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Dessert dishes vegetables.

Dessert dishes vegetables.Artichoke due to high taste and healing properties deserves the most common. In the food use nerozkvitli inflorescence composed of large fleshy scales.
The inflorescence artichoke contain vitamins B and C V2, vitamin A. They are rich in carbohydrates and flavors that give them a characteristic sweet taste. Since they can prepare a variety of vegetable dishes and side dishes.
Young, duzhe nizhnі artichok mozhna szavaty, drіbno nаrіzavshi їх, at сирому viglyadі with mayonnaise abdominal salad dressing. Drizzle gutuyt tsіlі artoshoka abo їх денця, які є деікатесним гарніром до багатьох страв.
Asparagus is known in many varieties, among which the main is white and green asparagus. This plant contains vitamins B, V2, PP Tas, from minerals - potassium compounds, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus zali¬za and nitrogen-containing substance asparagine.
In food use young shoots of the stem of the plant. The best varieties of asparagus should be thick, not rude and not long (15-16 cm) shoots.
White asparagus are mainly used for the preparation of her dishes with different sauces. Great green asparagus cooked in the same way as white as sheep used to garnish.
Rhubarb has the advantage that it ripens earlier than other vegetables and fruit, and therefore in the spring it is possible to prepare delicious fresh fruit drinks and jelly. For this purpose, leaf petioles of plants, pleasant taste which is caused by the content of malic and citric acids. Since rhubarb is not only cooked jelly and compotes, and also add it in some soups and salads. Thanks to a rhubarb pectin having coagulating ability, it is also used for making jelly.
Before cooking rhubarb stalks should thoroughly clean out. they cut off top and bottom, but do not peel off in advance, because it allows better preserve the valuable substances contained in the pulp.
Cut rhubarb stalks should be used immediately, because they are perishable. However, in the refrigerator, wrapped in plastic wrap and can be stored for 1-2 weeks.
With cooked rhubarb compote, jelly, jam, jelly, prepared salads, filling for pies, soups, sauces. Rhubarb can be put in place to pickle cucumbers, tomatoes in the soup instead.
With the juice can be prepared brew.
Artishokoviy salad.
In the artichokes cut the stem at the base and cut the solid particles. Cynara bottom at the point where the stem is cut, rub lemon to cut not dark. From the middle of artichokes tablespoon of cooked remove the core and thus artichokes cooked in salted water for 10- 15 minutes, adding a slice of lemon.
Chilled obsushenny artichokes and served on lettuce leaves. Separately submit mayonnaise.
* Artichokes - 600 g lettuce - 40 g lemon - 40 g mayonnaise - 120 of
Salad of asparagus.
Obchyschayut asparagus, washed, placed in boiling water, add salt, sugar and cook until soft. Then back in the sieve and cut into slices 2 cm long. Potatoes are washed, put neobchyschenu in boiling water and cook. Obchyschayut potatoes cooked, cooled and cut into small cubes.

To prepare the sauce, hot cream is poured into a pan, add dried flour and bring to a boil. The mass of egg yolks seasoned mustard, salt and vinegar and cooled.
Prepared asparagus and potatoes mixed with sauce, add chopped green onion, spread on a glass slide and bowl decorated with heads of asparagus and green onions.
* Asparagus - 500 g potatoes - 300 g green onions - 50 g ho¬tova mustard - 20 g sugar - 10 g 3% -s' vinegar - 15 g salt.
Asparagus and apple salad.
Asparagus wash, carefully remove the peel. To do this, put the asparagus in hand so as not to damage the head - the most valuable part and notch solid fibrous part of the stem. Asparagus purified up to 6-8 pcs., Tie thick thread, dipped in boiling salted water and cook on low heat.
Cooked asparagus is cooled, cut into slices 2 cm long; put in a bowl with chopped hard-boiled eggs, decorated with rings of green pepper, lettuce and pour salad dressing with mustard and chopped peppers.
* Asparagus - 600 g, eggs - 4 pcs., Lettuce - 80 g pepper -100 g salad dressing - 120 hours
Asparagus-tomato salad.
