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Expert: Fish Exchange will help to control prices

Auction auctions will make the pricing of fish in the country more transparent, said Sergey Yushkin, deputy director of the FAS, at the Food Forum in Moscow.

Sergei Gudkov, the executive director of the Fishery Union, believes that the effective implementation of the new system will stabilize the prices of fish in Russia.

- In terms of auction sales, there are two components, - said the expert Metro. - The first is the ability to see the average price of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products. Thus, we will be able to understand when exactly the price gap is increasing, in which link, is it a shortage of fish in the country, or other factors associated with suppliers and distribution channels. The second component is the possibility of forming consumer demand for fish products.

The most important thing for the stabilization of fish prices in Russia, according to Gudkov, is the monitoring of prices for raw materials, which are characterized by great instability.

- Conditions are being formed when it is more profitable to sell fish abroad - to Japan, China, the European Union. Raw materials go and go, - continues Gudkov. - If the selling price fluctuates within 20%, this is acceptable for the market.

However, the expert is sure, to the nominal prices that will be reflected on the fish stock exchange, an analyst is also needed. It will help to understand why the specified price has changed significantly in some link.

“It makes no sense to force the process of creating a fish exchange,” Gudkov concludes. - When officials express themselves in this vein, this is reminiscent of instructions for the next Congress of the CPSU Central Committee. Something from the Soviet past. We need to stimulate the industry so that it would be beneficial for companies to switch to a new system.

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