Meals with fruits and vegetables

Friends with tsibulevih vegetables - Little Secrets

Leeks with butter.Leeks with butter.
Clean the leeks without the green leaves cut into long pieces 6-8 cm and cook in lightly salted water. The broth is drained, and onions placed on a warmed serving dish and pour melted butter.
* Leeks - 9 stems, butter - 90 g salt.
Leeks in white sauce.
Purified 1 washed leek cut into pieces the length 2- With cm and cook in salted water. Flour fried with margarine until light yellowing onion broth diluted with hot, sprinkle with pepper and pour this mixture of onions.
* Leeks - 750 g flour - 40 g margarine - 40 g, red pepper, salt.
Onion mashed potatoes in French.
Cleaned the cartography of the cartoons from the subsoil water to the water level. Water is poured out; they are kindled, they give butter, zhovtki and sand, they are heated with hot milk and they are carefully shed. Serve puree ribna abo myasnyh strav.
* Onions - 500 g potatoes - 400 g milk - 250 g egg yolks - 2 pcs. Butter - 50 g salt.
Onions stewed with tomatoes.
I clean the bottle with a little light, grease it, clean it up and put it in good condition, lubricate it again, sweat it up, mix it up, and then sour milk. Dissolve tsukor, pepper, sl and і bring to a boil. Tushkovana tsibulya - dobarn garnіr to mea, birds and that mapli.
* Onions - 500 g tomatoes - 250 g butter or oil - 50 g yogurt - 60 g g -10 flour, sugar, pepper, salt.
Onions, braised with cumin.
Cut the rings, clean the onions lightly fried in oil, pour cumin, salt, add a little water and stew for hotovnosti- before serving sprinkle with dill or parsley.
* Onions - 750 g butter or lard, bacon - 50 g cumin -10 g dill or parsley 50 g, water - 250 g salt.
Onions stewed with eggs and cheese.
Cleaned and washed with a knife, salt and braised with oil abo gritsa, peredimuyuyi zritka, until ready. Pislya tzogo put її pivnim ball on zmaschenu fat і sipanu bread crumbs. Pour over sour cream with three blue eggs, sprinkled with sir. Give pіdrum'yanitsy at the ghost
* Onions - 500 g butter or lard - 70 g, g-125 cream, eggs - 3 pcs., Hard cheese grated - 50 g ground biscuits - 20 g salt.
Fried onions.
Cleaned and washed with a knife, poured with a bit of oil and lubricated. In a very rosy fat, do not eat a golden gold color. Serve tsibulu with a hot yak garnish to a smoked meat, ribi, mashed potatoes and other goodness.
* Onions -500 g wheat flour -40 g, fat - 100 rural h
Onions fried in batter.
Gotuyut tisko yak for mlinchik. I cleaned and washed the bottle with cups of 4 — 5 mm curler, soaked in oil and greased with grease. Serve yak self-sustained herb with tomato sauce abo to myasnih strav.
* Onions -230 g sour cream - 40 g eggs - 1 pcs., Fat - 30 g sugar - 4 g tomato sauce - 100 g salt.
Patties from unleavened dough with onion filling.
On board sow meal, make it recesses into which pour the sour cream, butter, beaten eggs, pour salt and sugar. Knead the dough. Skatavshy him the ball, put it on a plate, cover with a towel and put in a cool place for 30-40 minutes.
Prepare stuffing. 1-variant.
I cleaned the cartope, boil it, dry it, pass it through the meat grinder at once, put the meat on a steamer and pepper it.
2-variant. Green onions washed, chopped, lightly fried in butter and mix with chopped hard-boiled eggs boiled, with salt and pepper. Instead of butter you can use sour milk cheese.
Dough rozkachuyut in layer thickness 0,5 cm, cut glass circles or special groove, they were coated with beaten egg, put the stuffing in the middle of each patty and form different shapes. they are placed on the list for a short distance apart, coated with beaten egg and bake in the oven or fried in a pan.
* For the dough: wheat flour - 500 g sour cream - 250 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Sugar - 25 g butter - thirty grams of salt;
For the filling: 1-variant: onions - 350 g 200 g potato, cheese - 125 g butter - 70 g, pepper, salt;
2 - th version: green tibulum - 400 g, eggs - 4 pcs., Verschek oil - 70 g.
Potato pie with onion.
