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Vitamin drinks. Kvasy, fruit drinks

Vitamin drinks. Kvasy, fruit drinksFruit, berry and vegetable juices are easily absorbed and contribute to the mastering of the basic substances contained in other foods. Juices are useful for people of all ages, including those who need dietary nutrition. They are recommended for drinking to improve appetite, mourning thirst for hard work. Juices can be served to all dishes, drink with mineral or soda water, prepare mixtures of juices and mixed beverages of varying taste. The most useful juices are pulp, because they contain a complex of pectin substances with fiber. Some fruit and vegetable juices are recommended for quick recovery after severe illness or acute infections. The therapeutic effect of fruit and vegetable juices increases if you cook mixtures or cocktails.
For example, we prepare the following mixture of juice, d: Apple - 100 + Carrot - 90 + lemon 10;
Apple - 100 + peach - 100;
Carrot - 110 + cabbage - 80 + lymonnyy- 10;
Magenta - 100 + chervonoporichkovyy - 100;
Peach - 100 + Apple - 90 + lemon - 10;
pear - 190 + lemon -10.
Sometimes the unexpected combination of different foods makes it possible to create a drink with great taste. Often drinks are made from fruits, vegetables, berries and their juices, as well as nuts, honey and spices. Fruits, berries and vegetables are rich in vitamins, mineral salts, proteins and organic acids, they contain a lot of carbohydrates - sucrose, fructose, glucose. In the pulp of fruits and berries, a significant amount of pectin substances, which remove from the human body toxic compounds. Of vitamins predominates ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Walnuts are not inferior to meat because of their nutritional value. Honey is a high-calorie product that contains many organic acids, mineral salts, vitamins and other important substances for the human body. Different flavors and flavors are used to make beverages like spices. Mint prepared for the future is dried leaves with stems, whole or crushed. The scent of mint is strong, sweetish; The taste is sharp, piquant, with a cooling effect on the oral cavity.
Clove is the dried flower buds, the aroma of strong, hot, hot, pleasant due to the presence of essential oils.
Cinnamon - dried bark of young twigs of cinnamon tree. It has a light brown color, a pleasant smell and a sweet taste. Available in sticks. Ceylon cinnamon contains volatile aromatic substances. Chinese cinnamon, or cassia, has a reddish-brown color and a faintly pronounced aroma; This bark is thick, in places grayish, rough, It is available only in ground form. Vanilla belongs to orchid plants. The aroma of vanilla is due not only to the presence of vanillin, but also other substances. Vanilla powder is prepared by mixing young vanilla pods with sugar or extracting aromas from vanilla pods and mixing them with sugar.
Vanillin is a synthetic white powder with an intense odor that simulates vanilla flavor. The taste of crystals is burning. A mixture of vanillin and powdered sugar is called vanilla sugar. Muscat walnut - large seeds of a grayish-brown oblong-oval shape. The taste is sharp, a bit bitter. Issued as a whole and peeled. Drinks are served in glass dishes - beakers of conical shape, glasses, glasses, as well as in porcelain or faience cups. Some beverages are served straws. Drinks with whipped berries or fruits are served with a teaspoon. For decorating beverages use cherries, garden strawberries, slices or citrus fruits. Lemons and oranges for this purpose are washed, scalded with a sprinkle, cut into thin circles, make a radial incision and put on the edge of a glass or a glass. If the halves of the circle are used, then a cut should be made between the peel and the pulp. Orange particles can be put in a glass of beverage. Drinks are decorated with peppermint or orange, chopped or spirally shaped. From half a lemon or orange, cut the zebras with a continuous ribbon of 0,5 cm wide and lower them into the glasses, fixing one end to its edge. This spiral is well decorated by a spherical glass. You can also cut with a sharp knife of lemon or orange a thin piece of peel size 1X1 cm. In a glass with a cocktail squeeze out a piece of essential oils, and then drop it into a cocktail. A drink from this acquires a specific flavor. The crown of a glass or a glass, in which the drink is served, can be decorated with "frost" or "sweat". To do this, in the first case, the outer part of the glass (glass) is rubbed in a circle about a width of about 1 cm in a slice of lemon, islesin or mandarin, and then drop it into sugar powder, shake and shake.
