Meals with fruits and vegetables

First and second courses of legumes and cereals

Bean soup with tomato.Bean soup with tomato.
Beans are sorted, washed, pour chilled broth or cold water in a proportion 1: 2 and cook, covered on low heat. The roots are cut into small cubes, onion and finely excised Passer in butter, adding during paseruvannya tomato puree. Cooked beans thrown in boiling broth or water, add browned roots, salt and cook soup for 20 minutes.

* Beans - 280 g carrots - 80 g parsley root - 20 g, onions - 80 g tomato puree - 40 g butter - 20 g salt.
Bean soup with noodles.
Beans are sorted, washed, with cold water, cook until tender. Onions finely cut and Passer in butter. For 20-25 minutes before end of cooking beans in boiling water add onion, noodles, salt, black pepper and parsley.
* Beans - 10 g noodles - 80 g, onions - 80 g butter - 40 g parsley - 10 g, black pepper, salt.
Pea soup.
W kistok (mydny abo vіd shinky) boil broth. Peas go over, mjut, pour over the cold with bouillon, put porodine on the 2 — 4 parts of the carrot and cook until mashed potatoes are under the consistency. Tsibulu drіnno narіzayut i passi on smaltsі. Ready peas are hot with hot broth, seeing a morkwu, і, if the soup is boiling, add to the side of the water, - bіly sauce, bay leaf and pepper, salt and cook 15 xv. Before serving the soup, pickle green parsley. Such a soup can vary on water.
* The bones of ham - 100 g meat bones - 300 g carrots - 80 g lard - 20 g, onions - 80 g shelled peas - 280 g tomato puree - 20 g flour - 40 g parsley - 20 g, bay leaf, pepper, salt.
Soup with green beans.
The meat of the ham is cooked over 20 minutes. In broth put parsley root and chopped green beans and sliced ​​beans. Meat cut into slices, put in the prepared soup and bring to a boil. Before serving sprinkle the soup with parsley matched left.
* Ham - 200 g green beans - 500 g parsley root - 50 g parsley -100 g, water - 1000 g salt.
Soup with green peas.
Canned peas or spatula peas cooked with liquid, wipe, leaving part for garnish. Wipe mass mixed with white sauce and cook over 15-20 minutes. In the bowl of soup put boiled peas.
* Canned green peas - 200 g or spatula peas - 360, white sauce - 480 hours
Soup with green beans.
Select the best beans beans, cut them into pieces in the shape of diamonds, or cubes and cook separately for garnish (20-25 grams per serving). The remaining beans mince. Simultaneously dried flour, broth diluted it, put in the sauce formed white beans and cook for a minute 20. At the end of cooking soup rubbed through a sieve, bring to a boil, broth diluted to the desired consistency, filled with a mixture of egg yolks and milk, butter pieces and stir until smooth.
* Beans beans - 400 g milk - 300 g flour - 80 g butter - 80 g yolk - 1 pieces.
Green peas with butter.
Use fresh, canned or dried peas. Fresh peas vyluschuyut of beans and cook dried beans are sorted, washed, soaked in 1 hours in cold water at the rate of 4-5 1 liters per kg of dry product, then cook in a closed vessel in the same water without salt. Canned peas in his warm broth.
Ready peas back in the sieve and fill with sugar and salt. A piece of butter served separately. Use for garnish or as a separate dish.
* Green peas - 800 g butter - 80 grams, sugar, salt.
Peas and butter beans.
Beans peas exempt from stalks and veins and cook whole. Then back in the sieve, give water to drain, fill with oil, salt, sugar and butter or served separately. Can be used as a separate dish or garnish.
* Beans peas - 800 g butter - 80 grams, sugar, salt.
Green peas beans or peas in milk sauce.
Green peas beans or peas are cooked, obsushuyut, filled milk sauce or butter, sugar and mix well. Before serving on the edges and peas plate stack toast.
* Green peas or beans peas - 800 g sugar - 20 g milk sauce - 200 g or butter - 80 g; to toast, wheat bread - 100 g milk - 100 g butter - thirty grams of sugar - 10 g, eggs - 0,5 pieces.
Green peas salad.
In a pan put green peas, add chopped leaf lettuce, a few small bulblets, butter, salt, sugar and herbs. Pidlyvshy hot water, suggest a closed container until ready.
* Green peas - 600 g lettuce - 200 g onions -100 g butter - 80 g, water - 120 g sugar - 20 g greens - 20 g salt.
Mashed green peas.
Green Peas pour boiling water so that water only covered it. Add a bunch of roots of lettuce and parsley and cook. Ready peas rub through a sieve. Puree seasoned with butter, sugar and broth with peas. He served with toasted croutons of white bread.
