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Main courses from korneplodiv

Carrots in oil.Carrots in oil.
Purified and washed carrots cut into cubes and involve a small amount of liquid and butter, add flour, then suggest another over 3 minutes and fill with oil. Serve as a separate dish.
* Carrots - 700 g butter - 60 g flour - 8 g sugar - 20 hours
Carrots with rice.
Prepared carrots cut into slices, put in a saucepan, add the washed rice, oil, pour water, salt and suggest to perfection. Before serving sprinkle with herbs.
* Carrots - 600 g butter - 80 grams, rice - 100 g, water - 200 g greens - 30 g salt.
Carrot cream.
Young obchyschayut carrots, wash and boil whole in salted water, obsushuyut then gently suggested in oil. Pour heavy cream.
* Carrots - 700 g cream - 200 g butter - 20 g salt.
Carrots in milk sauce.
Purified and washed carrots cut into cubes and boil in salted water. Prepare milk sauce. Cooked carrots run off, dried and filled milk sauce and sugar.
* Carrots - 700 g butter - 20 g sugar - 20 g milk sauce - 200 hours
Carrots with croutons.
Purified and washed carrots, cut into slices and involve a small amount of liquid, salted and added sugar, in a closed vessel for - 20-30 minutes. Cooked carrots seasoned with oil, put on a platter, and the edges - toast. To toast of white bread crust cut, then cut it into slices rectangular shape. Eggs, milk and sugar mixed, moistened with this mixture of slices of bread and fry in butter until golden crust.
* Carrots - 700 g butter - 80 g sugar - 8 g wheat bread - 160 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Milk - 200 g salt.
Carrot stew.
Purified and washed carrots cut crosswise into pieces long 2,5-3 cm, then each piece into slices rozrizuyut (6-8), lightly fried with butter, add white sauce and stew at low boil. Cooked carrots seasoned salt and sugar.
* Carrots - 800 g butter - 60 g white sauce - 400 g sugar - 20 g salt.
Chopped carrot.
I’ve cleaned and remembered carrots, cut them into pieces and allow them to be kept at a small amount of water. An admitted morkwa would be able to pass through the meat grinder. Syra carrots can be narzati with other straws and allowed. Add milk, butter and oil until boiled water. Then, with a thin string, weep in the mannitsi and strangely mix, so that the breast is not assimilated. Boil for 10-15 hv, refrigerate to a temperature of 50 ° C, finish the eggs, add salt and mix. With maslo viroblyayut cutlets, paniruyut ix on breadcrumbs and grease in the top oil. Serve with sour cream or milk sauce.
* Carrots - 700 g semolina - 60 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Milk - 120 g butter - 80 g dried ground - 60 g milk sauce - 200 g or sour cream - 120 g salt.
Baked carrots with yogurt cheese.
I cleaned and washed the carrots, cut them into pieces, and allow them to be kept at a small amount of water. Let the carrots go through the meat grinder, put them in the stewpan, heat them very much, after which, with a thin stream of minskoy, pour the mannies of cereal 1 good mix.
Sour milk cheese rubbed through a sieve, mix with carrots, add eggs, sugar, salt and mix thoroughly. The resulting mass spread on a greased sheet or in a shallow skillet and bake.
The finished pudding cut into portions, spread on a plate or dish, pour milk sauce or sour cream served separately.
Carrots - 400 g milk cheese - 200 g semolina - 30 g ground biscuits - 10 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Sugar - 30 g butter - 30 g sour cream - 60 g salt.
Pudding of carrots.
Purified and washed carrots finely cut and suggest a small amount of water. In the milk boiled thick semolina, add sugar, butter, egg yolks, salt and mixed with stewed carrots. In the cold hard knock whites and gently mix them with prepared products. The mass placed on greased sheet and posapanyy breadcrumbs in a saucepan or a different form and put in the oven. In pudding form
You can cook for a couple. Before serving pudding is removed from the mold, and if it is baked in the pan or skillet, cut there, not removing. Sour cream served separately.
* Carrots - 640 g milk - 120 g semolina - 60 g sour cream - 140 g, eggs - 1 pcs. Butter - 80 g sugar - 40 g ground biscuits - 60 g salt.
Beets in milk sauce.
Purified and washed beets cut into slices and involve a small amount of water, adding oil. Poached beets seasoned milk sauce and beetroot broth. Serve on a plate or a la carte pan.
* Beets - 800 g butter - 40 g milk sauce - 200 hours
Puree with buryak z grіnkami. Cleaned and cleaned buryaks add water and let it pass at a small amount of water, letting it pass through a meat grinder, season with oil and salt and salt. Serve on portions metal frying pan or on tarcels, having caught along the edges of the grinka.
* Beets - 800 g butter - 80 g sugar - 20 g; to toast, wheat bread - 160 g, eggs - 1 pcs., milk - 200 g sugar - 8 g salt.
