Meals with fruits and vegetables

Dishes with spinach salad and vegetables.

Green salad with oil.Salad vegetables contain valuable nutrients, vitamins Bi V2, Be, ascorbic acid, E, PP, and minerals - potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, and of malic and citric acids.
Salad vegetables to use in the diet and most complete yaknayriznomanitnishe, not from case to case. They should be mandatory side dish to many hot and cold dishes.
The dishes and side dishes of green salads, cooked with sour cream or dressing sharp, tasty, delicious and very useful for the organism.
Widely using green salads, to consider their precocity and ability to have vitamin snacks and side dishes at that time, when other greens yet.
Common plants salad is lettuce (layered, Golovkova and romaine), endive and his Variety eskariol, salad chicory and watercress.
Lettuce belongs to a group of fresh salads, because it does not contain acidic and bitter substances.
Salad chicory, endive, eskariol and watercress salad belong to the bitter plants. They contain glycosides that give them a pleasant mild taste bitter.
Depending on the type of salad is pale green and even yellow-greens to dark green and reddish-brown.
Spinach on the content of vitamins, minerals (iron, calcium, phosphorus) belongs to the premium, a highly vegetables. These properties make it a valuable raw material for making dietary strav.Z can cook spinach puree, soups, sauces.
Growing spinach bush. Leaves it depending on the variety are corrugated or smooth, different shades of green - from light to dark.
Sorrel is used to make green schiv and some sauces. It contains vitamin C, provitamin A and iron salts, but the presence of a significant amount of oxalic acid limits its use because in some diseases oxalic acid is contraindicated.
Sorrel leaves very badly kept and so they should be used as soon as possible.
Overripe leaves rough and too sour. For their use should be completely exempt from cuttings.
Green salad with oil.
Salad sorted and washed in several times (4-5 times) changing the water. Peremyvshy lettuce in cold water, leaves that floated to the surface, is transferred to another vessel with water and repeat flushing. Clean sheets are cut, put in a bowl slide, pour salad dressing and butter. To prepare the filling should pound garlic with salt and sugar and add the vinegar and cold water. By feeding lettuce to endure preferably in the refrigerator for about 40 minutes.
* Green salad - 400 g garlic - 40 g water refills - 50 g, oil - 40 g of vinegar - 15 g sugar - 6 g salt.
Green salad with eggs.
Green salad sorted out, remove yellowed and dried leaves, wash a large number zminyu¬vanoyi water, spread on a sieve to water glass, cut into strips and lay out the big slide in a salad bowl. Boiled eggs boiled and cut into slices, mix it with sour cream, salt, seasoned with vinegar and pour this mass salad. Decorate the dish with parsley or dill.
* Green salad - 400 g sour cream - 100 g of vinegar - 10 g eggs -2 pcs., Green - thirty grams of salt.
Sorrel salad with nuts.
Sorrel sorted out, washed in a large number of variable water, cut into strips, boiled in salted water, back in the sieve and cool. Kernels of walnuts finely chop, salt, add milk, chopped onions, chopped parsley and cilantro prepared sorrel. All mixed, spread in a bowl and decorate with greenery.

* Sorrel - 600 g onions -10 g walnut kernels - 60 g milk - 40 g green cilantro - 30 g salt.
Salad with spinach and sorrel.
Sorrel and spinach sorted and washed in water changing. Prepared sorrel and spinach cut into wide strips and boil in salted water until soft, then squeeze and put in a bowl. On top pour sauce preparation is crushed in a mortar until smooth walnut kernels, garlic, green onions and dill and after grinding diluted with hot water to the consistency of thick cream, adding salt to taste, vinegar and oil.
* Sorrel - 300 g spinach - 300 g, oil - 40 g walnut kernels - 60 g garlic - 10 g, dill - 40 g of vinegar - 10 g salt.
Spinach with nuts.
Spinach leaves are sorted out, well washed in changing cold water, cut into coarse strips, add chopped parsley, put in a saucepan, pour water and cook, covered on high heat for a minute 20. Cooked spinach with parsley back in the colander, allow to drain water and when the mass has cooled, squeeze it. Kernels of walnuts, garlic, parsley and pepper crushed in a mortar with salt, diluted vinegar, add chopped onions and chopped parsley and mix with the spinach.
* Spinach - 600 g, onions - 100 g of vinegar - 10 g pepper - 40 g walnut kernels - 60 g garlic - 10 g parsley - 40 g ,, salt.