* Peas - 600 g salad latuh - 200 g parsley root - 120 g butter - 60 g sugar - 20 g salt; to toast, wheat bread - 100 g milk - 100 g butter - thirty grams, eggs - 0,5 pc "sugar - 10 hours
Beans beans with butter.
Beans beans clear of veins, cut into strips and cook or diamond. A piece of butter served separately.
* Beans beans - 800 g butter - 80 g salt.
Beans beans with boiled eggs.
Green or yellow beans beans exempt from veins, cooked and seasoned sour cream or milk sauce. Before serving sprinkle with chopped cooked hard-boiled eggs and parsley.
* Beans beans - 800 g butter - 80 g or sauce - 200 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Parsley - thirty grams of salt.
Beans beans stewed with bacon.
Pork bacon cut into cubes, fry, pour broth or vegetable broth, add cheese, beans beans devoid of veins, cut crosswise into 4 parts, chopped parsley stew in a closed vessel. When the beans are tender, add fried flour, salt, seasoned with pepper and allow to boil. Before serving sprinkle with chopped parsley.
Beans beans - 800 g fat, bacon - 120 grams, broth or vegetable broth - 200 g flour - 8 g parsley - 25 g, black pepper, salt.
Beans in a pot with milk scrambled eggs.
Grains Dry beans cook until soft. For 15-20 minutes before end of cooking salt. With ho¬tovoyi bean broth is drained. From the young bean beans veins removed, cut them in upo¬perek 4 parts, boiled in salted water and back in the colander. Onions finely cut and Passer in butter until slightly golden color. Ready corn and beans mixed beans with onions, put the mixture in portions pots, Pour eggs, whipped with milk and bake in the oven or cook on low heat.
* Dry beans seeds - 200 g young beans beans - 400 g, onions - 80 g butter or ghee -15 g eggs -4 pcs., Milk - 600 g salt.
Beans with bacon.
Fat-bacon cut into small cubes and fry in a skillet with chopped onions. Then cracklings and onion translated into another vessel, and the oil remaining, add flour and lightly Passer, pour, stirring, the decoction with beans and cook for a minute 10. In the prepared sauce, put the cracklings with onion, prepared peas or beans and cook another minute 15. Before serving sprinkle with chopped parsley or dill.
* Peas or beans - 400 g g onions tsybulya- 140, bacon, bacon - 120 g flour - 20 g parsley or dill - 20 g salt.
Beans with tomatoes.
Fresh tomatoes dipped in boiling water for 2-3 minutes, then removed, cut in half, remove seeds and peel. The pulp prepared in a manner tomatoes cut into small pieces, spread in a vessel, add bacon, bacon, cut into small cubes and boil, stirring, until tomatoes slices become quite soft. After that, salt, add pepper and lemon juice. In the prepared sauce, put the finished beans and bring to a boil. Before serving sprinkle with chopped parsley.
* Beans - 400 g tomatoes - 400 g parsley - 20 g lemon juice - 20 g, black pepper, salt.
Beans with pumpkin.
The flesh of the pumpkin cut into cubes, put in a pot for cooking, add onions, water (based 0,1 1 liters of water per kg pumpkin) covered with washed beans, stir and, stirring occasionally, cook, covered, until beans will not be m 'what. Cooked beans salted, seasoned butter or oil, per¬tsem and garlic, mashed with salt. Before serving sprinkle with chopped parsley.
* Beans - 320 g pumpkin - 600 g, onions - 60 g butter or oil - 80 g garlic - 2 cloves, parsley - 20 g, black pepper, salt.
Bean and onion.
Beans or peas cooked to perfection.
The broth is drained beans translate into a deep saucepan, add finely sliced ​​lard or oil and lightly browned onions with fat. All together stewed for thirty minutes. Serve in hot. Before serving sprinkle with chopped parsley, dill or cilantro.
* Bean - 400 g, onions - 160 g fat, bacon or oil - 80 g greens - 20 g salt.
Beans in milk sauce with onions.
Onions obchyschayut, washed and cut into small cubes. Stewed with butter or chopped bacon, preventing browning. When onions soften, add hot liquid milk sauce, stir and cook over low heat for a minute 15. When the beans become soft, broth drained, and put the beans in sauce, seasoned with salt and red pepper. Served in a hot, sprinkled with chopped parsley or dill.
* Beans - 400 g butter or lard, bacon - 60 g, onions - 120 g milk sauce - 320 g parsley or dill - 20 g, red pepper, salt.
Bean in a cream sauce.
Onions finely cut into cubes and Passer with butter or bacon cut into small cubes, pour the vinegar and boil on low heat for 5 minutes. Then add sour cream sauce and, stirring, cook another minute i5. Beans cook until tender, put in a jar of sauce mix, seasoned to taste with salt and pepper and bring to a boil. Before serving sprinkle with chopped parsley, dill or cilantro.
