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Favorite dishes of Russian rulers

Nothing human powers that are not foreign to the gastronomic pleasure - and even more so. Moreover, any wishes of crowned heads were performed overnight. What kind of food preferred Russian rulers? And it looked like the royal menu?

Peter's lunch in the open air

Peter I often arranged breathtaking luxurious feasts in the best royal traditions. Meanwhile, in everyday life, he did not like too much pretense pomposity. One of the rare pleasures was a modest family dinner, and best of all - in the fresh air, in the quiet of lush gardens. Before the meal, Peter always drank a glass of aniseed vodka, and each new meal was marked by a glass of beer, kvass or a glass of good red wine. The sovereign's favorite dishes were ordinary village cabbage soup, rich porridge and all kinds of jellies. On weekdays and holidays, a whole cold piglet in sour cream was served. At the same time, the emperor personally carved it, choosing a piece more tasty for himself. From poultry, Peter preferred a roast duck with pickles. And not a single feast was complete without fresh ham and beloved Limburg 

Catherine the Great Duck Hunt

Catherine II diligently instilled in the high society a love for overseas dishes - exquisite French pâté, hearty Italian pasta with ingenious sauces, and mouth-watering English roast beef. She herself gladly ate ordinary boiled beef, snacking on it with sauerkraut salads and pickles. True, sometimes Mother Empress asked for something exotic for dinner. And then the court chef prepared for her her favorite sauce of dried reindeer tongues. In her youth, Ekaterina Alekseevna had another weakness. Waking up long before sunrise, she put on a hunting suit, took a gun and made a sortie to the seaside in order to shoot ducks. Later, she personally prepared something tasty from the shot game, hospitably distributing treats to the nearest environment. Over time, this habit had to be forgotten - such entertainments for the crowned empress were out of order.

Cutlet for Nicholas I

Tsar’s grandson of Catherine Nicholas I was indifferent to the game, as well as to the hunt itself. But he respected the traditions of court feasts and did not plant gastronomic innovations. However, without suspecting it, he became the reason for the birth of a new dish that expanded the collection of recipes of traditional Russian cuisine. Once the emperor was passing through Torzhok and decided to dine at the local noble governor Pozharsky. According to a pre-approved menu, he was supposed to cook chopped veal cutlets. However, unfortunately, this meat was not found in Pozharsky's storerooms. From an awkward situation, he came out inventively, preparing the promised meatballs from chopped chicken. Nikolai was delighted with the manifest know-how and, as legend has it, immediately ordered the name patties fire. To the pleasure of the emperor, the royal culinary specialists very quickly mastered the original dish and often prepared it for lunches and dinner parties.

Hunting trail of Alexander II

Alexander II wholeheartedly loved luxurious celebrations with magnificent decoration, an abundance of all kinds of dishes and royal ceremonial. So, on the occasion of the birth of Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich, he ordered a grand feast for a total of 800 people. 

Another ardent passion of the sovereign was hunting, preferring to a large beast: a bear, an elk or a bison. However, he strictly forbade to arrange carefully planned visits with a trophy prepared in advance for himself. Alexander with ecstasy wandered from dawn to deep darkness over deaf forests with a gun at the ready, surrounded by a small company of shooters. The Emperor acknowledged the hunt held only in the event that it was possible to fill up a couple of three bears. After that, the satisfied sovereign with a sense of duty returned to the forestry to enjoy the taste of victory and taste the prey. The favorite dish of the emperor was a piece of fried bear cub, cooked on the coals. And the remnants of the royal trophy were generously distributed to the local peasants.

Family joys of Nicholas II

Nicholas II adopted moderation of tastes and unpretentiousness in food from his father Alexander III, ascetic in these matters. The morning in the royal family began with hot black tea and several slices of rye or butter bread and butter. Most of all, the emperor loved fresh kalachs, which were baked according to a special recipe. At exactly one o'clock in the afternoon a second breakfast was arranged. This time, sturgeon, caviar, boiled meat, fried ham, sausages in a spicy sauce and Dragomyr porridge were served.

The most plentiful and colorful was the lunch meal, which began in the late afternoon. The menu necessarily included rich soups with meat and fish pies, roast meat, hot poultry and game dishes, several varieties of fish and meat snacks. Fresh vegetables and fruits on the table were invariably present in abundance. As usual, Nikolai finished a hearty lunch with his favorite pears, drank a cup of black coffee with thick cream and slowly smoked a cigarette. Quiet family dinners always cheered up Nicholas, and he gladly indulged in pleasant chatter with the children and his wife.  

Let the kings and was not easy without holidays and weekends, they could always please themselves with something delicious. And no matter how pompous the menu of high-society receptions were, the soul of the sovereign to simple folk food.

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