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Puff pastry.Puff pastry.
Preparing puff pastry, 5-10% of the total number of sifted flour should be left for mixing with oil and 5-7% - for spreading while rolling out dough.
Three quarters of the total amount of water at a rate of dissolved salt and citric acid or lemon juice, add the eggs, flour and knead the dough, gradually adding the rest of the water. Mixed dough is left on the table for thirty minutes for swelling and weakening of gluten.
While rozstoyuyetsya dough, prepare butter. His knead and mix with flour, making sure that no lumps was formed, and the shape of his bar.
Rozkachuyut ready dough on the table in the form of a small rectangle so that the edges are slightly thinner than the middle. In the middle put the bar prepared butter and roll the dough in the form of an envelope. Then on the table sprinkled with flour, rozkachuyut his thick rocking from side to side and up four times so that the opposite edges do not converge on the middle layer, and a little on the side. Prepared in this way the dough is cooled within 20 minutes, then again rozkachuyut, are cool and quadrupled at least 30 minutes, then again rozkachuyut and make three times. After a minute 45 chilled dough and make rozkachuyut last three times. Products with this soft, well-east.
Pie with plums.
Fat pound of flour. Salt, sugar and yeast diluted in sour cream, a rash on the table flour make a hole, pour cream mixture into it, brandy, 2 yolks and then mixed the dough medium consistency. If it got too thick, add a little cream.
Baken dough rozkachuyut in layer thickness and cm up three times, cover with a cloth and leave for 25-30 minutes. Chilled dough again rozkachuyut, are again cooled at least thirty minutes. This is repeated three times. Then cut the dough into two parts, each of which rozkachuyut in layer thickness 1 cm, put one of them on a greased sheet, cover with protein and dried. Then it is sprinkled with breadcrumbs, 100 g sugar, ground nuts, kernels, put the top plum filling and covered with a second layer of dough. Product surface smeared with grease. Bake in hot oven (oven). Ready cake sprinkled with vanilla sugar and cut into squares.
To prepare the stuffing with drain pipes are removed, and the pulp lace 100 g sugar, ground cinnamon and cloves.
Flour - 600 g yeast - 20 g sour cream - 400 g egg yolks -1 pcs., Brandy - 30 g lard - 180 g or butter - 200 g walnut kernels - 60 g sugar - 60 g salt ; For the filling: plums - 2 kg, sugar - 200 g breadcrumbs - 120 g cinnamon - 8 g cloves.
Puff pie with apples.
Prepare puff pastry in the usual way and pull it into the reservoir. Extracted burning (thinner than 0,1 mm) paper, layer after layer drying sprinkled with fine breadcrumbs and pour melted lard. Obchyschayut apples, remove core and cut into thin slices, then spread evenly on the dough, sprinkle milled nuts or kernels of almonds and mix powdered sugar and cinnamon. Concluding the filling on the dough, we must remember that prepared baking pie after wrapping up their territories and zaschypuvannya its size must match the size of the leaves, where it vypikatymut.
Prepared pie lard put on a greased sheet, brush with melted fat, coated with egg and bake in a hot oven (oven) until golden crust. Ready cake sprinkled with vanilla sugar.
* Flour - 300 g, eggs - 1 pieces. (0,5 - in dough and 0,5 - for obmazuvannya) lard - 100 g salt; For the filling: Apples - 1200 g breadcrumbs - 50 g walnut kernels - 50 g sugar - 100 g cinnamon - 5 g vanilla sugar for sprinkling - 0,5 package.
By leaflets roll.
Since 400 g flour, lard g 20, 1 eggs, vinegar and warm salt water then mixed puff pastry, brush with melted lard, cover with a cloth and left on the board. Then pull the dough into a thin layer on the tablecloth sprinkled with flour, dried and re-melted grease smaltsem.Z eggs 6, 120 g sugar, 120 g flour, lemon juice cooked biscuit mass, 20 divide it into pieces and laid on a stretched layer piles equidistant (6-8 cm) apart. In each biscuit half a small handful vtyskuyut purified soft apple varieties. Puff layer gently rolled and formed ruleh put on a greased sheet. Product surface smeared with melted lard and bake until golden in color.
