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Egg-oil sauce cold sauce. Gas station, Seasonings.

Egg-oil sauce (Dutch) with lemon juice.Egg-oil sauce prepared with butter, raw egg yolks with the addition of lemon juice or citric acid and salt.
In egg-oil emulsion sauces possible collapse of butter and egg yolks (vidmaslyuvannya), resulting in taste and appearance deteriorate sauce, the sauce is unsuitable for feeding it to food products. To prevent clotting yolks, leading to vidmaslyuvannya sauce, mix in its provaryuvannya should add cold water according to the recipe.
Provaryuvannya sauce temperature should not exceed 70 ° C. Boil it in a water bath, and the water temperature should be within 85- 90 ° C. While cooking sauce should always mix.
Egg-oil sauce sometimes cooked with milk or white sauce. To do this, ready yayechno- oil sauce added 25- thirty% milk or white sauce.
This sauce has a pleasant flavor, slightly yellowish color it.
Egg-oil sauce (Dutch) with lemon juice.
In a deep saucepan pour raw egg yolks and cold water, add sliced ​​slices butter and boil with continuous stirring. Onlynot mixture thickens slightly, the heating is stopped and seasoned sauce with salt and lemon juice or citric acid. Served with cauliflower, asparagus and Jerusalem artichoke.
* Butter - 400 g, water - 50 g egg yolks - 6 pcs. Lemon - 1 pieces. or citric acid - 1 g salt.
Egg-oil sauce (Dutch) with white sauce.
In white sauce, cooked in meat broth, add egg-oil (Dutch) sauce with lemon juice, salt, citric acid, mix well and filter. Served with cooked vegetable dishes, and used to make other sauces.
* Egg-oil (Dutch) sauce with lemon juice - 400 g white sauce - 100 g Citric acid - 1h salt.
Egg-oil sauce (Dutch) with whipped cream.
In egg-oil (Dutch) sauce before serving add thick whipped cream and mix until smooth. Served with asparagus and cauliflower.
* Egg-oil (Dutch) sauce - 450 g cream 30% -term fat-80 hours
Dried sweet sauce.
Eggs and egg yolks thoroughly mixed with sugar, tablespoon white wine and just cut off from the lemon peel and boil over low heat, whisking continuously. When the sauce will increase in volume in 2-3 times (turn into loose foam) and its temperature reaches 70-75 ° C, it is removed from the peel, dried sweet sauce could not save
more than 10-15 minutes, otherwise the foam settles and becomes liquid sauce. Served with puddings, sharlotok, asparagus, artichokes and Jerusalem artichoke.
* Eggs - From pcs., Yolks - 3 pcs., Sugar - 150 g wine - 250 g citric 1 pieces.
Rusk sauce.
Butter melt, filter, add ground toasted crackers, citric acid or lemon juice, salt and mix. Served with boiled vegetables, cauliflower and Brussels biloholovkovoyi cabbage, asparagus.
* Butter - 450 g wheat crackers -100 g Citric acid - 1h salt.
Orange sauce.
In egg-oil (Dutch) sauce pour a little heated juice anelsyna simultaneously put grated orange zest, salt and pepper and mix carefully. Served with vegetable dishes.
* Egg-oil (Dutch) sauce - 500 g, orange - 1 pcs., Black pepper, salt.
cold sauces
Cold sauces served with cold dishes with fruits and vegetables. The group consists of cold sauces and salad dressings.
Cream sauce for fruit salads.
Berries, removing the stalk, wash in cold water and back in the sieve, and when the water drain, rub through a sieve. With lemon and orange peel cut, squeeze of citrus juice and zest finely chopped, oshparyuyut and cooled. Trained juice (berry, lemon and orange) zest and mix with sour cream, add sugar, crushed cinnamon and liqueur and mix well. This sauce seasoned just chilled products. He served with salad of oranges, mandarins, melons.
* Sour - 400 g berries (raspberry or strawberry) -50 g orange - 1 pcs. Lemon - 1 pcs., Liquor - 20 g sugar - 40 g cinnamon - 1h.
Cream sauce for vegetable salads.
Pour vinegar in the bowl, add sugar, salt, pepper and mix well. To a mixture of sour cream before serving. Serve salads with vegetables, cauliflower and mushrooms with vegetables.
Sour d-400, 3% -s' vinegar - 80 g sugar - 40 g black pepper, salt.
Yogurt sauce.
To add yogurt lemon juice, chopped fresh herbs, sugar, salt, mayonnaise and whisk until smooth. Optionally you can also add a little tomato paste or red pepper. Served with salad vegetables.

* Yogurt - 500 g lemon juice - 30 g mayonnaise - 100 g parsley or dill - 30 g sugar -5 g salt.
Cream of horseradish.
Cream whisk in a thick foam. Gently mix with grated apples and horseradish, lemon juice, sugar, salt. Cool before serving. Serve salads with fruits and vegetables.
