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Morocco cautiously enters the Russian market

Moroccan citrus suppliers are in no hurry to replace the Russian market tangerines and other Turkish fruits, import of which Russia may completely ban next week. According to local newspaper, Moroccan suppliers of "cautious" when entering the Russian market for several reasons.

In particular, according to the RNS, the producers of fruits from Morocco fear the lack of guarantees of payment of goods deliveries. Supply of fruit in Russia are carried out without advance payment, and if the number of suppliers from Morocco in the Russian market will increase, it could cause a collapse in prices, the newspaper notes.

Over the past two years, the volume of exports from Morocco to Russia decreased. By the end of the year 2015, 40% of Moroccan clementines (hybrid of mandarin and orange) were exported to Russia, 24% - to the EU, 30% - in the countries of North America. In the year 2013 Morocco Distributed in Russia 60% of the total exports of clementines.

On the eve of the representative of the Rosselkhoznadzor he said that next week could be completely banned the import to Russia of Turkish vegetables and fruit. According, «delivery of Morocco are not a substitute for the Turkish", at least when it comes to citrus.

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