Of the remaining sugar, 200 g of water and vanilla syrup is boiled, cooled, add to it orange and lemon juice, grated orange and lemon zest and brandy. This solution impregnated cake.
* Flour - 400 g lard - 120 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Vinegar - 15 g, eggs - 6 pieces ,, apples - 1250 g lemon - 1 pcs., Sugar - 350 grams of cognac - 100 g orange - 1 pcs., flour - 120 g vanillin - 0,5 packs.
Bean cake.
Beans pour water through 24 hours cook and wipe. Egg whisk to froth, add the bean puree and the rest of the recipe products except jam and chocolate.
Form for baking cakes smeared with butter, flour and showered fill the prepared mass. Bake at medium temperature. Cool cake stuffed with apricot jam or marmalade and chocolate glaze.
* Beans - 250 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Sugar - 140 grams of cognac - 25 g, zest of lemon 1, cocoa - 20 g ground walnut kernels - 30 g breadcrumbs - 50 g g soda -1 ; For the filling: apricot jam or marmalade - 400 g; for glazing: chocolate -100 g
Apple cake.
3 flour, butter, 50 g sugar, egg yolks, sour cream and lemon juice knead shortbread dough and divide it into equal parts 3. One part is put into a greased and sprinkled with flour form for baking cakes, putting a second part of the inner walls of the form. In the form put the stuffing, cover it with a thin layer of jam and marmalade - the third part of the test. On top product thickly coated with egg and sprinkle with ground almonds and sugar. Bake.
To make the filling purified apples without core wipe and cook them without water thick puree with sugar. Before the finished sauce add raisins and brandy.
* Flour - 250 g butter - 150 g sour cream - 50 g sugar - 50 g egg yolks - sh.t. 1, 0,5 juice of lemon; For the filling; Apples - 1000 g raisins - 150 g sugar - 250 g (including 50 g for the external design of the cake), brandy - 25 g fruit jam - 400 g, eggs - 1 pcs., almonds - 50 hours
Cake with hazelnut.
With crushed hazelnut kernels, sugar and thick foam proteins prepared thick mass and divide it into three parts. In the form of baking cakes, buttered and sprinkled with flour, bake three identical round cakes. Between them, put a nut filling and chocolate glaze on top.
To prepare the filling, butter, egg yolks, sugar, chocolate and strong black coffee neremishuyut well.
Roasted hazelnut kernels - 250 g; sugar - 200 g protein - 6 pcs .; For the filling: butter - 180 g egg yolks - 4 pcs., Sugar - 200 g grated chocolate - 200 g, strong black coffee - 80 hours
Short-apple cake.
Combine flour, butter, 70 g sugar, raisins, eggs 1 knead shortbread dough rozkachuyut him two identical layers, put them in shape for cakes and baked. Baked cakes smear applesauce, which is covered with foam Since 2 eggs, which add 70 grams of sugar. Cake put in a hot oven (oven) for 5 minutes to zarum'yanylas foam.
Flour 210 g butter - 140 g sugar - 140 g, eggs - 3 pcs., Raisins - 50 g apples (purified) - 750 hours
Cake with apricot filling.
Butter and sugar well pound, add 8 yolks, softened chocolate foam with protein flour and are then mixed well. Form for baking cakes smeared with butter, flour and showered fill the prepared mass. Bake at 250 ° C. Baked layer cut horizontally in half and thick smear apricot jam. On top of the cake is applied a thin layer of the same jam and chocolate glaze.
* Butter - 70 g sugar - 180 g, eggs - 8 pieces. Chocolate - 40 g flour - 500 g apricot jam - 400 g chocolate frosting - 100 hours
Cake with red currant red.
