Meals with fruits and vegetables

Production of non yeast dough.

Cake with red currant red.
Prepare the dough from flour, sugar, butter, ground nuts, lemon sopu, lemon zest and egg yolks. Well vymisyvshy, the dough is placed on a small sheet and bake for nayivhotovnosti, then, removing from the oven, put the stuffing on top and bake at medium heat 180-200 C until tender. When the cake has cooled, it cut diamonds, squares or rectangles.1366390909 005
To prepare the filling, whisk whites and sugar in a thick foam, then add red currant and all mix.
* Flour - 140 g sugar - 90 g butter - 140 g walnut kernels - 70 g lemon juice - 0,5 lemon, grated zest - 0,5 lemon, egg yolks - 2 pcs .; For the filling, protein
4 pieces, sugar - 80 g, red red currant - 50 hours
True horns with fruit jam.
Combine flour, margarine, powdered sugar, eggs, salt, grated lemon zest, cream soda and knead the dough. Rozkachuyut it in a thin layer and cut molds oval cakes. To put jam cakes, form the horns and bake them at medium temperature. Ready hot horns obkachuyut of vanilla sugar. These horns are kept fresh for several days.
* Flour - 500 g margarine - 200 g, eggs - 1 pieces. Soda - 5 g powdered sugar - 80 g grated zest - 0,5 lemons, sour cream - 200 g vanilla sugar - 1 packet of salt; For the filling: any fruit jam.
Sweet fruit cake.
Combine flour, milk, lard, sugar, eggs, salt and soda knead dough. Vymisyvshy Well, he put on a greased and sprinkled with flour letter, top decomposing fruits and sprinkle them with sugar. Bake at 200 ° C. Ready pie cut into oblong slices and squares.
For the filling are apples or pears, obchyschayut them and cut into slices.
* Flour - 300 g milk - 200 g lard - 120 g sugar - 250 g g -12 soda and salt; For the filling: apples or pears - 500 hours
Walnut and apple pie.
Combine flour, glazes, baking soda, sugar, ground nuts, vanilla sugar and eggs, knead the dough of medium thickness. The fourth part of his leave for the external design of the pie, and the rest put on a greased sheet, spread the top and worn placed on a grater with large holes apples and sprinkle them with powdered sugar and cinnamon. Out of abandoned pastry making thin filaments and placed them in filling the distance 3-4 cm apart. Bake cake in a hot oven until golden crust.
* Flour - 220 g lard - 150 g soda - 12 g sugar - 200 g hazelnut kernels - 100 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Vanilla sugar - 0,5 packs; For the filling: sweet apples sortiv- 1000 g sugar - 80 g cinnamon - 30 g powdered sugar - 10 hours
Holiday pecan pie.
Combine flour, butter, egg yolks, sour cream, salt and sugar knead the dough of medium thickness. Half of it is put in writing and cover with a layer of nut stuffing, and on top put the second half Guest. Bake in hot oven (oven). The finished cake is still hot sprinkle with vanilla sugar and cut into thin slices. On the table is served warm.
For the filling grind the egg yolks with vanilla sugar until foaming, then add grated lemon zest, ground nuts and kernels of foam proteins, and gently mix.
* Flour - 300 g butter - 200 g yolk - 1 pcs., Sour cream - 300 g sugar - 50 g; For the filling: eggs - 6 pcs., vanilla sugar - 60 g grated zest - 0,5 lemon, walnut kernels - 150 hours
Walnut-fruit pie.
Protein whisk and grind kernels of ground nuts and sugar until smooth. Combine flour, margarine, egg yolks, baking soda, salt, juice and grated zest of powdered sugar knead dough. Vymisyvshy Well, it spread to the letter, cover with jam (plum, cherry, apricot or apple), and on top put beaten egg whites and nuts. Bake at medium temperature i80-200 ° C and still warm cut into pieces.
* Flour - 500 g margarine - 200 g egg yolks - 3 pieces. Soda - 12 g, juice and grated zest - 0,5 lemons, powdered sugar - 40 g salt; For the filling: fruit jam - 800 g protein - 8 pcs., walnut kernels-200 g sugar - 200 hours
Pie with poppy.
Knead the dough of medium thickness, leaving a small portion of its surface for decoration cake, and the rest put on a greased and sprinkled with flour sheet, cover with stuffing, laid out on it in a grid of flagella abandoned their dough and cover with egg yolk. Bake at moderate temperature, then cut into various shapes.