Ready stalks of asparagus laid out like a fan at the base put lettuce and sliced ​​tomatoes with mayonnaise. Before serving sprinkle with grated cheese.
* Asparagus - 800 g tomatoes - 120 g salad - 100 g mayonnaise - 120 g grated cheese - 60 hours
Salad of asparagus.
At the plate decomposing leaves in a salad fan, but for them - cooked asparagus stalks. At the base of "fan" put half the eggs. Decorate the salad leaves. Separately submit mayonnaise.
* Asparagus - 600 g lettuce - 200 g, eggs - 4 pieces. Mayonnaise - 120 hours
Salad with rhubarb.
Purified stalks of rhubarb washed with cold water and cut into small cubes, then sprinkle with powdered sugar or sugar, add cinnamon or vanilla sugar and mix everything.
* Rhubarb - 400 g powdered sugar or granulated sugar - 40 g cinnamon or vanilla sugar.
Rhubarb salad with beets.
Beets baked or boiled, obchyschayut and cut into small cubes. They added purified
and diced rhubarb, seasoned sour cream, salt and sugar. To improve the taste of the salad can be, adding chopped onion. The special taste is, if the cream add grated horseradish.
* Beets - 200 g rhubarb - 400, sour cream - 80 g sugar - 10 g, onions - 80 g grated horseradish - thirty grams of salt.
Salad with radishes and rhubarb.
Purified stalks of rhubarb cut into small cubes, radishes - circles, all mixed, seasoned sour cream, salt and sugar, taught slide in a salad bowl, sprinkle with green onion and decorate hard-boiled eggs, cut into 4 parts.
* Rhubarb - 200 g radish - 200 with eggs - 2 pcs., Green onion - 80 g sugar -10 g sour cream - 80 g, black pepper, salt.
Broth with asparagus.
Asparagus prepare, wash, obchyschayut, cut and boil in salted water. The broth is filtered, filled with butter, mixed with egg yolks and cream, add salt and bring to a boil. Serve in porcelain cups, sprinkled with chopped dill.
* Asparagus - 800 g, water - 1000 g butter - 60 g cream - 300 g egg yolks - 3 pcs., Salt.
Cream of asparagus.
Heads purified fresh asparagus (15- 20 g per serving) cooked in a little water, and the remaining asparagus cooked in a white sauce over 20-25 minutes. The finished mass rubbed through a sieve, add some liquid, bring to a boil again and fill with a mixture of egg yolks, milk and oil. In the bowl of soup put heads asparagus.
* Asparagus - 220 g milk - 300 g white sauce - 500 g butter - 80 g egg yolks - 2 pieces.
Suppressor mashed h artishokіv.
Prepared artichoke bottoms sprayed with lemon juice and suggest butter and broth. Separately Passer white flour and cook the sauce for chicken broth. In the sauce add green peas, stewed artichoke bottoms and cook over 15-20 minutes at low boil. Mass rubbed through a sieve and bring to a boil again, diluted broth and seasoned with a mixture of egg yolks and cream. Before serving in soup put ku¬ryache cooked fillets, diced and chopped cooked spinach leaves.
* Artichokes - 300 g chicken - 60 g peas - 100 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Spinach - 80 g butter - 80 g cream - 200 g flour - 80 g lemon - 0,5 pieces. salt.
Rhubarb soup.
Shanks rhubarb wash in cold water, cut into cubes, put in boiling water and cook until tender. Finished with rhubarb broth rub, add sugar and bring to a boil. Then brewed starch, dissolved in a small amount of cold boiled water and cooled. Before serving in soup put sour cream.
* Rhubarb - 1000 g sugar - 200 g starch - 40 g sour cream - 80 hours
Cooked artichokes with sauce.
Prepared artichokes tie with string to cooking when they collapsed. Salt water, acidified with citric acid and boil the artichokes until their lower part is soft. Then the vegetables are removed from the water and spread the bottom up, that dripped broth. Before serving dish or placed on the bottom plate down and decorate with greenery. Dutch sauce with whipped cream served separately.
