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The Russians felt on food prices

In October, the Russians feel a significant food price increases. This was reported in the All-Russian Research Center survey of Public Opinion (VTsIOM) published on Monday, November 28.

About 65 percent of Russian citizens have noted an increase in the cost of vegetables and fruits in the last few months, 25 percent called it significant. For 66 percent of respondents became noticeable rise in prices of meat and meat products.

The increase in the cost of sugar noticed 48 percent of respondents, sugar and cereals - 47 percent. The rise in price of utility bills felt 67 percent of those surveyed, the price of gasoline - 50 percent, according to the materials of VTsIOM.

VTsIOM experts have calculated the price index growth, this indicator is measured in points, and can range from minus to 100 100. The higher the index value, the better, according to the Russians, inflation. In October, the indexes for fruits and meat amounted 43 and 45 points, respectively, in September, they were at elevations 28 and 42 points. In October 2015 year the figure was 59 and 60 points.

Also 63 percent of shoppers indicated for dairy products price increase in October (against index 39 36) and baked goods (against 30 32).

The expert Oleg Chernozub VCIOM believes that inflation in Russia decreased even more rapidly than expected. "At the end of the year [inflation] is likely to be below six percent," - he said.

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