Stewed beets.
Roasted beets obchyschayut, cut into strips or cubes, put in a pot, add a little fried onions, cream sauce and stew over 15-20 minutes.
* Beets - 800 g butter - 40 g, onions - 100 g cream sauce - 200 g salt.
Beets, baked with an egg.
Beets picked by the same size and bake in the oven neobchyschenymy. Then they obchyschayut, paneer with flour, fry with butter, put on a portion pan, pour cream mixture of raw eggs and baked in the oven.
* Buriaks - 600 g, well - 30 g, Verkhovka butter - 40 g, sour cream - 120 g, eggs - 4 pcs., Sіl.
Beets stuffed.
Cooked beets are cooked, cleaned, with a spoon, see the core of m'yakoti and smell the meat with minced meat. Minced meat cooked from greased carrots, parsley, ripples, sauces and parsley boiled steeply boiled rice. Stuffed buryaks lay on a sheet of grease with grease a sheet, but a pan, sprinkle with breadcrumbs, shave with grease and zapіkayut. Serve with sour cream, sour cream sauce with tomato and tsibuleyu.
* Beets - 800 g carrots - 120 g parsley root - 60 g turnips - 60 g, onions - 60 g egg - 1 pcs., Rice - 60 g butter - 80 g cheese - 40 g , ground crackers - 40 g sour cream - 120 g salt.
Souffle from sugar beets.
Sugar beets are washed, obchyschayut and rubbed on a grater with small holes. Pour lemon juice to not blackened beets, add vanilla and zest and stir well with breadcrumbs milled. Then add the beaten egg yolks separately in foam and fibers, gently stir and spread mass in a greased and flour form links. Bake in oven for 1 hours. Served in a hot, sprinkled with powdered sugar.
* Sugar beets - 500 g, juice and zest of one lemon, ground crackers - 100 g sugar - 200 g egg-4 pcs. Butter - 100 g vanilla -1h.
Ripa sauce with toast.
Purified and washed turnips cut into slices, dipped in 10 minutes in boiling water, take out the water and translated in a pan with butter, add sugar and water, stirring occasionally assume under the hood. Until readiness turnip juice should be thick like gravy, turnip and acquires a dark color. Before serving turnip slices are placed on the middle of the slide plate and placed around the toast of white bread.
Ripa - 800 g, Verchkov butter - 80 g, water - 300 g, zucor - 40 g, wheat bread - 160 g, eggs - 1 pc., Milk - 200 g, tsu¬kor - 20 g, syl.
Stuffed rіpa.
I’ve cleaned and remember to cook until ready to cook, from the bottom with a spoon I’ll take a portion of the meat so that the cup will open. I will flicker faintly, let it be ready until ready. finish to some reasonably cooked cool egg and pepper. With minced meat, refresh the ripe so that you can win troch over the "cup" of grill, then boil it with rubbed sir, shave it with melted butter and seal with the clergy. Sour cream sauce with tomato and tsibuley to give okremo.
* Turnip - 800 g, eggs - 4 pcs. Butter - 40 g hard cheese grated - 40 g cream sauce - 200 g, ground black pepper, salt.
Rіpa stuffed with rice is the mushroom.
Rіpu pіdgotovyayut, as indicated in the forefront recipe. To prepare the minced meat, boil the rice, bring it to the parsley, carefully chop the mushrooms, half the ripe mushrooms, half the parsley, pick the parsley, salt and season the pepper. With minced meat, upgrade the rіpu, boil it with chopped breadcrumbs, grind it with grated sir, shave it with roasted butter and seal it in the oven. On the mushroom sauce, cook the sauce with tsibuleyu and tomato and pour it in front of the dishes and warm them up.
* Turnip - 800 g rice -100 g, onions - 100 g cheese - 20 g flour - 20 g of white dried mushrooms - 40 g butter - 80 g tomato puree - 40 g suhari- 10 g parsley - 20 g, black pepper, salt.
Mashed turnips.
Prepared, purified and washed turnips cook until tender, rub through a sieve, seasoned with sugar and butter, and put ua fire to warm thickening. Oholodzhu¬yut, add whipped foam proteins in a little lemon juice and lemon zest that naterch. Use as a garnish for poultry.
* Swede - 600 g sugar - 50 g butter - 80 g, eggs -
1 pcs. Lemon juice -10 g lemon peel - 5 g salt.
Roasted rutabaga.
Purified and washed turnips cut into thick slices wide 8- 10 mm. Before frying the slices sprinkled with salt and pepper and Passer in wheat flour. Fry them in oil in the formation. peel golden on both sides. Roasted turnips brought to readiness in the oven in the same vessel in which roasted. Serve in hot with butter and sour cream, sprinkled with chopped parsley or dill.
* Swede - 800 g flour - 40 g, oil - 40 g sour cream - 160 g parsley or dill - 40 g, black pepper, salt.

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