* Bean - 400 g butter or lard, bacon - 60 g, onions - 120 g cream sauce - Mr. 320, 9% -s' vinegar - 20 g greens - thirty grams, salt and pepper.
Beans in sauce at home.
Koreni celery ta parsley і rpuchtsu tsibuli clean, miyut, narіzayut dibnymi cubes і stewed with oil doti, leave the stench not to become fresh. Potim dodayut my broth, boil up, podserovane podroshno i i boil with 15 hv pysyaty, p_slya whatsa sauce, strain the sieve and wipe. Salt the sauce, fill it with relish and pepper and then cook it and cook. Serve with hot viglyadі, pokupavshi podrіbnenoyu green parsley abo kropu.
* Bean - 400 g soup - 300 g, onions - 80 g wheat flour - 13 g celery root - 40 g parsley root 40 grams Ghee - 60 g vinegar 9% -s' - 20 g greens - thirty grams, pepper, salt.
Puree beans and carrots.
Prepared carrots cut into strips and stew until tender, adding milk and butter. White beans boiled in water with onions and parsley. When the beans become soft, poured the broth, onion and parsley removed. Hot beans mixed with stewed carrots and immediately mince or rub through a sieve. The resulting mash is put in the pan and, stirring, heated to 80-90 ° C, add the butter slices and carefully knock wooden spoon, gradually adding small portions of hot milk or cream. Salt. Before serving hot sauce placed on a plate or dish, giving it the shape of a pyramid or truncated cone, pour melted butter on mashed tablespoon surface applied pattern and sprinkle with chopped boiled egg boiled, mixed with chopped dill.
* Beans - 320 g carrots - 320 g, eggs - 1 pcs. Butter - 80 g, milk or cream - 200 g parsley root - 20 g, dill - thirty grams of salt.
Cutlets with beans.
On the broth from the beans or milk boiled semolina (the ratio of water and cereals 2: 1). With bean puree cooked, add the hot cream of wheat, raw eggs, fried onions and all this mince. The mass is well mixed, form patties out of it and paneer with flour or breadcrumbs and then fried in butter on both sides until golden crust. Then they put on 5 minutes in the oven. Serve burgers on 2-3 pieces. per serving, watering melted butter and sour cream.
* Bean - 400 g ghee-40 g ,. onions - 20 g semolina - 100 g, eggs - 1 pcs., ground crackers - 40 g sour cream - 120 g salt.
Zrazy of legumes.
Prepare mashed beans, mixed with thick cream of wheat and raw eggs, salt and mince. With weight make cakes and stack them stuffing, cakes connecting edge, paneer with flour products, giving them oval. Fry zrazy as well as meatballs with beans. Serve with sour cream or yogurt.
For the stuffing fried onions, ground dried and chopped parsley or dill mix and salt.
* Bean - 400 g butter or oil - 60 g semolina - 100 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Wheat Flour - 40 g dried - 60 g, onions - 80 g sour cream - 200 g greens - 30 g salt.
Croquettes with beans.
Beans are sorted, washed and boiled in water with roots and onions. The broth is poured, remove roots and onions, beans and mince or rub through a sieve. Before the finished sauce add hot sauce thick milk, raw egg yolks, salt and pepper and mix thoroughly. With mass forming balls that paneer first in flour, then in beaten egg whites wet again paneer with crumbs of white bread. Croquettes fried in oil, and removing of the fat is heated in the oven. Before serving hot baths croquettes put on a plate or dish, covered with paper towels, decorate with parsley, and fried in oil. Separately, served in a gravy boat cream or yogurt.
* Beans - 400 g milk sauce - 200 g wheat bread - 100 g flour - 30 g roots - 20 g, eggs - 4 pcs., Sour cream - 120 g, onions - 20 g fat for deep-frying - 60 g greens - 40 g, black pepper, salt.
Baked beans with yogurt cheese.
Prepared beans cook until cooked, the broth is poured, and their mince or rub through a sieve. To add mashed formed thick semolina, boiled in milk, raw eggs, salt, sugar and sour milk cheese. All mix well again and mince or rub through a sieve. The resulting mass ukla¬dayut on a greased and sprinkled with breadcrumbs letter or skillet layer thickness of no more than 4 cm, leveled surface and cover with cream. Bake in hot oven for 40 minutes. Serve in hot with sour cream.
* Bean - 400 g milk - 200 g ground biscuits - 20 g semolina - 100 g butter - 20 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Sour milk cheese - 200 g sour cream - 150 g sugar - 40 g salt.
Baked beans.