* Artichokes - 4 pcs., Citric acid - 1 g hollandaise sauce - 200 g greens - 30 g salt.
Artichokes, stuffed mushrooms with ham.
Prepared artichokes cook until soft. Remove from them a number of external leaves, artichokes filled with minced meat, wrap slices of bacon and tie the thread. Then placed in a container, pour white wine and red sauce and involve over 30-50 minutes. Before serving remove the thread, put artichokes on a platter and pour sauce formed.

To prepare the stuffing roasted in butter mushrooms split, mix them with chopped ham and onion and fry again, salt, sprinkle with black pepper, seasoned tomatompyure and sprinkle with parsley and breadcrumbs milled.
* Artichokes - 4 pc., Onions - 40 g mushrooms - 200 g, red sauce - 200 g ham - 100 g, white-120 g butter - 40 g tomato puree - 40 g ground biscuits - 20 g greens - 30 g, black pepper, salt.
Smazhenі trend artishokіv.
Wash the artichokes obchyschayut, remove the leaves. In water, stir a little flour, add salt, butter, lemon juice, pepper, put the artichokes and cook them until tender. Ready artichokes paneer with flour, wet in whipped egg and then in bread crumbs paneer. Fry in deep fat. Before serving sprinkle with chopped herbs. Red sauce served separately.
* Artichokes - 8 pcs., Egg-2 pcs., Flour - 40 g ground biscuits - 60 g butter - 20 g lemon - 0,5 pcs., Red sauce - 200 g greens - thirty grams black pepper salt.
Artichokes stewed with tomatoes.
From the prepared artichokes off the top leaves, make them in a pot and add small onions, pour a little water, sunflower oil, salt and seasoned pepper. With tomato peel off, cut them into quarters and put in a saucepan with artichokes. All involve the lid until cooked artichokes. The dish can be served hot in portions pans and cold in a salad bowl.
* Artichokes - 8 pcs., Tomatoes - 8 pcs., Water or broth - 200 g minor bulbs - 20 pcs., Oil - 80 g, black pepper, salt.
Denz artishokіv іz sparzheyu.
Selected small artichokes, process and boil them in salted water, then remove the leaves. Welded bottoms placed on a metal dish or pan, pour a thin layer of milk sauce, sprinkle with grated cheese, sprayed with melted butter and bake in the oven. Before serving on the middle put the artichokes cooked asparagus, cut into slices length 4-5 cm and fill with oil.
* Artichokes - 8 pcs., Milk sauce - 240 g butter - 60 g asparagus - 200 g soup - 80 g cheese - 60 g salt.
Farshirovanі trend artishokіv.
Prepared artichokes cook until soft and separated from their leaves. Artichoke bottoms to suggest oil. For each artichoke lay heaped thick milk or cream sauce with chopped low-fat ham. Artichokes with minced shall put on *, hand dish or pan, sprinkle with grated cheese, melted butter and sprayed zapich cabin. Red sauce served separately in a gravy boat.
Artichokes - 8 pcs., Milk sauce - 200 g ham - 120 g butter - 40 g cheese - 40 g, red sauce - 300 g salt.
Asparagus with sauce rusks.
Prepared asparagus bind in bundles to keep it polamalasya, boiled in salted water, then untie and placed on a dish. On top is decorated with greenery and rusks served with sauce.
* Asparagus - 800 g, rusk sauce - 200 g parsley - 30 of
Asparagus in milk sauce.
Prepared asparagus cut into slices length 2-3 cm and cook in salted water. The broth is drained, add milk sauce, butter, and all mix. Served on pans portion as a separate dish.
* Asparagus - 800 g milk sauce - 200 g butter - 40 hours
Asparagus Scrambled eggs with milk.
Purified and washed asparagus cut into pieces the length 2- With cm, boiled in salted water, back in the colander and put on a greased pan portion. Carefully stir the egg with the milk, salt and pour this mixture of asparagus. Prepared dish baked in the oven for 10-12 minutes. Milk and egg mixture into a finished product should have the consistency of a delicate jelly. Serve the asparagus on the same pans in hot chi cold. Instead of frying pans for this dish can be used porcelain cups broth.
