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Lavrov: Russia in the course of a self-sufficient economy

Under the conditions of sanctions, Russia will rely on its own forces, the country has embarked on building a self-sufficient economy, said Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. According to him, business with the West on the same conditions is impossible.

In the future, Russia expects only on its own strength, and aims to create a self-sufficient economy, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in an interview with the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter. The interview was published on the Russian MFA website.

When asked whether there is hope for a speedy lifting of the sanctions, the minister said that "we hope now only themselves."

"We hope now only themselves, we have to do everything. Thank God, the Lord and our ancestors left the country, which is self-sufficient. Now we will work so that under all circumstances not feel any need for that, until recently, we bought only overseas. Again, it is our strategic course ", - Lavrov said.

According to him, writes RBC, this course does not mean the desire for isolation or autarky. "If and when our Western partners decide to return to normal behavior, then this will be additional opportunities for growth and development of cooperation. But in all the basic things now we will rely only on ourselves "- said the minister.

Next, Lavrov said that the desire to become self-sufficient in the economy "does not mean that we are going to expel foreign companies," but to do business in the conditions of the West, Russia will not.

"As for the fact that our foreign policy will be different now, it is, of course, will be different, because business as usual is absolutely impossible. Can not it because the business "as usual", as understood in the West, the European Union and NATO, means only one thing: that we all should and should primarily be the same as they are, "- Foreign Minister said.

Lavrov believes that in the West, attitudes toward human rights “evolve towards universal connivance and permissiveness,” but this “contradicts the fundamental foundations of our culture based on the Orthodox religion, Christianity,” Lavrov added and clarified that this is only one example what a lot.

At the same time, Lavrov said that Russia and Europe need to be together "for the sake of themselves." He said this, answering the question about the future of the United States president. "But you can just watch and wait, when it becomes clear that the US will do, but you can still strengthen their own position is not against the US, but for the sake of itself. For the sake of themselves, Europe and Russia need to be together ", - the minister said and described the near-term prospects EAEC.

"The Eurasian Union is small, but there are plans to develop it in the context of trade and economic cooperation with the SCO - and this is China, soon there will be India, Pakistan and Iran. This is very different markets. We have plans for the promotion of integration processes in the EAEC and SCO cooperation, in cooperation with ASEAN. This is such a trend, which is very hard to ignore if you want to think about their national interests ", - concluded Lavrov.

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