To make the filling, ground poppy seeds in sweet milk boil, add the butter, lemon juice and grated zest. Cooled, mixed with foam, whipped the two proteins.
* Flour - 230 g margarine - 150 g sugar-130 g egg yolks - 2 pcs .; For the filling: poppy - 180 g sugar - 180 g milk - 200 g protein - 2 pcs. butter - 25 g, juice and grated zest - 0,5 lemon.
Apple pie.
Combine flour, margarine, sugar, eggs, cream, salt, vanilla and baking soda and knead the dough rozkachuyut him two square layers. In a greased sheet put one layer, cover it purified apples, grate with large holes, and sprinkle with sugar. Placed second top layer of dough, pierce it in several places and bake pointed chip product at 250-280 ° C. Hot Pie sprinkled with vanilla sugar.
* Flour - 500 g soda -12 g margarine - 100 g sugar - 100 g vanillin - 0,5 packs of eggs - 2 pcs., Sour cream - 200 g salt; For the filling: Apples - 1250 g vanilla sugar - 0,5 packs.
Celebratory pie with apples.
Flour mixed with baking soda, a third of its kneaded with butter and place in the refrigerator. To most of the flour add powdered sugar, vanilla sugar, eggs and salt and adding milk, knead a soft dough. After that both types of dough mix. For this rozkachuyut pin layers (one more, another less), put them on each other, rozkachuyut, are again rozkachuyut and so do 5-6 time. Finally, pull the dough layer is greater than double the size of the sheet. Cut it in half, put on a half sheet, cover with apple filling and top second layer of dough. The top layer pierce in several places with a fork and cover with egg yolk. Bake at 250- 280 ° C.

To make the filling obchyschayut apples, remove the core and cut them thin slices, mix with cinnamon and powdered sugar.
* Flour - 350 g soda - 12 g butter (margarine) - 250 g powdered sugar - 50 g vanilla sugar - 0,5 packs of eggs - 2 pieces. For the filling: Apples 1250 g cinnamon - 2 g powdered sugar - 120 hours
Special apple pie.
Combine flour, baking soda, sugar, egg yolks, cream lard and knead the dough medium consistency. Most of his rozkachuyut rolling pin and put the letter. On it spread the filling, cover it rozkachanym second layer, pierce in several places with a fork, cover with egg yolks and bake in a hot oven (oven) until brown. When cake is cool, it is sprinkled with vanilla sugar and cut diamonds.
For the filling apples sweet varieties rubbed on a grater with large holes, squeeze the juice and mix with powdered sugar, vanilla and raisins.
* Flour - 500 g soda - 12 g sugar - 140 g egg yolks - With pcs., Sour cream - thirty grams lard - 150 g; For the filling: Apples - 1000 g powdered sugar -120 g vanilla sugar - 0,5 packs, raisins - 50 hours
Pie with walnut stuffing.
Stir flour with soda, add lard, eggs, cocoa, sour cream and salt and then mixed the dough medium consistency. Half of it is put on the sheet, and spread a little baked (not ready), then put the nut filling, top cover with the second part of the test, pierce in several places with a fork and bake at moderate temperature until golden crust. When the cake has cooled, it is cut into slices any form.

For the filling grind the egg yolks with sugar and vanilla for thirty minutes, then add the ground toasted hazelnuts kernels, breadcrumbs and whites, whipped to a foam.
* Flour - 500 g soda - 12 g lard - 200 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Cocoa - 20 g sour cream - 200 g salt; For the filling: eggs -4 pcs., Sugar - 200 g vanilla sugar - 0,5 pack, hazelnut kernels - 100 g breadcrumbs - 40 hours
Cake with raspberry filling.
3 flour, butter, vanilla sugar, eggs, sugar, cinnamon, cloves, lemon soda and knead the dough. Vymisyvshy Well, leave it to third registration of the product, and two thirds of rozkachuyut layer, put on a big sheet and spread. Then it often coated with raspberry jam or jam. Rozkachuyut of dough left in the layer thickness 0,5 cm strips cut from it the same width. they are placed on the jam criss-cross in one direction at a distance 0,5-2 cm from each other. Bake the cake at high temperature to brown, and when it cools down, cut into squares.