Combine flour, butter, sugar and eggs cooked shortbread dough 1 rozkachuyut him two layers. In the form of baking cakes, smeared with butter and sprinkled with flour, put layers so formed bumpers 2 cm tall, and bake them. At the baked dough is placed disguised and well washed red red currant (half normal) and sprinkle them with sugar. The remaining currants rubbed through a colander and cook half the sugar regulations. The resulting jelly spread on a spoon berries. Sprinkle with powdered sugar.
* Flour - 280 g butter - 210 g sugar - 210 g, eggs - 5 pcs .; For the filling: red red currant - 750 g sugar - 400 g powdered sugar - 25 hours
Orange Cake.
Egg yolks, sugar, orange juice with 1, grated orange zest, ground almonds, flour and thick foam of the proteins then mixed thoroughly. The resulting mass is put on a large sheet, greased with butter and sprinkled with flour, and bake at low temperature. The finished cake cut into three strips, coated them with cream, glaze and decorate the top with cream and with a bag of confectionery.
To prepare the cream yolks, sugar, flour, juice and grated zest of oranges 2 boil in a deep pan for a couple, stirring continuously. When the cream has cooled slightly, its diluted cream.
* Eggs - 8 pieces. -210 G sugar, oranges - 1 pcs., Almonds (purified) - 110 g flour-100 g; cream, eggs - 4 pieces. tsukor- 130 g oranges - 2 pcs., flour - 75 g cream 30 400% -ni- g
Cherry cake.
Sugar yolks and whisk to froth, add crushed crackers, grated lemon zest, cinnamon, thick foam of beaten egg whites and cherries, pitted (squeeze juice). The mass is then mixed well. Form for baking cakes smeared with oil, showered with flour dough and filling. Bake at medium heat and sprinkle with powdered sugar.
* Sugar - 200 g, eggs - 8 pieces. Crackers - 120 g cinnamon - 5 grams of peel 1 lemons, cherries or cherry-1000 g (can 500 + 500).
Strawberry cake.
Sponge dough is baked in shape for cakes. Baked cooled layer is cut horizontally in half, put the stuffing between the layers and it is covered with a cake on top and put a few hours in a cool place.
To prepare the stuffing pounded with sugar, vanilla and eggs cooked to thickening and adding weight to the warm butter and strawberry and then mixed well.
* Sponge dough with eggs 4; For the filling: eggs - 3 pcs., Sugar - 75 g butter - 150 g ripe strawberry - 250 g vanilla.
Special chestnut cake.
Edible chestnuts cook. Then, cut peel, core removed and rubbed through a colander, add 2 tablespoons sugar with vanilla, a little milk and cook a thick puree. Butter, sugar and vanilla with 3 yolks grind to foam, add thereto cold chestnut purée with thick foam of protein and then mixed everything until smooth.
Form for baking cakes smeared with oil, showered with flour and cooked filling mass. Bake at medium temperature. Ready layer covering cream and put in a cool place for several hours.
To prepare the cream versh¬kove butter, grated chocolate, sugar and egg yolks 2 grind until smooth.
* Edible chestnut kernels - 500 g sugar with vanilla - 200 g versh¬kove oil - 70 g, eggs - 3 pcs., Milk - 50 g; cream, butter - 70 g chocolate - 70 g vanilla sugar - 40 g egg yolks - 2 pieces.
S Cake Apricot jam.
Butter, sugar and flour is ground well and formed dough is divided into 4 chastyny.U prepared pan for baking cakes, buttered and sprinkled with flour, alternately baked pie layers. When they are cool, put them between a layer of the filling, cover the same surface stuffed and put on the day in a cool place.
To make the filling protein knock on thick foam, add sugar and vanilla 6 tablespoons of apricot jam, then mixed until smooth thick consistency. Vanilla sugar are enough to filling was sweet.
