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Sauces, dressings, dressings - Hot sauces, red sauces, white and tamatny sauces.

The basic red sauce.Sauces - an important part of various dishes. They crowned dish, combine harmoniously different components, increasing small portions. The sauce can be cooked in water, juice, milk, sour cream, meat, bone and fish broth, vegetable broth.
Taste the sauce improved if you add white (for light sauces) or red (for dark sauce) wine, cream or condensed milk, a little butter or egg yolk. The sauce is thicker and more nutritious, and its pleasant color, if you add the eggs. Eggs are injected into the whipped state of small doses in hot sauce, stirring constantly and without removing it from the heat. But not prove to boil for another egg zsyadetsya. Especially nice is the sauce if it is charged only by the yolk.
Sauces are divided into hot and cold.
Paseruvannya flour. Wheat flour intended for paseruvannya must not be below and variety. Passer flour without fat or fat. In the latter case, the 100 80 g flour are grams of fat. As a result paseruvannya meal becomes a pleasant taste and smell of roasted nuts.
Paseruvannya roots and onions. Carrots, parsley, celery and onions to sauce cut into strips or slices thick 1-2 mm make it easy to grind. Cut vegetables and onion sauce Passer for most of the fat. To do this in a skillet or frying pan heat the oil to a temperature 105- 110 ° C, put the onion and when it pidsmazhytsya slightly, add carrots and a few minutes parsley or celery and stir occasionally while continuing to heat until all the vegetables are almost m ' that.
Hot sauce red sauce
The basic red sauce.
Cook brown broth with roasted meat bones and filtered. Part of it (1 / 3) is poured into a separate container. Cool (approximately 50 ° C), pour the sifted flour spaserovane without the fat and stir well to form a homogeneous mass without lumps. In the rest of the broth put browned tomato puree, roots and onions, heated to boiling, pour broth mixed with flour and mix well, stirring occasionally, cook at low boil for 1 hours. After the end of cooking, add sugar, strain the sauce and vegetables, remaining on a sieve, wipe and mix with the sauce.
This sauce is used as a basis for preparation of various derivatives red sauce - onions, mushrooms, wine, vinegar, mustard, herbs and spices.
* Brown soup - 500 g butter - 15 g carrots - 40 g parsley root -10 g, onions - 40 g wheat flour - 25 g tomato puree - 100 g sugar - 15 g salt.
Onion sauce with mushrooms.
By finely chopped fried onions add excised cooked mushrooms or mushrooms, pepper and bay leaf all together Passer over 5 minutes. Then pour the white wine and boil to 1 / 3, then combined with the basic red sauce, salt and cook over 10 minutes at low boil. Dressed with butter. The sauce used for roasting vegetables.
* The basic red sauce - 400 g butter - 40 g onions -150 g dried mushrooms - 25 g or mushrooms - 75 g white wine - 50 g, bay leaf, pepper, salt.
The sauce with fresh mushrooms.
Prepared mushrooms and onions excised and individually Passer in butter. Then mix them, add red sauce and broth and cook at low boil for 20 minutes. Salted, seasoned citric acid or lemon juice and butter, add finely chopped garlic and stir. Served with vegetable dishes.
* Basic red sauce - 400 g mushrooms or mushrooms - 100 g, onions - 80 g soup - 25 g butter - 35 g garlic - 1h, citric acid - 1 g salt.
Pepper sauce with vinegar.
Roots and onion finely chopped, pour 9% -s vinegar and broth, put spices (cumin, cloves, nutmeg powder) and parsley and stew at low boil with the lid over 20-25 minutes. When the liquid uvarytsya to 2 / 3 pour basic red sauce and cook another minute 15. At the end of cooking, add salt and sugar. Ready sauce filter and fill with butter and pepper. Excellent with grilled meat, chicken, chicken, barbecue.