Prepare mashed potatoes with butter and milk. Half of it is put into a greased form, it minced layer, and the top layer over sauce. Top pie coated with egg and bake in oven until crispy crust. Serve with any sauce.
For the stuffing fried onions mixed with liverwurst, add cool boiled egg split and pepper.
* Mashed potatoes with 1000 g potatoes, fried onions - 250 g liverwurst - 250 g butter - 40 g milk - 70 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Any sauce, pepper, salt.
Dumplings with cheese and onions.
First, prepare the stuffing. Onion or green onion chopped, salt, crushed, mixed with yogurt cheese and eggs. Then knead the dough as for fresh noodles. Make him small cakes or rozkachuyut it in layers and cut glass circles. On each slice (wafer) and put the stuffing zaschypuyut. Cook in boiling salted water, stirring. Before serving pour melted butter or sour cream.
* Onion or green onion - 200 g milk cheese - 250 g, eggs - 3 pcs. Butter - 50 g or sour cream - 75 g salt.
Patties with onions, rice and eggs.
To make the filling for boiled rice 5 minutes, back in the colander, spread in a dish and mixed with finely chopped cooked hard-boiled eggs, green onion mashed with salt, pour melted butter and mix again. Unleavened pastry making circles, put them stuffing zaschypuyut and leave in a warm place for thirty minutes. On top of cakes smeared with oil and bake them in the oven or fry in a pan in fat. Then they piled in a large dish or pot, close lid and allow to stand for several minutes.
* Green onions - 500 grams, rice - 200 g, eggs - 10 pcs., Oil - 40 g salt.
Onions baked with cheese.
Cleaned and washed with a knife with a knife and a tushykuyut on a small one with fat to golden colore. Refrigerate, give brine, water, sucker, pepper, sand і all diligently peremіshuyut. Masu wikladayat zmaschenu oil form, pour over the top of the eggs, zbitimi milk, і zapіkayut in the spirit before settling rum'yano ї kіrochki.
* Onions - 500 g, fat - 80 g chopped cheese - 250 g, eggs - 3 pcs., Ground wheat crackers - thirty grams of milk -
375 g butter - 20 g, black pepper, salt.
Casserole of green onions, tomatoes, eggs and cheese.
Purified and washed onions cut into slices 2 cm long and stew in oil. Add diced tomatoes, cooked rice, cheese, butter and a little water, stir and put the letter, which put in the oven and left there until the rice absorbs all the water. Then this mass pour lezone and bake until done. Serve warm or cooled to room temperature.
* Green onions - 500 g butter - 50 g tomatoes - 1250 g boiled rice -0,25 cup and grated cheese - 125 g milk - 125 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Water - 80 g salt.
Leeks zapechela.
Clean the leeks and cut into stew until tender in slightly salted water, back in the colander and placed in a refractory form. Eggs, milk, flour and spices and grind the mixture is poured onions. Bake in a hot oven. Nesolod¬kyh served with pancakes, smeared tomato puree.
* Leeks - 750 g, water - 125 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Milk - 125 g flour - 30 g nutmeg - 2 g tomato puree - 100 g salt.
Moussaka with leeks in Bulgarian.
Stems tsibuli-leek to clean and lubricate to myakost. Gotuyat kartoplyane mashed potatoes. On the groundings with oil or aboil the leaf, put half of the puree, top with a bowl of pepper, drizzle with pepper and roll with the puree. From the top, we all wipe with a glass of syrup, pour over rose oil with oil and lonson. Zapіkayut have spirituality to readiness.
* Leeks - 400 g potatoes - 700 g ghee or oil - 85 g, eggs - 3 pcs., Cheese - 100 g milk - 375 g, black pepper, salt.
Stuffed onions in Italian.
Bunch of other things sichchut, zmіshuyut z rozmochёnoyu loaf. Sit tsibuli, vinyatu іz middle ¬ tsibulin, prepared for stuffing, eat ії і і і і мінім boiled with steamed egg, served with parsley and sirm syrup, stuffed mince with shredinki and sweet pepper, і pepper і pepper, and ternym syr, add stuffing with minced meat, minced parsley, and minced pepper, stuffed with minced meat, minced greens, parsley and sir, add minced meat, shred, and parsley. We'll settle with minced meat in preparation of prepared tsibulini, wikladayut їх u zmaschenu oil kostrulyu. Oil і tsukor pіdrum'yuyuyut, finish my broth and chiu sumsh viliyvayut stuffed with a bull, after casting a castrule put on vogon і tushkuyuti 40 xv.
