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Patties with mushrooms and onions

Patties with mushrooms and onions
Patties with mushrooms and onionsPrepare dough sponge method. The finished dough is cut into small rolls, which after a short proofing rolled into round cakes. They put the mushroom filling and the edges of the cake zaschipyvayut, giving Patty form boat. The shaped cakes put on rasetoyku on 10-15 minutes, then fry them in a pan with vegetable oil. These cakes can be baked on metal plates in the oven, but in this case it is necessary to knead the dough a little bit steeper.
Preparation of the filling. Dried mushrooms thoroughly washed and boiled until tender. Cooked mushrooms secondarily washed with cold water and passed through a meat grinder or chop finely with a knife on the board. Mushroom weight lightly fried with butter and mixed with finely chopped and fried onions, and flour. Salt and pepper are added to taste. To prepare the mushroom stuffing with rice added 1 glass of boiled rice.
Before donuts in fat with them should sweep the flour as it will burn, and the product will turn ugly color.
* For the dough: 7 cup flour, cup of milk 2,5, 2 Art. tablespoons butter, 2 Art. spoons of sugar, eggs 2, 1 teaspoon salt, 40 g yeast 400g fat.
For the filling: 50 grams of dried mushrooms, 3 Art. tablespoons vegetable oil, onion 2, 1 teaspoon of flour, salt and pepper - to taste.

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