* Asparagus - 600 g, eggs - 4 pcs., Milk - 600 g butter - 20 g salt.
Asparagus baked in milk sauce.
Prepared asparagus cut into slices length 2-3 cm and cook in salted water. In the portion pan, greased with butter, pour a little milk sauce on it evenly placed asparagus and fill it with hot milk sauce, sprayed with melted butter, sprinkle with grated cheese and bake in the oven until golden crust. Served in the same pan.
* Asparagus - 600 g butter maslo.- 40 g milk sauce - 500 g cheese - 40 g salt.
Rhubarb puree.
Shanks obchyschayut of rhubarb peel, wash, cut, mixed with sugar syrup and stew, stirring. Ready rhubarb rubbed through a sieve. The resulting sauce can be used for filling jam pies and pancakes.

* Revin - 400 g, swelling syrup. - 300
Rhubarb with rice.
Shanks obchyschayut of rhubarb peel, finely chopped and boiled in water with salt, sugar and honey. Cooked rhubarb back in the colander and rub through a sieve and strain broth. Rice sorted out, washed and soaked for 1-1,5 hours. Virvar of rhubarb bring to a boil, lower rice soaked in it (without water) and cook until tender. For 5 minutes before end of cooking, add the cinnamon. Ready features cool, put on a platter and top - pyuro of rhubarb.
* Rhubarb - 400 g sugar - 80 g, honey - 20 grams, rice - 200 g cinnamon - 1 hours
Souffle with rhubarb.
Purified and washed stalks of rhubarb baked in the oven, then rubbed through a sieve, mixed with sugar, well boil until thick sour cream and hot gently mixed with beaten egg whites. The resulting mass spread on a pan, greased, put a figure on top of the same mass using pastry bag. Before serving baked in the oven until golden crust on the surface. Souffle served at the table, sprinkled with powdered sugar. Separately served cold milk.

* Rhubarb - 320 g eggs (whites) -12 pieces. -160 G sugar, butter - 10 g milk - 600 hours
Compote of rhubarb.
Fresh rhubarb stalks obchyschayut of peel, cut into pieces the length 2-3 cm and put in boiling syrup 2-3 in minutes, avoiding cooking. Optionally you can add cinnamon or vanilla.
* Rhubarb - 300 g, water - 1,5 l sugar - 200 g cinnamon or vanilla.
Kissel from rhubarb.
Prepared rhubarb stalks are cut into pieces, pour water and boil for 5-7 minutes, then rub through a sieve, add sugar and lemon zest. In cold water diluted with starch and, stirring, introduced into the mashed mass. Heat to a boil and cooled. The surface sprinkled with granulated sugar that is not formed film.
* Rhubarb - 500 g, water - 2 l starch - 90 g sugar - 400 g, zest of lemon 1.
Mousse with rhubarb.
With stalks of rhubarb remove the peel, cut them in small slices, pour boiling water and cook over 15 minutes, then rub through a sieve, add sugar and soaked gelatine and cool. Stainless steel bowl placed in cold water or on the ice and whipped mass until it is smooth and plump. Mus poured into the prepared pan, sprinkled with sugar and cool.
* Rhubarb - 300 g sugar - 100 g, water - 375 g gelatin - 20 hours
Kvass with rhubarb.
Prepared rhubarb stalks are cut to length kusoch¬ky 2-3 cm, put in boiling water and boil for 5-7 minutes. Broth strain through cheesecloth, cool, fill with sugar and yeast and put in a warm place for 8- 10 hours. Then brew poured into a glass dish and put in the cold.
* Rhubarb - 160 g, water - 1 l yeast - 2 g sugar - 80 hours
Morse rhubarb.
Purified stalks of rhubarb finely crushed and put in boiling water. After 15-20 minutes cooking filter. Add the sugar, bring to a boil and then filtered.
* Rhubarb - 300 g sugar - IN g water -1,1 l.

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