Prepared beans boiled until tender, drained broth, add a strong broth, salt, pepper and seasoned stew in a closed vessel over 20 minutes on low heat. Bean soup with part of the stack on a greased pan portion butter, sprinkle a layer of rub through a sieve wheat bread, pour hot cream 35% -term fat and baked in a hot oven.
* Beans - Mr. 400, 600 bulyon- g butter - 20 g wheat bread - 200 g sour cream - 200 g salt.
Pancakes from legumes.
Prepared beans, peas and beans cooked until tender to grain were soft, and preparing mashed potatoes. Puree cooled to thirty-40 ° C, add raw eggs, salt, sugar, yeast dissolved in milk, sifted flour in the number 50% by weight of dry beans and carefully mixed to homogeneity test. The dough is placed on 1,5-2 hours in a warm place (AOR ° C) for fermentation. Fry in butter pancakes.
Serve pancakes (3 pcs. Per serving) hot with sour cream or yogurt, jam.
* Bean - 400 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Sugar - 20 g yeast - 10 g, oil - 40 g milk - 200 g wheat flour - 200 g sour cream - 120 g salt.
Baked beans with potatoes.
Prepared cooked beans. Potatoes cooked neobchyschenoyu. Onions finely cut and Passer. Ready beans, hot purified potatoes and fried onions skip through the meat grinder or rub through a sieve. The mass of salt, add raw eggs (first yolks, then whipped to a foam proteins), mix and put an even layer is not higher as 4 cm on a greased sheet or in the skillet, surface spread, coated with eggs mixed with sour cream and bake in the oven until golden crust. The finished pudding cut into portions pieces. Before serving pour sour cream.
* Bean - 200 g potatoes - 460 g, eggs - 4 iyt., Dried - 20 g, onions - 80 grams Ghee - 40 g sour cream - 40 g, salt, sour cream on the table - 300 hours
Corn in milk.
Fresh corn lactic ripeness boiled in milk and, without merging it, add butter mixed with dried as for sauces, wheat flour. Stir in boiled and salted. Serve with croutons of white wheat bread.
* Grain corn - 600 g milk - 800 g butter - 40 g flour - thirty grams of salt; to toast, wheat bread - 100 g milk - 100 g, eggs - 1 pieces. -10 g sugar, butter - ZO g
Corn milk and eggs.
White bread cut into small cubes, pour hot milk, add beaten eggs and boiled corn lactic ripeness. Mass thoroughly mixed, spread in a greased pan with butter and spend portions cooked on steam.
* Corn - 600 g bread - 200 g, eggs - 2 pcs. Butter - 20 g milk - 600 hours
Corn, stewed with tomatoes.
Oshparyuyut Fresh tomatoes with boiling water, remove the peel, cut in half crosswise, take out the seeds, then cut each half the radius to 6-8 parts. Onions finely chopped, Passer in butter, add tomatoes and stirring stew over 10-15 minutes. At the same time warm up canned corn, reject it in a colander, mix with tomatoes and continue to simmer for another minute 5. Serve sprinkled with chopped parsley or dill.
* Corn - Mr. 600, 400 g tomatoes, onions -100 g butter - 60 g greens - thirty grams of salt.
Corn in tomato sauce.
Cobs milk ripeness boiled until tender, then separate the grains. Prepare tomato sauce by adding it fried onions, and fill its wheat flour and black pepper. In the sauce put corn and stew over 10-15 minutes. Before serving sprinkle with chopped herbs.
* Boiled maize (corn) - 600 g tomato puree -100 th, wheat flour - 10 g butter - 60 g, onions - 100 g greens - 30 g, black pepper, salt.
Baked corn.
Cobs obchyschayut of leaves and placed in a row on a sheet, greased with a small amount of melted butter or lard, and put in the oven with a temperature 280-300 ° C. Once the fork top pidsmazhatsya little, they must turn over to the other side and fry again. Serve with butter.
* Corn - 8 ears, melted butter or lard to grease Lard-mail - 20 g butter on the table - 60 hours
Corn, baked in cream sauce.
Cobs cooked in leaves, cut only basis. End of cooking salt. With corn cobs boiled milk ripeness of grain separated and seasoned cream sauce, put on the portion pan, sprinkle with grated cheese, sprinkled with melted butter and bake in the oven. Before serving sprinkle with finely chopped greens.
* Boiled maize (corn) - 600 g cream sauce - 200 g butter - 20 g cheese - 40 g greens - 30 hours
Beans beans and peas retain color better if they boil in a large number of salty water under the hood.
To rozvarylysya good bean, salt they should be almost ready.
By beans cooked with tomato sauce, well add a little crushed garlic, rub with salt.
Liquids from canned peas or beans pour should not be, it can be used as food (for sauces, soups), because it contains a lot of sugar, vitamins and minerals.

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