* Butter -150 g sugar - 70 g flour - 300 g; For the filling: proteins -5 pcs., apricot jam - 200 g vanilla sugar.
Cake s peaches.
Combine flour, butter, sugar and egg yolks then mixed shortbread dough, put it in a greased and sprinkled with flour baking tin cake and bake until soft, then put the cold and, when the dough is completely cooled, put it back in the form of high-oiled butter and sprinkled with flour walls. Dough covering purified peach halves, sprinkle with their chopped almonds with sugar and pour the biscuit dough. Prepared in this way the cake is baked at a moderate temperature. Winter can substitute peaches juicy apple varieties.
* Flour - 200 g butter - 100 g sugar - 60 g yolk - 1 pcs., Ground cinnamon, salt; biscuit dough with eggs 3: For the filling: peaches - 300 g or apples - 300 g almonds - 50 g g sugar -100
Almond cake.
Purified ground almonds mixed well with sugar and egg yolks, add lemon juice to it and with a thick foam proteins. With educated masses baked 3 same layers, smear them with cream and they also coated top and sides of cake. The surface is decorated with glazed fruit and put the product in a few hours on the ice.
To prepare the cream powdered sugar rubbed well with the yolks, add half of hot cream norms and cook, stirring constantly until a thick mass. After removing from heat, add the mass of dissolved gelatin in hot water, cooled and formed cream injected chopped fruit and thick foam with the remaining cream.
* Ground almonds - 200 g sugar - 200 g, eggs - 6 pieces. 0,5 juice of lemon; cream, powdered sugar - 8 century. spoons, egg yolks - 8 iyt., cream - 800 g gelatin - 30 g g -100 blueberries, apricots -100 g g -100 pears, plums - 100 g lemon - 1 pieces.
Lemon Cake.
Protein whisk in a thick foam, and still churn, introduce them one by one egg yolks, 150 g of powdered sugar, almonds, flour and lemon juice with 1. Form for baking cakes vystelyayut paper tortovu mass poured into the form and bake at medium heat. Cooled layer is cut horizontally into pieces and stuffed 3. The surface of a cake decorated with icing.
To prepare the filling, egg yolks, milk, salt and sugar, stir well and whisk on low heat. When the mass starts zahusaty added thereto butter, grated zest and juice of lemon 1. The mass removed from the steam, cooled and then mixed to foam formation.
* Eggs - 5 pieces. Powdered sugar - 150 g ground almonds - 60 g flour - g 100, 1 juice of lemon; For the filling: milk-150h, egg yolks - 2 pcs., Sugar - 100 g lemon - 1 pcs. butter - 100 g salt; icing sugar for frosting.
Artificial nutty cake.
Semolina in milk poured through 12 hours add all products to the recipe and then mixed well. In the form of baking cakes, buttered and sprinkled with flour, pour the prepared mass and bake in a hot oven (oven). Willingness to check the cake sharp, chip when the cake is ready, remove it from the chip will be dry. Another half-baked, but with the dark surface of the cake is recommended to cover the top and paper dopikaty until tender. The cooled cake cut into slices and smear fruit jam.
* Semolina - 300 g milk - 300 g walnut kernels - 100 g egg-1 pieces. Soda-12 g sugar - 200 g vanilla sugar - 0,5 package; fruit jam - 400 hours
Warm cake.
Prepare the dough medium consistency (if it will be too dry, add a little water), divide it into parts and each 3 rozkachuyut layer. In one of the small round shape make cookies for punching holes. The layers are baked in a greased and sprinkled with flour form for baking cakes, preventing them zarum'yanytys.
Then one baked layer is placed on the bottom of the form, smear half the norm stuffing, cover with second layer, which put the rest of the filling. The top layer is covered with holes and gently press it until filling pops out. Prepared in this way put the cake in a hot oven (oven) and bake for 15 minutes.
To make the filling protein knock on thick foam, add powdered sugar and apricot jam and then mixed until smooth.
