Meals with fruits and vegetables

Sauce mushroom broth, cream sauce, milk.

Mushroom sauceMushroom sauce.
Hot white with fried, cooked in fat, plant mushroom broth, mix well, salt, boil for 10 minutes after cho¬ho add boiled finely chopped or sliced ​​mushrooms and fried onions. Served with dishes of potatoes.
Dried mushrooms - 30 g wheat flour - 20 g butter or ghee - 50 g, onions - 150 hours
Mushroom sauce with onion and tomato.
Ready mushroom sauce combined with fried tomato puree, add pepper and bay leaf and cook over 15 minutes. Served with potato cutlets, bytochkiv, potato croquettes and roll.
* Mushroom Sauce - 400 g tomato puree - 80 g oil or butter - 15 g, black pepper, bay leaf.
Kyslosolodkyy mushroom sauce.
In mushroom sauce added disguised and well washed raisins, prunes, pitted, sugar, fried tomato puree and vinegar and boil for 15 minutes. Vinegar can not add. Served with meatballs, croquettes bytochkiv and potatoes.
* Mushroom Sauce - 400 g prunes - thirty grams raisins - 15 g sugar - 10 g tomato puree - Mr. 50, 9% -s' vinegar (optional) -5 g

Main cream sauce prepared with natural, ie a cream with fried or white with cream with white sauce.
Sour cream sauce.
In the cream, heated to a boil, add fried flour white (no fat), stir thoroughly, add salt and pepper. Ready sauce filter. Served with vegetable dishes and hot snacks. Also used for making a cream sauce with a variety of fillings.
* Sour - 500 g flour - 25 g butter - 25 g, pepper, salt.
Cream sauce in white sauce.
In white sauce, cooked in meat broth, pour sour cream, salt, add pepper, boiled and filtered. Served with vegetable dishes, and used to make other sauces.
* White soup - 400 g flour - 25 g butter - 25 g cream -130 g, pepper, salt.
Cream sauce with onions.
Finely chopped onions Passer in butter until cooked and mixed with hot cream sauce, then cook over 5-7 minutes. Then add salt, sauce "Southern" and stir. Served with braces, products from cutlet weight.
* Cream sauce-400 g, onions - 150 g butter - 15 g sauce «Southern» - 20 g salt.
Cream sauce with tomato and onion.
Onions finely crushed, Passer in butter until soft, add tomato puree, salt and continue to saute for 5-7 minutes. The mixture was then combine with cream sauce and cook at low boil for 10-15 minutes. Served with tyuftelok, stuffed cabbage, stuffed cabbage, and other foods.
* Cream sauce - 400 g, onions - 150 g butter - 20 g tomato puree - 50 hours
Sour cream sauce with horseradish.
The root of horseradish rub on a grater, slightly Passer in butter so that the color is not changed, then put pepper, bay leaf, add the vinegar and boil. The mixture was then combine with sour hot sauce, salt and cook over 5 minutes. Served with boiled meat, corned beef, tongue and is used for roasting meat.
Sour Cream Sauce - 400 g butter - 10 g, 9% -s' vinegar - 35 d, horseradish - 100 g, black pepper, bay leaf, salt.
Sour Cream sauce with the hot red pepper.
In cream sauce put fried tomato puree, add salt, hot red pepper and boil for 5 minutes. After cooling, strain the sauce, used for cooking beef, lamb, veal and poultry.
* Cream sauce - Mr. 450, 50 tomat- pyure- g butter - 25 g, red hot pepper - 5 g salt.
Rhubarb sauce.
Prepared rhubarb cut into pieces, cook until tender and rub through a sieve. Flour Passer in butter, add salt, sugar, sour cream, mix thoroughly, add sauce and heated to boiling. This sauce can replace the tomato. Serve it usually meat dishes.
* Rhubarb - 1500 g sour cream - 150 g flour - 60 g butter - 20 g sugar - 25 g salt.
milk sauce
Dairy sauces prepared with white milk and fried flour with addition of spices.
Depending on the purpose milk sauce can be of varying thickness.
Milk sauce.
White hot with fried flour, cooked in butter, diluted with hot milk, stirring continuously, salt and boil for 5 minutes. Medium thickness to the sauce can add a raw egg yolks (pcs 4. 1 kg in sauce), and a liquid sauce, except the salt, put sugar. Thick sauce is used as a filling for croquettes, sauce of medium thickness use for roasting vegetables and liquid sauce served with hot vegetable dishes.

* For thick sauce: milk - 500 g flour - 60 g butter - 60 g; for the sauce of medium thickness, milk - 500 g flour - 45 g butter - 45 g; liquid sauce: milk - 500 g flour - 25 g butter - 25 g sugar - 5 hours
Milk and cheese sauce.
Thick milk sauce diluted with broth, put it in the grated cheese and mix thoroughly, dressed with butter, salt and red pepper.
Milk sauce - 300 g soup - 150 g cheese - 50 g butter - 25 g, red pepper, salt.
Sweet milk sauce.
This sauce is prepared as well as liquid milk, but give him more sugar and vanilla, previously dissolved in a little hot water.
* Milk - 500 g flour - 20 g butter - 20 g sugar - 60 g vanilla.
Milk sauce with onions.
Onions cut into large slices and cook in milk. Then the onions are removed from the broth and finely crushed. Prepare fried flour with white flour and oil, broth diluted with milk, pour the broth, add pepper, salt and nutmeg, mix and cook over 4 minutes, then filtered through a thick sieve. In the strained sauce put chopped onion and bring to a boil again.

Served with roasted rabbit cooked poultry and cooked meat.
* Milk - 300 g soup - 150 g butter - 20 g flour - 20 g, onions - 100 g, nutmeg, red hot pepper, salt.
Milk sauce with Madeira.
Raw egg yolks mixed with cold milk or cream and heat it on the stove or water bath, stirring continuously and without boiling. When the mass thickens, remove it from the heat, add the broth and Madeira-boiled, salted and seasoned with red pepper. Then strain the sauce and seasoned butter. Served with venison and poultry.
Cream or milk - 350 g egg yolks - 4 pieces. Mas¬lo cream - 50 g soup - 75 g Madera - 50 g, red pepper, salt.

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