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Traditions of tsibulevich vegetables - Salati and pershi

Ripchasta zibulya, striviRipchast tsibulya that chasniknik may be of great importance in the crooked people. The stench spriyatyu zbudzhennyu appetite, polіpshuyut etching і svoyyuvanіst їжі organіzmom. Ci culture widely vicoristuvat in fresh, boiled, smoked and canned viglyadі. R_pchasta tsibulya - is an indispensable seasoning for myasnich, ribnaya that vegetable seeds.
Onions and garlic have strong antibacterial properties due to the content of herbal antibiotics - volatile.
The chemical composition of onion very diverse. In the bulbs are 1,7% protein, 9,5% carbohydrates, including glucose, fructose, sucrose, maltose, fiber and inulin. The structure consists of onions enzymes, volatile, vitamins and others. Onions - a rich supplier of micro and macro. Essential oil of onion causes of smell and sharp taste.
sprouting onion can be grown from a bulb sprouted green onionskin house on pіdvіkonnі u be-yak time roku. Ridko yak gospodarka vikine sprouted tzibulin. Won put її have a bottle of water abo plant a gorschik іz land and virost greener pіr'ya. In such a way you can zbagachuvati svіy stіl tsієyu tsіnnoyu vіtamіnnoyu products.
In the diet is very important to have this product, especially in early spring - during vitamin deficiency when the body is in need of all the substances contained in onions.
Green tsibuli polіpshuє smakovі yakostі strav, spriya vidіlennyu shlunkovogo juice і krasmomu peretravlennyu і zospoєnnyu їzhі. Green tsibuli zasosovuyu duzhe widely. Mayzhe kitchen can not do without. Tse nezmіnna seasoning to myannykh, ovochevikh ta rybnyh strav. Be-yak Strava, seasoned and framed onionfresh green onions, parsley, dill and celery, with most only look at her appetite.
Garlic in its chemical skladom- also extremely valuable plant. Compared with onions garlic contains less moisture (from to 58 65%, while onion - 82-90%) and considerably more protein and nitrogen free extract.
Bulbs of garlic in a medium containing (per raw stuff): dry matter - 35- 42%, crude protein - 6-7,9%, sugar - 15-28%, ascorbic acid - 7-25 100 mg per g of ash elements - 0,84-1,44%.
Garlic contains much more than many other vegetables crude protein (6,5%), it contains: sugars - 3,29%, starch - 2, fiber - 0,8 and ash-1,5%. It consists of enzymes, organic acids (citric, oxalic, malic), vitamins - thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and ascorbic acid and carotene. It is rich in micro-and macro especially potassium and phosphorus (according 260 and 140 100 mg per g). Garlic contains minerals such as magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, iodine, boron, copper, molybdenum, cobalt and others. The most important ingredient of garlic - essential oil (0,005-0,10%).
Widespread garlic acquired thanks to it volatile, which have bakterostatychna and bactericidal action as well as a large number of nitrogenous substances and glucosides which stimulate appetite and promote better digestion and food zasvoennyu human body.
Pate with garlic cheese and nuts.
Brinzu, chasniki, verchke oil, the kernels of the mountains, pass through the meat grinder and smyushit. Serve the pate with a cold viglyadі, beforehand embellish the greens of parsley or kropu.
* Garlic - 70 g cheese - 400 g butter - 200 g walnut kernels - 20 g parsley or dill - ZO g
Garlic butter.
Purified and washed garlic cloves oshparyuyut boiling water, obsushuyut and pounded in a mortar, then add butter and rub through a sieve.
* Garlic - 200 g butter - 250 g salt.
Cornflower with garlic butter and cheese.
Net grind the garlic in a mortar with herbs cornflowers. Add butter and hard grated cheese and stir until smooth. Serve as a seasoning for fish dishes and pasta.
* Garlic - 200 g butter - 250 g basil - 10 green leaves, grated hard cheese - 60 g salt.
Onion soup with croutons.
Cleaned with fine water, finely narrated, washed, dried in servettsi, and lubricated in butter to a light golden color. Proceed in pouring kip'yachen water, salt, and pepper and кип boil with a weak heat until ready. Do masu pour in front zbitі Zhovtki, all peremіshuyut, magnetized, schob zhovtki not brewed. Before serving soup zepipayut bіlimi croutons, p_dzhmazhenimi in oil abo serves their okremo.
* Onions - 500 g butter - 100 g dried - 100 g egg yolks - 5 pcs., Water - 1,5 l, pepper, salt.
Onion soup in Kirovsk.
First, prepare the bone broth.
Stale bread cut into cubes and fry in margarine Onions finely excised, Passer until soft and mix with fried bread. Pour the boiling broth and cook over 1-2 minutes. In this soup can be added 2-3 tablespoons grated cheese.
* Onions - 150 g wheat bread - 150 g bone - 200 g margarine - 50 g salt.
Onion soup peasant.
Cleaned the bottom of the bottle with the help of the dog and the carcass of the masses on the weak, without letting up the darkness. Fill in a bit of water, mix up, grow with bouillon and give it a boil. Fill with milk, chili, pepper, salt. Skirts of bread, psdsushenі in the oven, soak in the sum of grated sir zhovtovkami, put them in the soup bowl, pour hot soup i give 3 — 4 xv. Potim serve on the art.
* Onions - 200 g butter or margarine - 20 g cornmeal - 20 g chicken or beef broth - • 400 g milk - 250 g cream - 100 g hard grated cheese - 40 g roll - 100 g yolk - 1 pcs., black pepper, salt.
Onion soup in Belgium.
Clean onion cut into thin rings and together the flour fried in oil. Add salt, pepper, broth and cook over high heat. Serve in soup bouillon cups, sprinkle with grated cheese.
* Ripchast Tzibule - 500 g, oliya - ZO g, myasniy broth — 1500 g, strength of tertiary sire — 100 g, black pepper, pepper.
Soup of leeks.
With the green parts of purified and wash the leeks cook broth, add the purified and sliced ​​potatoes. When the potato is ready, knead it, on-pravlyayut dilute soup with fried flour, salt and cook over 20 minutes. Then add the browned and poached until tender white chastyky chopped leeks, give the soup boil and fill lezonom. Before serving soup on the table sprinkled with chopped parsley.

