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Scientists: canola oil destroys the fat on the belly

Doctors from the United States and Canada have concluded that regular consumption of a person of Canadian canola oil helps to reduce excess fat in the abdominal region of the volume. This told the scientists at the annual scientific conference of the Society of obesity on Wednesday, November 2, said the publication EurekAlert !.

Observations showed that four weeks of use canola visceral fat mass at each study participant fell 0,11 kilos on average. Experts have noted that the vegetable oil is effective to reduce the volume in the abdominal area, and not other parts of the body.

The participants of the experiment, scientists offered with fruit cocktail of five different mixtures of vegetable oils. Each of them contained a hundred grams orange sorbet, fat-free milk, frozen strawberries and 30 gram of oil. The number of cocktails was calculated based on the daily energy needs of the person who provided the oil to the 18 percent.

All study participants were abdominal obesity (waist circumference is increased) or metabolic syndrome - a group of diseases, including, for example, obesity, type II diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Scientists offer, writes "to", include canola in the daily diet, in particular, in smoothies, cakes and salad dressings. Canola is made from rapeseed oil with cabbage and turnip oil.

Visceral fat accumulates in human omentum and around organs located within the abdominal cavity. The greatest damage to health does not subcutaneous, and this kind of adipose tissue.

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