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How to avoid the common cold: Seven Simple Tips

Autumn - turbulent times, when the body is particularly vulnerable to disease. Lack of vitamins, changeable weather, frequent stress and seasonal blues - all this has a negative impact on health. How to avoid colds and protect from her family?

Relaxation treatment

The correct mode of the day is a useful and necessary thing, which, alas, almost everyone neglects. But in the fall, more than ever, we need a good rest. Therefore, the answer to the question of how to catch a cold less is very simple. It is necessary to give the body more rest. In order to recuperate and “recharge” the immune system, it needs on average 7 – 8 hours of good sound sleep. It is proved that those who regularly deprive themselves of precious hours of night rest, risk catching the ubiquitous viruses much faster. In addition, you should not ignore lunch breaks at work for a short rest and the opportunity to relax in the evening with your family.  

Not a day without movement

Any physical activity is welcome.

Any athlete knows how to protect himself from the common cold. Regular physical exercise perfectly coaches not only the muscles, but also the immune system. Running marathons and set records no one makes. Any physical activity is welcome, whether it is walking around the city or gymnastics in the morning. Have you long dreamed to sign up for a fitness or a swimming pool? The right time to accomplish the dream came true. The most desperate can try the healing power of hardening. However, to begin with, be sure to talk with your doctor to find out how and with what it is better to start a wellness water treatment.

Good nutrition

Do not forget about citrus fruits, they are a storehouse of vitamins

A balanced diet has been and remains an effective measure for the prevention of colds. The rating of the most useful products in this sense is headed by garlic. The substances contained in it destroy microbes and increase the body's resistance. Sauerkraut is rich in vitamin C, even more so than citrus fruits. However, one should not forget about them either. Yoghurts with "live" bacteria strengthen the immune system and maintain a healthy intestinal microflora. Another natural immunomodulator is honey, especially when combined with lemon. The diet should also be dominated by warming soups and cereals, meat and fish, vegetables and fruits, cereals and nuts.   

The main vitamins of autumn

Generous portions of vitamins will help the body during the cold season

The body needs to receive generous servings of vitamins during the cold season every day. But which ones are the most important right now? In addition to the above-mentioned vitamin C, it is necessary to lean on vitamin A - a powerful antioxidant involved in metabolic processes. It is full of liver, eggs, pumpkin, carrots, tomatoes, apples and sea buckthorn. Vitamin D, which is responsible for the mineral balance, is extremely important. In the summer it is produced by itself in the sun. And when its activity is reduced, stocks should be replenished by cottage cheese, cheese, fatty fish and mushrooms. Vitamin E makes red blood cells more resistant to attacks of viruses. Look for it is worth in vegetable oils, green vegetables, corn, germinated wheat and nuts. 

Plant immunity

Rosehip is very useful in the prevention of colds.

Many plants also contain vitamins to prevent colds. Rosehip is the champion among them. We take 100 g of dried berries, slightly knead and fill in a thermos with a liter of water at a temperature of 85–90 ° C. We insist the rosehip for 12 hours - in this form it will retain a maximum of useful substances. To make the infusion more pleasant to drink, add honey to taste. Ginger reliably protects against disease. Put 2 cm of grated ginger root on the bottom of the glass, pour boiling water over it and leave for 10 minutes. Add a slice of lemon and 1 tsp. honey - the elixir for colds is ready. Teas with chamomile, linden and echinacea are an excellent preventive measure.  

Aromas of nature to help

Grapefruit oil tones well, fir cleans the airways, eucalyptus oil is famous for its antibacterial effect

Fans of aroma oils also can give good advice on how not to get sick during the cold season. Very useful in this regard aroma lamps. It is enough to pour a little water in a special bowl, 3-4 drops of oil and light a candle. Grapefruit oil well tones, fir cleanses the respiratory tract, eucalyptus is famous for its antibacterial effect, mint warms and facilitates breathing, rosemary leaves sputum. To enhance the effect, you can mix several oils at once. By the way, such procedures are shown to children in the first place. For the smallest, the oils of mint, eucalyptus and lemon are suitable. For older children choose the oils of pine, rosemary and thyme.

Shine and purity

Do not neglect the rules of hygiene

Non-compliance with the simplest rules of hygiene greatly facilitates the task of viruses and bacteria. So do not ignore them. Regular washing of hands, ventilation of premises in the house and frequent wet cleaning is less that we can do to maintain the health of loved ones. By the way, the same aroma oils increase the effectiveness of these simple manipulations. Add to the liquid hand soap 7-10 ml of lemon, tea or thyme oil - this will enhance the antibacterial protection. And before doing wet cleaning, dilute in a bucket of 3-5 water drops of any aroma oil. Cleanliness and fragrant freshness will be your reward.

Agree to abide by these basic recommendations are not too difficult. It is much easier than to deal with unsolicited cold. Health, good mood and bright autumn you and your family!

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