* Cream 30% -or - 300 g apples - 200 d, horseradish - 50 g lemon juice - 10 g sugar - 10 g salt.
Horseradish with vinegar.
Purification and rituals prynіbnyyut on tertsі abo pass through a meat grinder, then take a knife with a knife, put it in a vessel, fill it with an okoop and close it with a scar. If hrіn ocholone, give ocetum to masi, sіl ta tsukor i pemіshuyut. Serve up to the cold, hot, myasnye and imbalances.
* Horseradish (root) - 150 g, 9% -s' vinegar - 125 g, water - 225 g sugar - 10 g salt.
Horseradish with sour cream.
Prepared minced horseradish mixed with sour cream, salt, add sugar and mix. Submit to cold boiled pork and beef aspic.
Horseradish (root) - 150 g sour cream - 350 g sugar - 7 g salt.
Fruit and berry sauce.
Black-currant jam rubbed through a sieve. A large onions (salad) cut into small cubes (3-4 mm) and boiled with vinegar. With orange and lemon zest grater off, fill it with boiling water, cool, drain, pour wine (port wine or Madeira) and give the brew for at least 1 hours. Prepared jam, vinegar and onion with peel mixed with wine, adding canned apple sauce; orange and lemon juice, hbtovu tablespoon mustard, red pepper, ginger and cloves, and all is well mixed. Served with cold roast venison and pork.
Blackcurrant jam - 150 g canned apple sauce-175 g, onions - 80 g g -10 vinegar, orange - 1 pcs., Lemon-0,5 pcs., Wine - 50 g mustard - 15 g, pepper, ginger, carnation.
Cranberry sauce.
Cranberries washed with cold water and cook until tender, then drained broth, berries and rubbed through a sieve. Cranberry sauce diluted with broth, add sugar, cinnamon and wine and give more rolling boil 7 minutes, and then poured broth diluted with cold potato starch and bring to a boil. Served with roasted turkey, chicken, chicken, game, meat dishes with wild animals.
* Cranberries - 250 g, water - 500 g sugar - 125 g g Potato krohmal- 5, wine (Riesling) - 50 g cinnamon.
Apples are washed in cold water, cut, removing the core and cook in a closed container until ready. This should boil away at least 1 / 3 original volume of water. Cooked apples cool and rub through a thick sieve. In the formed mash is put sugar, cinnamon and cook over 10-12 minutes, stirring. Sauce whisk before serving. Serve in hot to roast goose, duck meat.
* Apples - 300 g, water - 175 g sugar - 125 g cinnamon.
Sauce with fresh berries.
Fresh berries (strawberry or raspberry) sorted and rubbed through a sieve. In the formed mash is put sugar, pour water, heated to boiling, then add the potato starch diluted chilled broth. Serve cold or hot for cereal, casseroles, puddings, pancakes.
* Fresh berries - 200 g, water - 450 g sugar - 80 g potato starch - 15 hours
Apricot sauce.
Dried apricots are sorted out, removing impurities, wash, put in a saucepan and fill with cold water. A 3 hours to cook in the same water with the lid. Welded apricots rubbed through a thick sieve, put in a saucepan, add sugar and, stirring, cook on low heat so the sauce does not Prygorov. Served hot and cold to puddings and porridges.

* Apricots - 100 g, water - 400 g sugar - 150 hours
Rosehip sauce.
Hips are sorted out, washed in cold water, put in a bowl, pour boiling water, close lid and put on 25 minutes for swelling. After this infusion is poured into another container and fruit knead. In the formed mash infusion pour, mix, add citric acid and boil for 10 minutes, then remove from heat. After thirty minutes strain the broth through cheesecloth, folded in 3 layers dodayus sugar and bring to a boil. Then pour in the broth of potato starch diluted chilled broth. To improve the taste, you can add a little zest of lemon, mandarin or orange. Served with dishes of pasta and cereals.
* Hips - 30 g or rosehip powder - 15 g, water - 450 g sugar - 80 g potato starch - 20 g Citric acid - 1 hours
Almond sauce.
Sweet and bitter almonds are placed in a jar, pour boiling water and cover with a lid. A 15 minutes obchyschayut almonds, put in cold water to 2-3 hours, then mince with a dense grid, pouring a little milk to almond not zamaslyvsya. Almonds thoroughly ground in a mortar, gradually adding milk. Grind to puree a lot of almond milk and throw the rest is filtered through cloth or gauze sparsely and carefully squeeze. Marc used as a filling for pancakes and baked apples.
Eggs or egg yolks thoroughly rubbed with sugar so that the mixture has become white, and then prepared to throw hot almond milk and boil, stirring, at 70-80 ° C (do not boil!). Serve in a cold or hot to puddings and casseroles.
Milk - 400 g sweet almonds - 80 g bitter almonds -5 g, eggs - 3 pcs., Sugar - 125 hours
Almond sauce with lemon.