Green salad with cheese.
Salad sorted out, washed in cold water, changing, obsushuyut and coarse cut into strips; Then it spread in a salad bowl and pour whipped dressing. Then mix a lot. For the filling rubbed cheese grated, mixed with lemon juice and cream, seasoned salt and pepper. Filling should be smooth.
* Green salad - 400 g lemon juice - 15 g cheese - 40 g cream - 150 g, pepper, salt.
Cabbage soup with sorrel with croutons.
Sorrel (50% of normal) suggest rubbed through a sieve, put in boiling broth, add the browned vegetables and cook over 15-20 minutes. For 10 minutes before end of cooking, put the rest of sorrel leaves, cut into 2-3 parts, add salt and spices. Separately prepare a mixture of egg yolks and milk. Eggs cooked or boiled in a bag. Before serving plate put in half purified cooked hard-boiled eggs, pour egg-milk mixture, soup, add the croutons and sprinkle with herbs. Toast can be served separately.
To prepare fried egg and milk mixture of raw egg yolks and stir them, stirring, gradually add hot milk, then boil the mixture in a water bath to make it slightly thickened. Then it is filtered and poured into the dish.
* Sorrel - 600 g parsley - 20 g milk - 200 g, eggs - 4 pc., Onions - 40 d, table margarine - 40 g wheat bread - 120 g greens - thirty grams, bay leaf, black pepper pepper, salt.
Green soup.
Sorrel and spinach sorted out, washed and involve them each individually. Then the greens along with juice rubbed through a sieve. Onion and parsley root cut into cubes, Passer on fat and the 3 minutes before the end paseruvannya add chopped green onions. In the boiling broth or water, put the potatoes, cut into slices, and a 10-15 minutes pureed greens, browned vegetables and cook the soup for 20 minutes. For 5-10 minutes before end of cooking, add white sauce, bay leaf, salt. Serve the soup with cooked hard-boiled egg, sour cream and herbs.
* Sorrel - 200 g spinach - 400 g, onions - 60 g flour - 40 g, eggs - 1 pieces. Potatoes - 300 g parsley - 60 g green onions - 60 g butter - 40 g sour cream - 40 g, bay leaf, parsley - 40 g salt.
Soup salad.
Prepared salad sliced, dipped in 1 minutes in boiling water, back in the sieve, give water to drain and suggest butter over 10-15 minutes by weaker heat. Onions and leeks Nara-ing and Passer on fat. In the boiling broth or water, put the prepared salad and onions, sliced ​​potatoes, salt and cook for 15- 20 minutes at low boil. Serve with egg, poached or boiled in a bag of sour cream and herbs.
* Salad - 400 g, onions - 40 g butter - 40 g, eggs - 4 pieces. Potatoes - 360 g leeks - 80 g sour cream - 100 g greens - 40 g salt.
Soup with salad.
Salad (lettuce or romep) immersed in boiling water for 1-2 minutes, back in the colander, allow water to drain and suggest butter over 15-20 minutes. Prepared to give green white sauce, cooked in milk and cook at low boil for 15- 20 minutes. Then wipe weight through a sieve and then heated to boiling, adding milk to desired consistency. The soup is filled with a mixture of milk and egg or cream.
* Salad - 600 g flour - 80 g butter - 60 g milk - 300 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Salt.
Salad with oil.
Prepared salad kochanchiki suggest in salted water or broth, and before serving pour melted butter and sprinkle with chopped dill. Instead of salad oil can rusks pour sauce. Served usually as a separate dish.

* Salad - 1 kg butter - 80 g, dill - 80 g salt.
Salad cream.
Prepared salad chicory put in boiling water and boil for 10 minutes, then spread on a sieve or a colander, pour cold water, squeeze 4 cut. Salad sliced ​​up in the pot, salt, pepper and sprinkle with sugar, pour broth and suggest in a closed vessel for thirty minutes. Then add cream, butter and stew until tender.
* Salad - 1 kg broth - 200 g cream - 200 g butter - 80 g sugar - 40 g, black pepper, salt.
Pudding with salad.
With prepared prepare salad of chicory puree and warm with butter. Add thick milk sauce, eggs, salt, and then placed in a greased form and cooked in a water bath. The finished pudding removed from the water bath and leave the form at
On-5 minutes, then turn over the shape and spread pudding onto a plate. Before serving pour sour cream sauce.