* Flour - 500 g butter - 250 g vanilla sugar - 10 g, eggs - 3 scht., Sugar - 260 g cinnamon - to taste, hvozdyka- 3 pieces. (Grind to powder), soda -12 g, juice of lemon 0,5; filling, raspberry jam or preserves - 800 hours
Pie with apricot-stuffed egg.
Combine flour, baking soda, cream-self- oil, egg yolks, milk, sugar and knead a soft dough. Letter smeared with butter, sprinkle with flour, put the prepared dough and cover it with a thick layer of apricot jam, which put a layer weight of protein, vinegar and powdered sugar with grated lemon zest (proteins not knock and pound). Bake product at 180-200 ° C. During baking often can not open the oven.
* Flour - 250 g soda - 12 g butter - 120 g egg yolks - 4 pcs., Sugar - 80 g milk - 40 g apricot jam - 500 g; For the filling: proteins - 6 pcs., vinegar -5 g powdered sugar - 200 g, zest of lemon.
Pie with edible chestnuts.
With sugar, butter, eggs and flour kneaded dough (proteins knock on thick foam and added separately). Letter smeared with butter, showered with flour and bake it in a cake, cool it and smear it on the filling, then cut with a sharp knife.
To prepare the filling, mix well sugar, vanilla, butter and milled cooked chestnuts (chestnuts cooked, cut in half and peel of obchystyvshy).
* Sugar - 90 g butter - 70 g, eggs - From pcs., Flour 70 g; For the filling: sugar with vanilla - 300 g butter - 200 g milled cooked chestnuts - 350 hours
Cherry in the test.
Water, salt, butter and sugar and mix staulyat on fire. In boiling water, stirring constantly, then mixed and poured flour until the whole mass begins to lag behind the walls of the vessel. Then it is removed from heat, cool slightly, add eggs and yolks. Each yolk then mixed with a mass of over 4-5 minutes. Letter slightly smeared lard and taught him a lot of layer thickness 0,5 cm. Meleni kernels stir with rum or brandy and stuffed them 40 pieces. large cherries, which are removed from the ankle. The mass on the leaves cut into squares 40, in the middle of each 1 put on cherry with walnut filling. Squares obkochuyut between your palms into balls without flour and fried in oil. Finished products obkachuyut heated in a mixture of sugar and cocoa served on the table.
* Flour - 300 g, water - 300 g butter - 50 g sugar - 100, eggs - 4 pcs., Yolks -
2 pcs. Cherry - 300 g lard - 600 grams of rum or brandy - 50 g ground kernels walnuts or hazelnuts - 100 g salt; for obkachuvannya; sugar-100 g cocoa - ZO g
Cookies made of pumpkin,
Eggs, vanilla sugar and powdered sugar then mixed for thirty minutes, add ver¬shkove oil, chopped quince, grated lemon zest and flour Mixed with soda. Dough rozkachuyut in thick filaments 1 cm and a length-6 8 cm. The leaves are smeared with butter, flour showered and put on him dzhhu¬tyky slightly cut along each knife. In terms of investing oblong slice of quince and vy¬pikayut products with an average temperature 180-200 ° C.

* Eggs - 3 pcs., Vanilla sugar - 1 pack, powdered sugar - 250 g butter - 60 g g -150 quince, lemon zest with 1, flour - 300 g soda - 12 hours
Apricot-nut cookies.
Thoroughly wash with soda, finish the bucket, smalets, vanilla zucor, grated lemon peel, zucor and milk and make sure that it’s a medium consistency. Blotting out the yoghurt at the layer of filling 0,5 cm, choose a square of zavbilshka 5 × 5 or 3X3 cm. On the skin square, smear it lightly on the top of the apricot jam, but it’s okay to eat the thick red wine. At the top of the small squares, peppermint with the gore melon kernels. Put the virobi on the aprons with oil, or a sheet of lard and vipikayut at a temperature. Ready to peppy peppermint with vanilla zucra.
* Flour - 400 g soda - 12 g, eggs - 2 pieces. Lard - 100 g vanilla sugar - packs 0,5, 0,5 zest of lemon, sugar - 5 g milk -40 g; For the filling: apricot jam or povyd¬lo - 150 g hazelnut kernels - 100 hours
Cake with orange filling.
Sugar, egg yolks, vanilla sugar, soda crackers and then mixed well to give this mass of thick foam proteins. Letter smeared with butter, flour showered, put on weight and his plump baked cake. Another warm it on the leaves are cut in half, vyklada¬yut on board and pour brandy. One half of smear thick layer of orange marmalade and cover with the other half. Then cut the cake squares or rectangles.