* Ріпчаста цбуля - 240 g, shinka - 50 g, bun - 100 g, eggs - 1 іит., Tertiyi firm sir - ZO g, parsley green - ZO g, vershkovy margarine - 40 g, tsukor - 25 g, myasny broth - 125 g, pepper, sil.
Onions stuffed with garlic, and Romanian.
Onions and garlic oshparyuyut with bulbs remove core and mash it with garlic in a mortar, adding salt, pepper and oil. This mixture is prepared filled bulbs, put them on a baking sheet, greased with oil, sprinkle with crushed crackers and put in the oven.
* Onions - 500 g garlic - 50 g, oil - 75 g dried - 30 g, pepper, salt.
Pickled onions.
Onions cut into rings, oshparyuyut boiling water to destroy bitterness, and pour the marinade. A 2-3 h salad ready.
To prepare the marinade ingredients listed in the recipe for boiled 15-20 minutes. At the end of cooking fill with sugar and salt.
Onions - 250 g; 1000 g for the marinade: Water - 500 g% -s' vinegar 3 - 500 g, bay leaf, cloves, cinnamon, black pepper, sugar, salt.
Pickled onions with raisins. Bulbs the size of a walnut obchyschayut, put in a saucepan, add the raisins, salt, ground ginger, sugar, pour in wine and vinegar, cover with lid th stew at low boil for 30 minutes. The cooled onions put on salad leaves and serve at the table.
* Onions - 400 g raisins - 35 grams ginger - 3 g sugar - 25 g wine vinegar - 30 g white wine - 125 g salt.
Beans in beans with vinegar and garlic.
Purified beans beans cut into strips and cook in salted water, then back in the sieve and cool. Placed in a bowl, sprinkle with dill. Crushed garlic and vinegar served separately.
* Beans in beans - 500 g g garlic-35, 3% -s' vinegar -80 g, dill - 50 g salt.
Pickled garlic.
Garlic purified fluid wash in cold water, allow it to drain, put in clean sterilized jars and fill marinadnyh fill. At the bottom of the banks put a bay leaf in advance, several horoshynok pepper. At the bank capacity l need 1 620 grams of garlic. Pour marinadnyh fill sterilized jars and zakatuyut.
To prepare the marinade by pouring water into the boiling water in any way that tsukor i kip'yat yachi 5 xv. Then give ocet and peremyt.
* Garlic - 620 g, water - 200 g salt - 60 g sugar - 90 g vinegar 9% - ny - 225 g bay leaf - with pcs., Pepper -10 pcs. Cloves (optional) - 3 pcs., salt.
Onions and garlic are best kept in wreaths in a cool, dry, well pre Having dried.
To dish came into garlic smell dishes can rub garlic.
R_pchaschu tsibulyu podіlyayut on the hotel, napіvgostra and licorice, and tsiko, sci nimenshe tsukru mix licorice, and naibіlshe better. On the efirni oils are found in a variety of grades, її dodayut in a smoked vigilant to myasnahs and other peri ich and other strav. For salads krasche vikorisovuvati solodki_ sorts, they stink significantly sokovіtsі.
If you want to defrost onions on her 3 hours put in cold water. You can eat and frozen onions - taste it stored.
To hell onion incised eyes and did not cause tears than necessary wet with cold water.
To reduce the bitter taste of onions, served in a side dish, it added vinegar. You can also oshparyty onions with boiling water and then fill with vinegar to taste.
Chopped onion two or three fluid washed with water to reduce its bitterness.
Half the bulbs remain fresh, if we put it on a plate cut, references salt.
Marinov rіpchasu tsibuli vikoristovuyut for vіnegretіv, on the garnіr to oseledtsya, to cold war cooked fish and meat. Vona man, sokovitsa i not taka gora, yak svіzh.
To bow during frying has become golden brown and not burnt, it paneer in wheat flour.
Onions and roots while stewing placed a layer no more than 4 cm.
Green onions should be stored unwashed in the refrigerator.
Broth with onion flakes tint broth. This increases their nutritional value, enriched with vitamins and improves appearance.
Slice onions, put in the refrigerator helps destroy all unpleasant odors.
Onions improves the taste of food and promotes better assimilation.

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