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Russian champagne requires denials

Crimean champagne producer "Gold beam" intends to file a claim for protection of business reputation against Roskachestvo and RBC because of the results of the study of champagne. The company will go to court if Roskachestvo and RBC does not refute the information on the results of the study that relate to the company's products "low-quality", said CEO of the agricultural firm "Zolotaya Balka" Elena Kostenko, at a press conference.

"We are not going to make excuses. Our task - to convey today to all that Roskachestvo committed a gross error, and force them to admit this mistake, make a retraction. If not, we will have to go to court ", - said Kostenko. The lawsuit the company intends to file today, 19-December.

"Gold beam" also intends to sue the RBC, if the publication for three days did not publish a refutation "untested and unreliable information, which causes material damage and diminish the goodwill." The corresponding claim the company sent to CJSC "RBC» 19 of December, according to a press-conference materials.

"So far, the claim has been sent. It will depend on the reaction, "Kostenko said.

Merchant networks have not yet refused the products of the enterprise, the general director of Zolotoi Balka added. "Nobody refused deliveries. But there are no facts, how many people have not bought, "she said.

6 December Roskachestvo spread in the media release on the results of studies of semi-sweet sparkling wines, which indicated that the products of "Golden beam" violate state standards because of alleged poor quality wine. In particular, on the RBC website it published an article "Nearly a third of champagne in Russia failed a test for quality", where the products of "Golden beam" has been attributed to poor quality wines.

The site Roskachestva release came a day after the publication of RBC. There are also several test protocols have been published. "We saw that only one of the three protocols is a statement (about the poor quality -. RNS). All other protocols are talking about the high quality of our wines ", - said Kostenko.

"Nobody has notified us about this. It was the "Golden beam" that was supposed to look like a quality violator following the results of this check, "Kostenko added.

In Roskachestve deny this information. As the representative of the RNS Roskachestva March Galicheva, producers who have fallen into the category of offenders, informed about it. In particular, the confirmation of receipt of materials, "Gold beam" Roskachestvom received from the representative of 02.12.2016, five days before the official publication.

"Claims for research in Roskachestvo of this company have been reported," - said Galicheva.

"All of the published conclusions Roskachestva reliable and are based on tests of accredited laboratories," - she added.

RBC Press Secretary Yegor Timofeyev said the RNS, that the disputed material on the Crimean wines Manufacturer RBC has used expressions and quotations from the material to the press service Roskachestva, which was provided by the publisher RBC after the inspection. "According to the law on mass media editors are not responsible for the dissemination of information received from the press-service organizations", - summed Timofeev.

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