* Salad - 1 kg milk sauce - 200 g cream sauce - 200 g, eggs - 8 pcs. Butter - 60 g salt.
Endive salad assumptions.
Endive salad prepared by a cook until soft in salted water. Then back in the sieve, put in a saucepan with butter and seasoned with lemon juice. Cook in a closed container until ready. Serve with sour cream sauce.
* Salad - 1 kg, lemon - 1 pcs. Butter - 80 g cream sauce - 200 hours
Lettuce in sauce.
Salad sorted and not cutting off the roots, boiled in salted water for 8-10 minutes. Back in the sieve, pour cold water and squeeze. Cut lengthwise in half. Salt, sprinkle with black pepper and crushed nutmeg. At the bottom of a skillet put slices of bacon, onions and carrots, cut into thin slices and top placed close to each other wedges salad. Heat treatment lead until all the liquid has evaporated. Before serving pour sour cream sauce.
* Salad - 1 kg cream sauce - 200 g fat, bacon - 160 g, black pepper, nutmeg, and salt.
Romaine salad stuffing.
Each salad kochanchiki cut lengthwise in half, carefully mkyut water and cook for
5 minutes in boiling water, then translated into a sieve and pour cold water.
Prepare the mushroom stuffing. Prepared fresh mushrooms (white mushrooms, Krasnoholovets, dragonflies, boletus, chanterelles or mushrooms) are ground finely and fry, stirring, until evaporation of liquid lard. Onions finely cut and Passer, then mixed with mushrooms, add broth, tomato puree, crumbs of white bread, salt and, stirring, cook until thickening. At the end of cooking, add to the stuffing chopped dill or parsley, pounded garlic and dry white wine.
The leaves of lettuce translate mushroom stuffing and half kochanchiki placed in a skillet so that the ends of leaves were bent down to the middle. Pour vegetable broth with sour cream, add chopped fried onions and chopped toasted ham strips. Simmer until cooked in a closed vessel. By the juice released during the fire, add the flour mixed with oil, allow to boil and pour this sauce salad.
* Salad - And kg, vegetable vidvar- g 200, 120-cream g, onions - 60 g butter - 40 g flour - 10 g ham - 80 g salt; For the stuffing: mushrooms - 200 g, onions - 100 g fat, bacon - 60 g tomato puree - thirty grams, wheat bread - 40 g meat juice - 100 g, dill or parsley - 20 g garlic - 4 g dry wine - ZO g
Spinach with toast and eggs.
Prepared suggest spinach in a little water, then wipe. Then it is heated, milk sauce seasoned with oil, salt, added sugar and nutmeg powder. The whole mass is stirred until smooth konsyntents tion and well heated. Serve in small porcelain or metal bowl, and put spinach in the middle of purified egg cooked in a bag, and around it - toasted croutons.
To prepare egg toast, cold milk, salt, sugar and whisk thoroughly, then strain through a sieve. This mixture is moistened slices of white bread, cut in the shape of diamonds or triangles. Toast fried in butter on both sides.
* Spinach - 800 g butter - 100 g milk sauce - 400 g sugar - 20 g, eggs - 4 pcs., Nutmeg, salt; to toast, wheat bread - 100 g milk - 80 g sugar - 10 g, eggs - 1 pcs. butter - ZO g
Spinach with yogurt cheese.
Disguised in a variable and wash water spinach stems and cut without stems. Well squeezed fat milk cheese salt, add to it sugar, rub through a sieve and mixed with finely chopped spinach leaves. Before serving weight is placed on a slide dish or bowl and spoon on top make depressions that fill with sour cream.
Spinach - 120 g milk cheese -600 g sugar -40 g sour cream - 160 g salt.
Spinach with nuts.
In liquid milk sauce, add mashed kernels, salt and sugar. Onions finely cut and Passer and then mixed with stewed spinach and sauce, stirring, cook at low boil for 10 minutes. Serve with croutons, sprinkle with chopped herbs.
* Spinach - 1 kg, oil - 60 g, onions - 100 g walnut kernels - 120 g milk sauce - 300 g sugar - 20 g parsley - 20 g; to toast, wheat bread - 100 g milk - 100 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Sugar - 10 g butter - ZO g
Dumplings with spinach.
Boiled potatoes rubbed. By alternately add mashed yolks, milk, bread crumbs, grated spinach, fried onions, salt, pepper and half the norm heated oil. Mass thoroughly mixed and form the dumplings out of it, are boiled in salted water for 5-6 minutes at low boil. When the gnocchi float to the surface of the water, they take out the skimmer in the bowl with the melted butter. Serve hot with sour cream.