In the absence of ready-made orange marmalade can be 3-4 ripe oranges, lemon quarters, cut them into small slices and cook 200 g sugar thick jam.
* Sugar - 180 g, eggs - 5 pcs., Vanilla sugar - 0,5 packs, milled white bread - 100 g soda - 12 grams of cognac - 100 g; filling; orange jam - 400 hours
Cake with cherries.
Butter well pound, add one 3 yolk and one spoon supply thirty grams of powdered sugar. Since protein knock thick foam, pour small doses 60 g sugar powder, foam gently stir with a mass of egg yolks and gently mixed with flour to them. Sheet covered with oiled paper, poured it on the dough and put on top washed, dried cherries, pitted. Bake at 180-200 ° C. Baked cake cut into squares and sprinkle with powdered sugar or vanilla sugar.
* Butter -170 g, eggs - 3 pcs., Sugar - 140 g flour - 170 g cherries - 1000 g vanilla sugar - 0,5 packs.
Cake with strawberry.
Combine flour, sugar, milk, eggs and soda then mixed dough. Letter smeared with oil, put it in the batter and bake until half at 150-180 ° C. Strawberries thoroughly washed in water and fluid back in the sieve. Slightly dried strawberries nezapechenu put on weight in the pan, sprinkle with sugar, the amount of which depends on the ripeness and sweetness of strawberries and cover with a thick foam proteins. Prepared in this way the pie is taunted until golden rosy color.
* Flour - 250 g sugar - 200 g milk - 250 g, eggs - 1 pieces. Soda - 6 g ripe strawberries - 300 g protein - 2 pcs., Sugar for sprinkling strawberries.
Walnut-fruit biscuits.
Prepare shortbread dough rozkachuyut in a thin layer and cut him round cakes cm diameter with. In the middle of each put stuffing so as to remain free border of dough. In the middle of the finger hole makes filling and which put one cherry or strawberry. Letter smeared with butter, flour showered, put on his articles and bake at medium heat 180-220 ° C until light brown.
For the filling milled kernels are ground with sugar and foam of the proteins.
* Flour - 210 g margarine - 140 g powdered sugar - 70 g egg yolks - 2 pcs .; For the filling: ground walnut kernels horihiv- 150 g, protein-2 pieces. tsukor- sand -120 g cherry jam or strawberry - 250 hours
Raspberry-walnut cookies.
Egg whisk to froth and gently mix by adding to them with vanilla sugar, ground hazelnuts kernels or almonds. Masson fill oblong shape, greased and sprinkled with flour. Bake at 120- 150 ° C. The finished bread is cut horizontally in half, stuffed with raspberry jam and top with chocolate glaze, which chocolate is heated in a steam bath.
* Hazelnut kernels - 250 g, eggs - 6 pcs., Sugar with vanilla - 250 g raspberry jam - 300 g chocolate - 100 hours
Gingerbread h tsukatіv.
Candied excised and mixed with washed and obsushenny raisins and flour. Egg yolks, sugar and whisk in milk foam. Proteins also knock on the thick foam. To the yolks foam, continuously moving, alternately add the foam of protein and flour with candied fruit and raisins. Letter grease, oil, showered with flour, pour it into the prepared mass and bake at 120-150 ° C. Gingerbread cut only after it has cooled.
* Flour - 300 g, eggs - 5 pcs., Sugar - 300 g milk - Mr. 200, 150 tsukaty- g raisins - 150 hours
Two-layer cake.
Egg yolks, sugar and margarine knock on the foam and add to it with thick foam proteins and flour. Letter smeared with butter, flour showered and put on him a half formed dough. On top coated with a small amount of diluted jam. As the dough is left, add the melted chocolate on low heat (you can substitute cocoa powder) and formed dark mass covered the lower layer. On top of pie showered with chopped nuts kernels. Bake at 180-220 ° C. Cut rectangles.
* Boronno - 200 g, eggs - 6 pcs.> Sugar - 200 g. Margarine - 200 g, chocolate - 60 g, jam - 300 g,
walnut kernels - 50 hours

Cherry pie.