* The basic red sauce - 400 g, 9% -s' vinegar - 35 g butter - 35 g, onions - 10 g carrots - 10 g g -10 parsley, celery - 10 g sugar - 5 g cloves , nutmeg, red pepper, parsley, salt.
Red wine sauce and garlic.
In a saucepan pour the vinegar, add chopped ham on the bone, chopped parsley, celery, green onions, garlic, black pepper and cook over low heat for 15- 20 minutes. Then pour hot basic red sauce and cook until the consistency of the usual cream. Then strain the sauce, pour red wine, put red pepper, salt and boil again. Served with game dishes and poultry.
The basic red sauce -400 grams of ham bone - 80 g, red wine - 50 g of vinegar - 100 g green onions - 30 g celery - 15 g parsley - 15 g garlic - 5 g, red hot pepper, black pepper, salt.
Sweet and sour sauce with nuts.
Prunes are boiled in water, drained broth and add the basic red sauce, wine or vinegar, pepper, bay leaf and cook over 10 minutes. Then strain the sauce, salt, fill with sugar and butter, add cooked prunes and raisins pitted and scalded and purified from the film thinly chopped walnut kernels and boil. Before serving sprinkle with grated horseradish sauce. Served with dishes of boiled meat.
* The basic red sauce -350 g butter - 25 g prunes - 60 g raisins - 30 g walnut kernels - 30 g, red wine - 25 9% d or -s vinegar - 15 g sugar - 10 g , horseradish - 30 g, black pepper, bay leaf, salt.
Orange sauce.
Red wine boiled to half its original volume and then put it in chopped fine julienne of orange zest, previously scalded with boiling water to get rid of bitterness. Wine peel poured into basic red sauce and cook for 10- 15 minutes. Then add the orange juice, sugar and salt and seasoned butter. Before serving put in the sauce slices of orange. Served with roasted duck, venison. The same sauce can be prepared with tangerines.
The basic red sauce -400 g, red wine - 50 g, orange - 100 g sugar - 10 g butter - 35 hours
The sauce with mushrooms and tomatoes.
Onions finely crushed and Passer in butter or margarine. Fresh mushrooms purified wash in cold water and finely cut, fried in butter, then add in fried onions. Then put a lot of sliced ​​tomatoes, pour the white wine and stew, covered over 15 minutes. Prepared foods combined with basic red sauce and boiled for 5-10 minutes. In the prepared sauce, add salt and chopped parsley, tarragon leaves, stirred and seasoned butter. Served with steak, filet, stewed meat bytochkiv meat and dishes with lamb, veal and poultry.
The basic red sauce -350 g butter - 40 g fresh tomatoes - 50 g, onions - 150 g mushrooms - 50 g, white grape wine - 50 g tarragon - 5 g parsley - 5 g salt.
Madeira sauce.
Wine (Madeira) is poured into a strongly heated frying pan. Once it boils, add basic red sauce and seasoned butter. Served with fillet, braces, Chicken Kiev, fried veal kidneys, as well as cooked ham and tongue, and products from cutlet weight.
* The basic red sauce - 500 g wine - 80 g butter - 35 hours
Blackcurrant sauce.
Bones from pork legs crushed, lightly fried and pour red wine and broth. To the mixture was added coarsely ground pepper, bay leaf, parsley and tarragon leaves, blackcurrant jam and cook over 20-25 g to liquid uvarylasya to 2 / 3 volume. Compounding connect with the main red sauce and boiled for 10 minutes. Before the end of cooking salt sauce, then filtered and seasoned butter. Serve the meat of wild animals (goats, elk, deer, hare) bytochkiv meatballs and meat, stews and roast venison.
* The basic red sauce - 400 g, red wine - 50 g g -100 broth, butter - 35 g blackcurrant jam - 75 grams of ham bone - 100 g parsley - 5 g tarragon - 5 g, black pepper, bay leaf, salt.
The sauce with sweet pepper.