Dumplings can also serve as the first meal of meat, fish or mushroom broth or milk.
* Spinach -300 g potatoes - 300 g milk - 80 g butter - 40 g, onions - 60 g crumbs of white bread - 100 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Sour cream - 120 g, black pepper, salt.
Pudding with spinach.
Prepared spinach leaves boiled in salted water, back in the colander and rub through a sieve. With hard white bread crust cut, and cut flesh into small cubes, pour hot milk and mix. Spinach and white bread combine with milk, add sugar pounded raw egg yolks, melted butter, crushed nutmeg zest or withdrawn from the lemon grater, then mixed thoroughly, then gently add whipped in a thick foam proteins.
Form "miracle" smeared with butter, breadcrumbs and fill showered on 3 / 4 height cooked weight, close lid and put in a jar of water. At the bottom of the form put under thick paper. The water should reach only half the height of the form. Jar of form put on the cooker, close lid and cook the pudding over 60-80 minutes, occasionally pouring water into it as boiling, ready pudding is removed from the mold and serve with cold cream.
* Spinach - Mr. 300, 180-wheat bread grams dried-10 g sour cream - 200 g milk - Mr. 200, 4 yaytsya- pcs., Sugar - 60 g butter - 60 g, nutmeg or lemon peel - 1 g salt.
Pudding with spinach and cheese kyslomo-lochnym.
In grated cheese and sour milk put mashed yolks with the sugar, salt, semolina, half the norm heated butter is then mixed well and beat kopystkoyu, then add chopped spinach leaves without stalks and stems and whipped to a foam proteins. The mass is stirred gently upwards, spread on a greased and sprinkled with breadcrumbs letter or portion pan sprayed with melted butter and bake in the oven. Serve hot with cold smetnoyu.
* Spinach - 300 g milk cheese - 600 g ground biscuits - 20 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Sugar - 40 g g -160 cream, butter - 60 g semolina - 60 g salt.
Souffle with spinach.
In the thick milk sauce put raw egg yolks, finely chopped stewed spinach, salt and crushed to powder, nutmeg and mix well. Before baking to add whipped foam proteins, gently spread on portions of the pan, greased and sprinkled with breadcrumbs. On top sprinkle with grated cheese souffle, sprayed with melted butter and bake in oven for 20 minutes. Serve immediately after baking with cold cream.
* Spinach - 400 g butter - 80 g ground biscuits - 10 g muskathiyy nut - 1 g milk - 400 g wheat flour - 600 g, eggs - 4 pcs., Cheese - g 20, 160 smetana- g of salt.
Baked spinach.
White bread cut into thin slices and pour the hot milk. Then add chopped spinach stewed, raw egg yolks, salt, grated nutmeg grated, melted butter and mix everything well. Before the mass Eypikannyam injected foam whipped to fluffy fibers, carefully mixed and spread on a greased and sprinkled with breadcrumbs sheet pan or on a la carte; leveling the surface, cover with sour cream, sprinkle with grated cheese, sprayed with melted butter and bake in the oven. Serve hot with cold cream.

* Spinach - 400 g, milk-300 g butter - 60 g wheat bread - 200 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Cheese - 20 g ground biscuits - 20 g nutmeg - 1 g salt.
Spinach, baked in kartoplyanih boxes.
Potatoes are boiled, lightly obsushuyut, rubbed through a sieve, add oil, raw egg yolks, salt and pepper and mix. Mashed potatoes seasoned with kondytersko¬ho produce bag on greased sheet or a la carte dishes in the form of boxes for one or two per serving, cover with her egg and lightly baked in the oven. Boxes filled supposed pureed spinach and pour hot milk sauce of medium thickness, sprinkle with grated cheese, sprayed with melted butter and bake until golden crust.
* Spinach - 200 g potatoes - 600 g egg-1 pcs., Sauce - 400 g butter - 80 g cheese - 40 g, black pepper, salt.
Green salad seasoned with vinegar, salt and sugar.
Wet spinach perishable and should be washed just before cooking.
Sorrel poorly preserved, and it is better to use the day of collection.
Sorrel can substitute spinach or nettle, adding citric acid.
Spinach retains its natural color if it is boiled for 7-10 minutes in a lot of salted water in a ratio 1: 4 in an open vessel.

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