Vershkova butter, zucchor and zhovtki beat the pin, finish it up nicely that pin from the blue. The sheet is coated with oil, sprinkled with fine, wagged on a new mask and vip_kayut. After 8 hours, put the oven (oven) on the cake, put the cherries on the cake without the tin and turn on the pot until ready. Tepliy pyrig rozryzayut into pieces of zavbіlshki 3 × 5 cm.
* Flour - 220 g butter - 200 g sugar - 280 g, eggs - 6 pcs. Cherry - 500 hours
Cake with grapes.
Flour, butter, 120 g sugar, grated lemon zest well pound, add eggs, then mixed the dough quickly thick consistency and put in a cool place for 60 minutes.
The grapes are sorted out, remove the stalk and vitochky, peremyvayut thoroughly in flowing water, pour into a colander and well ztsidzhuyut water. Obsushenny grapes are in an enamel pan, sprinkle with 120 g of powdered sugar, pour liquor and leave to 30 minutes. During this time it must 5-8 just stir with a wooden spoon.
Meleni kernels mixed with breadcrumbs, 80 g sugar and ground cinnamon.
Chilled dough is divided into two unequal parts. Most of rozkachuyut in the reservoir, put on a greased sheet and bake for yapivhotovnosti and then cooled. Warm cake sprinkled with half portions nut mixture, cover the grapes and sprinkle with the remaining nut mixture.
The smaller of the dough as rozkachuyut, put on filling and the edges around carefully zaschypuyut to juice, which utvoryuvatymetsya during baking, do not come out to the letter. The top layer coated with egg and pierce in several places with a fork and bake the cake at 200-220 ° C for 40-50 minutes. Cool cake cut into squares and sprinkle with a mixture of powdered sugar and ground cinnamon.
* Flour - 400 g butter - 250 g powdered sugar - 120 g, zest of lemon 0,5, eggs -2 pieces. (Including 1 pieces. Obmazuvannya product to top) For the filling: Kernel walnut - 100 g breadcrumbs - 100 g grapes - 1250 g, liquor - 50 g sugar - 200 g ground cinnamon - 5 hours
Pie cherries.
Protein whisk to froth, add the powdered sugar, egg yolks, cinnamon cookies and quick. Half of the educated masses poured onto sheet covered with oiled paper. Cherries, pitted mix and spread on the dough, then pour the rest mass and leveled it. The cake is baked at a temperature 220-250 ° C and still warm cut into portions.
* Eggs - 6 pieces. Powdered sugar - 200 g biscuits - 150 g cinnamon - 8 g cherry |- 250 g cherries - 250 hours
Pumpkin pie.
Baked pumpkin pound and shifting of ground nut kernels, flour, butter, baking soda, cinnamon, cloves and sugar. Three-quarters of dough are placed on a greased and sprinkled with flour and plaster letter fruit jam. Of the remaining dough make a thin flagella and lay them on top of the jam in a grid. Bake at 220-250 ° C.
* Baked pumpkin - 250 g, kernel of walnut - 50 g flour - 400 g butter - 50 g sugar - 50 g soda - 6 g cinnamon - 1 g cloves - 1h, fruit jam - 300 hours
Donuts with cabbage.
Cabbage cut into strips and stewed in lard. When it has cooled, mix it with the flour, margarine and cream and then mixed dough of medium thickness. Rozkatavshy it in layer thickness 2-2,5 cm, cut him round donuts and their surface coated with egg. Bake at 220-250 ° C. On the table is served warm.

* Biloholovkova cabbage - 500 g lard - 50 g margarine - 100 g flour - 300 g sour cream - 200 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Salt.
Strips of red pepper.
The flour and oil formulated dough rozkachuyut it in the reservoir and are doubled. This is repeated 3-4 times. Last rozkachuyut in rectangular layer of warm knife and cut into strips the width and length 2 cm 10 cm. Put them on a sheet and cover with egg Mixed with ground red pepper, sprinkle with grated cheese. Daub the surface of the egg strips should be so that it did not get on the side of the strip because the dough will not rise evenly. Bake at 250-280 ° C.
* Flour -110 g butter - 100 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Cheese - 100 g red pepper.
Potato cake with jam.
For all products except jam, knead the dough. Half of it is put on a greased sheet uniform layer, and on top - jam, fruit (apple, strawberry, etc.). 1 cm thick layer, cover layer of the second half of the dough and pierce it in several places with a fork. Bake at 250- 280 ° C. The finished cake cut into squares and sprinkle with vanilla sugar.