Leeks - 120 g potatoes - 240 g, fat - 20 g flour - 10 g milk - 40 g egg yolks - 1 pcs., An extract of the roots - 4 g parsley - 10 g salt.
Garlic soup.
Narizana chastochkami cleaned otomit the card to cook at psdolsenіy water, then wipe і rozvodyat mapping v_dvary. I wipe out the masu to introduce rosterti іz with the clock of the clock and ip it. Before serving, fill the soup with butter, lard or butter, and eat greens. Until the soup serves grіnki z zhitnogo hlіba.
* Potatoes 160 g garlic 3 teeth, lard or butter - 50 g milk - 40 g yolk - 1 pcs., An extract of the roots - 2 g, parsley and dill - 10 g water 1,5 l toast of rye bread - 40 g salt.
Soup with garlic.
Drubno narіzany clean chasniki grease from castruly on gusyaschim salі to m'yakostі, do not give pіdrum'yanitsya. Pour in a broth or water, inject all muskatny goryh, pepper, sіl, bring to a boiling point and cook with 15 xv. Bouillon process, put at the new rubbing screen sieve hourly, Zhovtki zbivyv with olive oil and pour in a thin string, without pererrvno peremіhuyuchi, trohi hot broyonu. Qiu є мас мас мас буль буль буль буль буль роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз не не Before serving at a tarry place, put thin skirts of hliba, nakritі zazmzhenenim on the pan, and i pour soup.
* Garlic - 40 g goose fat - 40 grams, broth or water - 1,4 l, nutmeg - 2 g black pepper - 2 g, eggs - 1 pc., Olive oil - 50 g wheat bread - 80 g salt.

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