In the case of using orange or mandarin, "ini" will have a pink tint. In the second case, prepare a sugar syrup, pour it in a piecourse plate with a layer of thickness up to 1 cm and put there a glass (glass) upside down to wet the edges. After that dipped in the syrup the vessels of the vessel are lowered into, sugar-sand. "Frozen" will be even and elegant. Fruit drinks are decorated with fruits and berries. Berries and fruits, cut into cubes, can be put in glasses or weigh them on wooden (plastic) skewers or straws and lower them in a glass. Many drinks are served with food ice, they are cooked in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator in the special trays with cells. You can make colored ice. To do this, add fruit or berry syrup to the water before freezing. For decorating it is possible to use "stuffed" food ice. Each cell of the bath put a berry or a cube from some fruit, pour in water and freeze. For the manufacture of food ice use only chilled water. If the cooking technology provides crushed ice, then 10-15 ice cubes are put in a linen bag and split with a wooden hammer.
Kvass is the oldest and most widespread summer drink. It is very useful. It contains carbohydrates, proteins, B vitamins, compounds of calcium, manganese, phosphorus and magnesium, which are easily digested by the human body. The chemical composition of kvass determines its dietary and even therapeutic properties. This drink is thirsty and stimulates the secretion of the digestive glands, thereby contributing to increased appetite and a better assimilation of food. In folk medicine, kvass is used in fever, colds, watery eyes, some intestinal diseases, as diarrhea and laxatives. Serve kvass cooled in decanters, drink from glasses or mugs. For cooking kvass use fresh fruit, berries, fruit juices and syrups, rhubarb, honey. As additives - yeast, sugar, raisins, citric acid.
The process is making kvass wort preparation and fermentation him. Kvass wort - aqueous extractives fruit juice and other raw materials intended for fermentation.
For fermenting wort is used bakery yeast. Bowl of mash cover with lid and put to ferment at 20-25 ° C. Fermentation lasts from hours to 6 2 days. Ready to brew filter, cool and store in a cool place. Use it for 2-3 days. Longer brew store is not recommended because it loses its taste is sour.

Kvass with strawberry.

Strawberries are sorted out, washed, squeeze the juice. Squash neokyslyuvanyy placed in a bowl, pour water, heated to boiling, remove from heat and strain through 10 minute through a sieve. Add squeezed juice, sugar, pounded with honey and yeast, citric acid, mix well and put on 1-2 days in a warm place for fermentation. Then brew bottled, added to each 5-6 izyumynok, Corquoy hard and put in a cold place.
* In 1 liters of kvass, strawberry - 200 g, water - 1l, sugar - 20 g yeast - 5 g, honey - 50 g Citric acid - 1 g raisins - 15 hours
Raspberry kvass.
In boiling water pour sugar, pour raspberry juice, a little cool and add mashed yeast with sugar and citric acid. Put in a warm place and allow the mixture to ferment 1-2 days (on the surface of the foam to appear). Filtered, bottled, add raisins, Corquoy tightly and put in a cold place. Serve chilled brew.
* In 1 liters of kvass, raspberries (fresh berries) -500 g g voda- 800, 50 tsukor- g yeast -4 g raisins -10 g Citric acid - 1 hours
Currant brew.
Currants are sorted out, washed, squeeze the juice. In the water put sugar, bring to a boil, cool, pour currant juice, put pounded with sugar and yeast left in 2 days in a warm place (25-30 ° C). Then bottled and stored in a cool place. Serve chilled.
* In 1 liters of kvass: black or red currant red currant - 360 g, water - 800 g sugar - 80 g yeast - 4 hours
Zhuravlinovy ​​brew.
Cranberries are sorted out, washed and rubbed through a sieve. Squash pour water and cook over 15 minutes. Cool strain, add sugar and boil again. The syrup is cooled to a temperature 25-30 ° C, pour it in a raw cranberry juice, add yeast, stir, bottled and tightly Corquoy. A 3 days kvass is ready.
* In 1 liters of kvass, cranberry - 250 g, water - and l sugar - 100 g yeast - 10 hours
Pear brew.
With pear seed box is removed and cut them into thin slices, pour water, bring to a boil, remove from heat and infused for 3-3,5 hours. Broth strain, add sugar, honey, yeast, cinnamon and put on 12 hours in a warm place for fermentation. Then again filtered, bottled, and tight Corquoy vyderzhuyut the cold during 3 days. Serve chilled.
* In 1 liters of kvass, pears -250 g, water - 1l, sugar - 25 g, honey - 50 g yeast - 10 g cinnamon - 1h.
Beet kvass.
Beets are washed, obchyschayut, cut into thin slices or strips, grind with sugar and salt, pour cold water and put a crust of rye bread. Bowl covered with a cloth and put on 5 days in a warm place. Then brew filtered through a sieve and bottled. It can be used for drinks and borscht.
* In 1 liters of kvass, beets -350 g sugar - 35 g salt - 1 g, water - 800 g crust of rye bread - 35 hours
Carrot brew.
