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Dietary soups seven popular recipes for all tastes

Dietary soups - the best friends of all who diligently keeps itself within a healthy diet. They measure calories, nutritious and extremely helpful. Lets recipes dietary soups.

Magic stem

Diet celery soup for weight loss is approved by nutritionists all over the world. To prepare it, chop 500 g of white cabbage, finely chop 400 g of celery stalks, 2 sweet peppers and 3 tomatoes. Put this vegetable mixture in a saucepan with 3 liters of boiling water. For a richer flavor, you can use vegetable or chicken broth. Bring the soup to a boil and cook for 10-15 minutes, at the end add a pinch of salt and pepper. In some versions, the dietary soup recipe is supplemented with carrots, green peas and fresh herbs - from this it only benefits. 

Vegetable take

This simple diet soup can also be given to children.Diet vegetable soup with zucchini and potatoes is well balanced in composition, because it contains carbohydrates and fiber. Grate the carrots and onions and make them zazharku. Cut the large zucchini and 2 potatoes into cubes, pour them into a saucepan, pour over a glass of hot water and start cooking. When the potatoes soften, add carrots with onions, boil 2 minutes, salt and pepper to taste. Give the finished soup a little cool and beat it with a blender into a homogeneous mass. This simple dietary soup for weight loss is quite possible to give to children. Just first pour half a glass of warm milk into it and sweat for a while.

Sun for lunch

We decorate a bowl of soup with fried pumpkin seeds and dried basilPumpkin is a seasonal vegetable. And now she is rich in valuable items like never before. Therefore, the recipe for dietary pumpkin puree soup is doubly useful. Fry in a pan 6 – 8 chopped cloves of garlic. Add 3 – 4 chopped celery stalks, onion and ½ of fennel root. Dice 2 kg of pumpkin pulp, remove the skin from a large tomato and also cut it into cubes. Send the pumpkin and tomato to the pan, add a glass of water, stew the vegetable mixture until done and blend. Decorate the plate with the soup with roasted pumpkin seeds and basil. By the way, when pancreatitis diet soups with pumpkin - one of the best dishes. 

Cheese and cabbage languor

Calorie diet cheese soup - only 120-140 kcalDiet cauliflower puree soup is a delicious way to delight those who are relentlessly losing weight. We disassemble 500 g of cauliflower into inflorescences and boil them in salted water for 6-8 minutes. Then beat the cabbage with a blender, add 250 ml of chicken broth, 120 g of grated cheddar cheese, salt and spices to taste. You can use processed cheese instead of cheddar. We put the soup on low heat and stir to melt the cheese. Pour in 100 ml of warm skim milk and bring the soup to a boil. The calorie content of the dietary cheese soup is only 120–140 kcal, so it is quite possible to serve it with rye croutons or dried bread.

Fairy bird

Doctors recommend this recipe for diet soup for ulcers and for disease prevention.You can successfully lose weight on meat soups. Diet soup with chicken meatballs will quickly convince you of this. We pass through a meat grinder 300 g of chicken fillet with 2 peeled heads of garlic. Add 2 eggs to the minced meat, salt to taste and sculpt miniature meatballs. We put them in a saucepan with 2 liters of salted water and bay leaves, cook with finely chopped potatoes for 20 minutes over medium heat. Lightly fry the chopped onion and medium chopped carrots in oil. We put vegetables and herbs in the soup, season with salt and spices, cook for 15 minutes. Doctors recommend this dietary soup recipe for ulcers and for disease prevention.

Autumn in the plate

If you wish, you can supplement the recipe for dietary soup from lentils for weight loss with dry herbsDo you want to cook a delicious diet soup without meat? Lentils rich in vegetable protein can easily replace it. Soak lentils in water 300 g, then boil until half cooked. Dice 150 in g of red onions and celery, cut peppers and carrots into strips. Season the vegetables in a saucepan in olive oil so that they soften. Then we mix them with 2 Art. l tomato paste and torment a couple of minutes. We spread lentils to vegetables, pour 2 l of broth into it and cook until ready. If you wish, you can add the recipe of a dietary lentil soup for weight loss with dry herbs - its taste will sparkle with new notes. 

Mushroom velvet

Complete the soup with crispy croutons, and even those who do not count calories will not refuse itDespite the fact that mushrooms are a hard product, diet champignon cream soup also has a right to exist. Cut 2 medium bulbs into cubes and fry them in olive oil until golden brown. We rinse 400 with fresh champignons, cut them into thin plates and send to the onions. When the mushrooms are reddened, pour in a glass of boiled water, salt and pepper to taste. Now whip the ingredients into a creamy mass, pour in a glass of pre-heated cream and bring the soup to a boil. Before serving, decorate it with fresh herbs. Complement the soup with crispy croutons, and even those who do not count calories will not refuse it.

As you can see, you can keep yourself in shape and not abandon your favorite products without any effort. Do you know how to cook diet soup? Share proven recipes that allow you to combine tasty with useful.

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