Fresh or canned sweet peppers finely cut and Passer in butter until tender. In fried pepper Pour vinegar, white wine and grape boiled liquid to 2 / 3 original volume, then add a basic red sauce and cook over 20 minutes. In the cooked sauce fragmented put black pepper, bay leaf, garlic, rub with salt, and then boil for 5-10 minutes, then strain, while wiping pepper, and seasoned butter. Served with boiled and roasted meat dishes with hare, wild goat meat.
* The basic red sauce - 400 g sweet peppers - 100 g, white wine-grape g 50, 3% -s' vinegar - 35 g butter - 40 g, black pepper, bay leaf, garlic, salt.

White and tomato sauces
White sauce.
Hot white with fried, cooked in fat gradually diluted filtered white broth, stirring constantly, was formed to avoid lumps. Cook sauce over 45 minutes at a low boil, stirring often to not burnt. Ready sauce filter. Used to make other sauces.
* Broth - 500 g flour - 25 g butter - 25 hours
Tomato sauce.
Hot white flour fried flour, cooked in butter, diluted white or brown broth, add the fried onions with roots and tomato puree, sugar, citric acid, pepper, bay leaf, salt and cook for thirty minutes. The sauce is filtered, heated to boiling and fill with oil. Used as the basis for the preparation of tomato sauces with various products, spices, wine, and without wine.
* Broth - 250 g butter - 25 g flour - 15 g carrots - 20 g, onions - 20 g parsley root - 20 g tomato puree - 250 g sugar - 5 g Citric acid, black pepper, bay leaf, salt.
"Aurora" sauce.
In hot white sauce add browned tomato puree, salt, pepper and boil for 7-10 minutes, then strain through a sieve and fill with thick butter. Served with dishes of eggs, poultry, beef.
* White sauce - 400 g tomato puree - 125 g butter - 75 g, black pepper, salt.
White sauce of egg yolks.
Sir_ Zhovtki and the pieces of the top oil should be put in a glybocaine stew pan, pour the tops of abo broth і nagrіvayut, continuously peremіshuyuchi. If it is sufficient to warm up to the temperature 60 — 70 ° С, the stew-pan will know vogna і, prodovzhuyuyi peremіshuvati, pour hot bіly sauce. Salt, give pepper, lemon with citric acid, musk hot and powder, peremint and process. Serve up to myriad varenih and fresh grasses of lamb, veal, chickens, chicken and chicken.
White sauce - 400 g egg yolks -2 pc "cream or broth - 50 g butter - 75 g, citric acid, nutmeg, black pepper, salt.
Tomato sauce with wine.
Ready tomato sauce is heated to a boil, pour it in a dry white wine and grape seasoned butter. Served with fried pork chops and meat bytochkiv.
* Tomato sauce - 450 g dry wine - 50 g butter - 35 hours
Tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes.
Tomatoes sorted out, remove the stem, washed in cold water, cut chastoch¬kamy and assume in own juice, then rub through a sieve, boiled to the consistency of thick cream, seasoned with butter, salt and add pepper. After this sauce boil. Serve with meat and fried foods are used for filling pasta and crisp rice.
* Fresh tomatoes - 750 g butter - 150 g, black pepper, salt.
Тomatnyy sauce with mushrooms and vegetables.
Pidhotovlni carrots, parsley, sweet peppers and onions cut into strips, mushrooms - thin slices. Passer prepared vegetables and mushrooms fried in butter separately. Then they combine, pour tomato sauce, add broth and cook at low boil for 20 minutes. For 2 minutes before end of cooking add the finely chopped tarragon leaves and spinach, and finished cooking, put the garlic, salt and seasoned butter. Served with boiled vegetables.

* Tomato sauce - 350 g soup - 25 g, oil - thirty grams butter - 15 g fresh mushrooms - 80 g, onions - 125 g sweet pepper - 40 g carrots - 5 g parsley - 10 g , tarragon - With g spinach - 5 g garlic - 2 g salt.

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