vegetables and a shred with a meat bouillon, add gusto to the gusto and simmer it all at once for a small, long stretch of 2 for a year, after which I take a shred and finish the troches of m'yakush bilogo bread. At once with vegetables and bread, wipe the brown sieve, assimilate the puree to dilute it to tidy consistency (sour cream of medium density) with the meat broth and try to pick up all the fat. Serve with greens and white bread.
Morkva - 100 g, part of the tsibulya - 80 g, tsibula-leek - 100 g, root celery - 200 g, top butter - 40 g, m'yakush white bread - 200 g, shinka - 200 g, sіl.
Vegetable soup spicy.
Fe-tovleni onions, carrots, parsley, celery and turnips cut so¬lomkoyu, fried, boiled until tender and broth is filtered through cloth. In salted water cook the chopped turnips, potatoes, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, green peas, asparagus, add vegetable broth, butter and bring to a boil. Before serving sprinkle with chopped herbs.
* Onions - 100 g carrots - 75 g turnips - 75 g turnips - 75, parsley root - 75 g celery root - 75 g butter - 60 g, water - 1250 g potatoes - 200 g asparagus - 75 g canned green peas - 75 g cauliflower - 75 g Brussels sprouts - 150, greens - 30 g salt.

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