Carrots are washed, obchyschayut, cut into strips and pour warm boiled water. Add sugar, citric acid, clove, cinnamon, mashed with sugar, yeast, rye bread slice, stir and put in a warm place for 12-14 hours. Then brew filtered through a sieve, bottled, and left Corquoy at 18-20 ° C per day. Serve chilled.
* In 1 liters of kvass, carrots - 400 g, water - 800 g sugar - 100 g g -10 yeast, citric acid - 1 g cloves - 0,1 g cinnamon - 0,5 hours
Rhubarb brew.
Shanks rhubarb washed, obchyschayut, cut into small slices, put in boiling water and cook over 7 minutes. Then strain the broth through a sieve and cool. In the cold broth add sugar, yeast and cinnamon and put in a warm place for 10 hours. Bottled and put in the cold.
* In 5 liters of kvass, rhubarb-800 g, water - 5 l sugar - 500 g cinnamon - 2 g yeast - 25 hours
Morse - a drink of juice, diluted broth, which was formed after cooking squash. Morse can be prepared from a variety of berries, fruit and vegetable juices and mixtures or fresh berries, fruits and vegetables. To prepare Morse should use only boiled water. Berries rubbed in neobkyslyuvaniy posudyyi. Sugar dissolved in hot water, the juice is added to the cooled juice and do not boil. Serve the drink on the table in jugs. In some added piece of fruit drinks lemon, orange or lemon zest. In a glass of fruit drink can put an ice cube.
Cherry juice.
Wash and released from seed to knead cherry puree state. In weight add cherry and lemon juice, sugar, and all stir well. Before serving put the drink with ice cubes.
* The L Morse 1: 200 cherry-g, water - 1l, sugar 120 g lemon juice - 25 hours
Zhuravlinovy ​​juice.
Cranberries are sorted out, washed, rubbed. From squash cooked broth pry low boil over 10-15 minutes, give it brew, then add sugar, cranberry juice and vlyvayuchiyi mix. Serve chilled. * In 1 L Morse, Cranberry -150 g l 1 water, sugar -150 g
Zhuravlinovy ​​juice with honey.
Cranberries are sorted out, washed, knead in neokyslyuvaniy bowl and squeeze the juice. Squash pour water, boil for 10 minutes and filtered. In the broth add the honey and when it dissolves, pour cranberry juice prepared. Serve chilled. * In 1 L Morse, Cranberry - 150 g, honey - 100 g, water - 1 l.
Yabluchny juice.
Apples are washed, rubbed on a grater or passed through a juicer. Juice put in a cool place. Squash pour hot water, boil for 10-12 min infused for 30 minutes. Broth strain, add sugar and again filtered and mixed with juice. Serve chilled.
* In 1 L Morse: apples - 150 g, water - 1l, sugar - 150 hours
raspberry juice.
Prepared raspberries knead, squeeze juice, squash pour hot water, boiled for 7 minutes and filtered. In the broth added iiukor and raspberry juice and mix. Serve chilled.
* In 1 L Morse: Raspberries - 170 g, water - 1 l sugar - 120 hours
Sunichny juice.
Strawberry sorted, washed, remove the stalk of the sepals, knead and squeeze the juice. Squash pour hot water, boiled for 5-7 minutes, strain the broth, add sugar and juice prepared and thoroughly mixed. Serve chilled.
* In 1 L Morse: strawberry - 150 g, water - 1l, tsukor- sand - 120 hours
Lemon or orange juice.
With lemon or orange squeezed juice, zest finely chopped, oshparyuyut boiling water to remove bitterness, then pour hot water and boil for 10-15 minutes. Broth strain, dissolve sugar in it and add the juice of citrus. Serve chilled with ice.
* In 1 L Morse, lemon or orange - 100 g, water - 1l, sugar - 150 hours
Buryakova juice.
Beets are washed, obchyschayut and rubbed on a grater or passed through a juicer. Squash pour hot water and boil for 15-20 minutes. At the end of cooking add the sugar, lemon juice and beet juice squeezed. Bring to a boil, but do not boil. Filter. Serve chilled with ice.
* In 1 L Morse, beets -200 g, water - 1l, sugar - 100 g lemon - 100 hours
Kalinov juice.
Kalina sorted out, washed, squeeze the juice. Squash pour water and cook over 8-10 minutes, then filtered. Broth connect with trained juice, add sugar, stir and cool.
* In 1 L Morse, Cranberry -150 g, water - 1l, sugar -120 g
Kalinov juice with honey.
Kalina sorted out, washed, squeeze the juice. Honey dissolved in warm water, add juice of Viburnum, mix and serve chilled. In 1l Morse, juice Viburnum - 100 g, honey - 100 g, water - 900 hours

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