* Flour - 250 g lard - 120 g sugar - 100 g ground walnut kernels -100 g; For the filling: proteins - 5 pieces, powdered sugar - 125 g apricot jam - 200 hours
Cake smetanі.
Prepare the dough medium consistency. Form for baking cakes smeared-executors-term oil showered with flour and put it in the cooked dough. Bake at medium temperature. The cooled cake horizontally cut in half, each half carefully smear mashed apricot jam, sprinkled with ground nuts kernels with sugar and make both halves. On top of cake smear jam and sprinkle with milled nuts kernels with sugar.

* Sour - 300 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Sugar - 250 g soda - 12 g flour - 250 g grated zest of 1 lemon for the filling: apricot jam - 400 g walnut kernels - 100 g sugar - 50 hours
Cake punshovy.
Prepare biscuit dough. With half the dough rozkachuyut two layers to 0,5 cm thick and bake. The second half of the dough is divided into two parts, to one of which is added raspberry jam. Bake two layers oblong, slightly tovshi pershi.Z for butter and powdered sugar prepared mass, which gradually add egg yolks, grated chocolate, vanilla, ground almonds, flour and whipped into foam proteins. This weight also have an elongated shape and bake.
The two layers of the first baking smear orange jam. Oblong layers of the second and third baking after they cool cut into small pieces.
With powdered sugar, rum (or brandy), lemon juice and orange syrup prepared. When the syrup has cooled, pour it prepared biscuit pieces. Well syrup soaked slices laid on a layer of orange jam and coated with a second layer so that the direction anointed jam was underneath. On top of the cake for a while put a wide board under light pressure. The surface of the cake covered with icing sugar. To prepare the glaze icing sugar mixed with wood fiber and stir kopystochkoyu thirty minutes, then add 5 drops of lemon juice and fill with rum or brandy.
* For the biscuit dough: yaytsya- 8 pieces. Powdered sugar - 200 g flour - 200 g; for chocolate biscuit, butter - 100 g powdered sugar - 100 g, eggs - 6 pcs., grated chocolate - 160 g vanillin - 2 g almonds - 60 g flour - 25 g; for syrup, powdered sugar - 50 grams of rum or brandy-100 g lemon - 1 pcs., orange - 1 pieces; orange jam - 150 g; for glaze, powdered sugar - 250 g protein - 2 pcs., rum or brandy - 20 hours
"Artistry" cake.
Mix the dough with flour, butter, powdered sugar, egg yolks, zest, ground almonds and wine. The dough is then mixed well and rozkachuyut him 5 25 cm diameter circles. Bake each wheel separately and leave for one day. Then smear baked scones with raspberry jam and orange alternately. The top layer is covered with sugar glaze (see. Previous recipe). You can decorate the cake glazed fruit.
* Flour - 500 g butter or margarine - 360 g powdered sugar - 180 g, zest of one lemon, egg yolks - 4 pcs., Ground almonds - 150 g wine - 40 g; raspberry jam - 300 g orange marmalade or jam - 300 g; for glaze, powdered sugar - 250 g protein - 2 pcs., rum or brandy - 20 hours
Cake with melon.
Prepare biscuit dough and bake in a greased and sprinkled with flour form. The cooled cake horizontally to cut 3 parts, each part smear cream, flavored melon.
To prepare the cream fibers mixed with powdered sugar and whisk on a steam bath for thickening, then a lot of cool. Butter well pound sugar until it enters white, and mixed with protein mass. Then add the mashed melon cooked with sugar (to taste) and a small amount of water. If the sauce is too liquid, leave it on the stove to thickening, well then cooled and mixed with cream.
On top of cake decorated with cream and slices of melon cooked.
* Flour - 200 g potato starch - 75 g sugar - 250 g, eggs - 8 pcs .; cream, proteins -2 pcs., Sugar - 250 g butter - 200 g melon puree and - 200 hours

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