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Six properties of green tea that will change your life for the better

The beneficial properties of green tea have been known since ancient times: it was often used as a medicine. It was found that the inhabitants of Japan, who survived the Hiroshima tragedy and consumed large quantities of green tea, managed to reduce the effect of radiation on the body and significantly improve their well-being.

Today, not everyone knows that both green and black tea are sourced from the same tea bush, however, green tea undergoes much less processing, which contributes to the preservation of health benefits. Also, tea has gained a reputation as a healthy drink due to its high content of catechins - the strongest antioxidants.

Six properties good green tea has

Promotes Weight Loss

Studies have shown that green tea can help you burn fat and speed up your metabolism, and when you exercise can help you achieve even greater benefits.

Useful in diabetes

Green tea can lower blood sugar levels and support insulin production.

Improves oral health

Catechins help to reduce the activity of streptococci in the mouth, which protects teeth from tooth decay and eliminates bad breath.

It improves heart function

According to research, tea flushes cholesterol and triglycerides from the body, which are the main enemies of the heart.

It increases the body's tone

The amino acids and theine (tea caffeine) found in green tea improve brain function and are believed to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Helps Fight Cancer

The well-known antioxidant properties of tea are considered cancer prevention. Many cancer patients note that green tea strengthens the immune system, rid the body of toxins and improves overall well-being.

Where to find quality green tea

It is important to understand that not all green teas can provide health benefits. What then to look for when choosing quality tea? A tea specialist would answer you for a tea leaf, for the presence and location of your own factory, for packaging and even a brand.

British tea company Newby Teas (UK) Ltd. today it is the leader in the category of super premium teas.

In the production of all traditional Newby teas, only the first and second harvests of tea from the world's best plantations are used - these are the early shoots of tea bushes, which have the most delicate and delicate taste. 

To preserve the pristine freshness and aroma, Newby teas are packed in dense multilayer aluminum foil and stored in our own factory (in Kolkata, India) with the most modern technologies to maintain the necessary temperature and climatic conditions, control the moisture level and purify the air.

In the assortment line of Newby you will find a wide variety of green teas, both classic, "Green Sencha" or "Jasmine Flower", and unique blends, for example, "Moroccan Nights" - green tea with mint or "Oriental Sencha" - a delicate floral blend of green tea ...

You can find out more and choose a tea of ​​your choice on the official website of the Newby Internet boutique: Be healthy!

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