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Dixie "in the III quarter net loss doubled

Net loss of "Dixie" Group according to IFRS in the III quarter 2016 year compared to the same period last year, grew up in 1,9 times - up to 1,59 billion rubles.

, The company said.

Group revenue grew by companies 2016% in the III quarter of the year 14 - 75 billion rubles up "as a result of growth in the number of transactions (traffic) to 10,7% and an increase in average check 2,9%».

Group of companies "Dixie" - Russia's largest retailer. As at October 31 2016 2779, the group operated stores, including 2625 stores "at home" "Dixie", 115 "Victoria" shopping and 39 compact hypermarkets "Megamart" and "Minimart".

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