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Protein diet: a clear result and the latent threat

Protein diet for weight loss is gaining more and more supporters every year. What is the reason for such popularity? And most importantly, what are the benefits and harms of protein diet for our body? We investigated together.

Protein paradise

As it is easy to understand from the name, the essence of a protein diet is reduced to increased consumption of various types of protein against the background of almost complete rejection of fats and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates tend to retain water in the body, and in their absence, excess fluid with all the substances it contains quickly leaves. Therefore, first of all, weight loss on a protein diet occurs due to fluid. Then the body is taken for glycogen - strategic reserves of carbohydrates that accumulate in liver cells, muscles, etc. At later stages, it begins to break down fat deposits.

What do you eat with a protein diet? First of all, this is white meat with a low fat content: chicken, turkey or veal. You can add lean sea fish such as salmon or tuna to your daily diet, as well as a variety of seafood. You can safely include low-fat cottage cheese, natural yoghurts, kefir or milk in protein diet dishes. If you like cheese, choose varieties with a mass fraction of fat less than 25%, or even better - soy tofu cheese.

A sample protein diet menu is as follows. Scrambled eggs with spinach or cottage cheese casserole for breakfast, scrambled eggs, stewed veal or boiled fish with vegetable salad for lunch and turkey with vinaigrette or a portion of cottage cheese for dinner. At the same time, the volume of one portion should not exceed 300 g, and snacks should be arranged between main meals. Look for more detailed recipes for a protein diet on our website.

For breakfast, following a protein diet, you can cook a delicious omelet

At the same time it should give up red meat (pork, lamb, beef), fried and fatty foods, baked goods and any sweets. Completely excluded from the diet and alcohol.

Eat rejoice

In general, the protein diet menu for weight loss differs quite generous variety. Therein lies one of its main advantages - eat full, indulging in their favorite dishes. First of all, this fact will appreciate the meat eaters, because products for protein diet they love the most.

In addition, not all are ready for weeks have solid vegetables, fruits and cereals, washing them down with liters of kefir and thus starve. Proteins, on the other hand, quickly saturate the body and calming feeling of satiety is stored for a long time. And it means - there are no hungry anguish and stress. Moreover, the body spends a lot of energy in the breakdown of proteins and calories are not deposited.

Quick encouraging results protein diet - yet another reason to rejoice. As already noted, the early stages of weight literally melting before our eyes, mainly due to the fluid. If all of the principles in the future to keep these results quite easily. Efficient protein diet in the first week gets rid of 4 kg of excess weight.

This power supply system is perfectly suited for athletes, as well as those who lead a very sedentary life. After all, large amounts of protein in combination with strength training and intense physical activity can significantly increase lean body mass.

Time bomb

However, the disadvantages are significant protein diet and frivolous attitude can lead to dangerous consequences. Doctors in one voice declare that the power system is shown only for healthy people. Because it primarily gives an increased load on the kidneys. So if you have a specific disease, such a diet is to forget once and for all. it is contraindicated and those who are chronic colitis, pancreatitis and other problems with the digestive system.

The protein diet for every day is not the best idea. Excessive fascination with it can cause the formation of blood clots in the vessels, which sooner or later entails a heart attack or stroke. A number of studies have shown that an increased protein content disrupts the acid-base balance. As a result, oxidative processes in the body increase and a lot of cells die. Serious risk from such a diet is more likely to affect women. Excess amount of nitrogen, which is formed during the splitting of the protein, can accumulate in the genital canals. And this, in turn, leads to failure of the processes of fertilization.

Since the products of the protein diet exclude fats and carbohydrates, the diet is not balanced enough. Thus, the prolonged absence of fiber may cause constipation or dysbiosis, and in the long term, intestinal cancer. Do not forget that it is animal proteins that increase the level of "harmful" cholesterol in the blood and, as a result, the risk of developing heart disease. 

Protein diet really helps to achieve excellent results in the shortest possible time. However, before you test the body for strength, go through a medical examination and ask specialists in detail about the protein diet: what can you eat with this system and whether it will cause irreparable harm to your health.  

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