Butter, raw egg yolks, sugar and flour thoroughly rubbed. In the resulting mass add chopped grated zest and lemon juice, chopped almonds and mix everything. Then gradually (three to four hours) pour hot almond milk, stirring rapidly, then boil without boiling. Served with puddings and casseroles.
Almond milk - 350 g sugar - 125 g sweet almonds - 50 g butter -15 g egg yolks - 3 pcs., Flour - 10 g lemon - 1 pieces.
Salad dressings.
Dressings made from a mixture of oil and vinegar (preferably apple) with salt, sugar and pepper.
* First option: oil - 250 g, 3% -s 'vinegar - 250 g sugar - 20 g, black pepper, salt, the second option: oil - 125 g, 3% -s' vinegar - 350 g sugar - 30 g , black pepper, salt.
Table mustard.
Dry mustard powder is ground and sifted through a sieve, put in a pot, pour hot water and stir quickly so as to form a dense mass without lumps. Then pour the brewed a lot of hot water (70-80 ° C) and allow to stand in a cool place 10-12 hours, then poured the water carefully. In putting mustard salt and sugar, pour oil and mix well, then add the vinegar and stir again. Used to prepare some sauces and dressings, as well as a table condiment.
* Dry mustard powder - 150 g, water - 250 g 9 100% -s' otset- g oliya- 15 g sugar - 25 g salt - 15 hours
Mustard Salad Dressing.
A tablespoon mustard, raw egg yolks put in a pot, add salt, sugar and rubbing. Then, stirring constantly, pour a thin squirt oil and whisk, then diluted vinegar and filtered. To prepare the filling can take this ready mayonnaise rate of 150 350 g g mayonnaise on vinegar.
* Oil - 150 okovtky - 2 pieces. Tablespoon mustard - 25 g, 3% -s' vinegar - 300 g sugar - 25 g, black pepper, salt.
Fruit refueling.
Mustard dressing mixed with lemon juice, honey and grated lemon zest. Served with salad and vegetable.
* Mustard dressing - 350 g lemon juice - 20 g, honey - 80 g lemon zest - 10 hours
Lemon dressing.
The oil mixed with lemon juice, sugar, salt and red pepper in the bowl of stainless steel. Serve salads with chervonoholovkovoyi cabbage, potatoes, cucumbers, vegetables and fruits.
* Oil - 250 g lemon juice - 150 g sugar - 70 g red pepper - 10 g salt.
Orange-lemon dressing. The oil mixed with orange and lemon juices, sugar and salt in a glass bottle with a stopper fitted well. Vitamin salads served with fruit.
* Oil - 250 g orange juice-100 g lemon juice-100 g sugar - 25 g salt.
Garlic dressing.
The core mustard dressing add the grated garlic. Served with potato salad with cucumbers, cucumber and tomatoes, salad greens.
* Mustard dressing - 450 g garlic - 15 hours
Vіnegretna refueling.
The core mustard dressing add finely chopped bulb and green onions, sweet peerts and finely chopped cooked hard-boiled eggs. Products placed in a bank, stirred and cooled. Served with vegetable salad, potato salad and cucumber salad with cucumbers and tomatoes.
* Mustard dressing - 450 g, onions - 20 g green onions - 20 g sweet pepper - 20 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Salt.
Tomato dressing.
Oil mixed with tomato and lemon juice, add chopped onion, dry mustard and salt, mix thoroughly and cooled. Served with salad "Spring" salad with potatoes and vegetables.
* Oil - 200 g tomato juice - 210 g lemon juice - 70 g, onions - 20 g of dry mustard -5 g salt.
Mushroom filling.
Dried mushrooms are soaked, boiled until tender and strain off the mushroom broth. Add sugar, salt, mustard, red pepper and water to form an elastic mass. Then add butter, evaporated overabundance of water, add vinegar, garlic and finely chopped mushrooms. The mass of cool. Served with a salad of tomatoes, vegetable salad and mashed potatoes with beans.
* Dried mushrooms - 25 g sugar - 50 g of dry mustard - 10 g, water - 100 g, oil - 25 g of vinegar - 15 g garlic - 5 g, red pepper, salt.
Garlic dressing.
Purified garlic finely crushed and roztipayut to a thick consistency and then diluted with 3% -s vinegar, the leaven or sour cream. Use for grilled vegetable dishes.
* Garlic - 100 g of vinegar - 100 g or kvass - 200 g or sour cream - 200 hours
Garlic seasoning.
Purified garlic salt and ground to a thick mass, which poured cold low-fat broth and stir. Served with vegetable dishes and cooked meat.
* Garlic - 40 g, g-150 broth, salt.
Spicy seasoning with pepper and garlic.
Pepper and garlic mince, add chopped parsley and dill, salt, all mixed thoroughly, adding a spicy tomato sauce. This seasoning well zberihaeteya in the refrigerator until the next harvest.
Sweet perets.- 300 g garlic - 300 g parsley - 50 g, dill - 50 g tomato hot sauce - 200 g salt.

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