* Flour -250 g boiled potatoes - 250 g lard - 120 g powdered sugar -120 g, eggs - 1 pieces. Soda - 12 g vanilla sugar-0,5 packs; filling, fruit jam - 400 hours
Potato pie Sunday.
Whisk yolks with sugar to foam, add the warm mashed boiled potatoes and give mass to cool. From the cooled mass is mixed cocoa, baking soda and a thick foam of proteins. In an elongated shape, greased and sprinkled with flour, put the cooked dough and bake at 200-220 ° C. Baked bread is cut horizontally in half and put a layer between the halves of toppings. Loaf toykym surface coated with a layer of the filling of the same iobsypayut grated chocolate or ground kernels of nuts (walnuts or forest). Prepared in this way the pie is cut into thin slices.
The stuffing is prepared as follows. Boiled potatoes mince and mix thoroughly with butter and vanilla sugar, grated chocolate or ground nuts kernels.
* Sugar - 200 g, eggs - 5 pcs., Boiled potatoes - 250 g cocoa - 50 g soda - 12 g; For the filling: potatoes - 250 g butter - 100 g sugar with vanilla - 150 g grated chocolate - 50 g or milled kernels - 100 hours
Potato biscuits.
Purified boiled potatoes, knead, add sugar, margarine, eggs, sour cream, flour, soda and prepare the dough. The finished dough layer thickness in rozkachuyut 1-1,5 cm. Stamping molds for cookies cut out different shapes and put them on a greased and sprinkled with flour letter. Bake at 250-280 ° C and prepared cookies pairs gum fruit jam.
* Boiled Potatoes - 200 g tsukor- 150 g margarine - 200 g, eggs - 1 pcs., Sour cream - 50 g flour - 500 g soda - 6 g jam - 250 g potato cake with jam.
Combine flour, sugar, boiled potatoes, lard, eggs, baking soda, ground nut kernels and grated lemon zest with milk knead the dough. One third of it is left for registration of the product surface and the remainder in rozkachuyut layer, put it on a greased sheet and top plaster fruit jam. Of the remaining dough make thin filaments and placed them in the butter in a grid. Bake at temperatu¬ri 220-280 ° C.
* Flour - 250 g sugar - 250 g boiled potatoes - 250. g lard - 100 g, eggs - 1 pieces. Soda - 12 g kernels - 150 g, zest of lemon 1, milk - 300 g fruit jam - 400 hours
Potato horseshoes.
Boiled potatoes obchyschayut hot and mince, add baking soda, flour, salt and then mixed dough. Because it makes Cove Basques thick 1 8 cm and a length-10 cm, fold them as pidkivok slotted spoon and dipped in boiling lard. Fry until golden brown. Hot horseshoes roll in powdered sugar mixed with vanilla sugar.
Before form of horseshoes have to do test for frying because some varieties soften the dough. In this case, the dough should add a little more flour.
* Potatoes - 800 g powdered sugar - 300 g flour - 60 g g -12 soda, vanilla sugar - 1 pack, lard - 600 g salt.
Potato dumplings.
Flour, cooked and after neobchyschenoyu purified and filtered through a meat grinder warm potatoes, butter or margarine salted egg yolk and then mixed carefully on the board, cover with a cloth and leave in a cool place in 1 hours. Then rozkachuyut pin, up, vyderzhuyut within 1 hours in the cold again rozkachuyut. This is repeated twice. Finally rozkachuyut dough layer thickness in 1,5-2 cm and molds (can cup) cut donuts. The longer the dough stand up in a cold place, the donuts are delicious. To cut donuts knife coated strips in a grid, put the products on the list, coated with egg yolk and sprinkle with cumin. Bake at 220-250 ° C.
* Flour - 200 g potatoes - 200 g butter or margarine - 200 g egg yolks - 2 pcs., Cumin - 4 g salt.
Cookies with potatoes and cocoa.
Combine flour, lard, mashed boiled potatoes, sugar, baking soda, eggs, vanilla sugar and cocoa paste then mixed medium texture and form into balls the size of a walnut. Each ball finger make a hole into which impose apricot jam and almonds purified. Baked goods at 200-220 ° C.
* Flour - 50r g lard - 150 g potatoes - 200 g sugar - 220 g soda - 6 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Cocoa - 50 g vanilla sugar - 0,5 pack, apricot jam - 400 g almonds - 150 hours

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