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Picnic lovers dedicated to: what is the barbecue and what it eats

The word "barbecue" causes a variety of associations in people, and, perhaps, the overwhelming part of them is very pleasant. This is a sunny day somewhere in nature, and rest in the country, and active forays to hunt or fish, whatever, supplemented by a subtle, fragrant smell of meat, fish, poultry or vegetables cooked on embers.

Shish kebab will always be associated with a pleasant pastime and, of course, excellent leisure.

But what is the salt of cooking kebabs? It is not difficult to prepare a delicious juicy and mouth-watering kebab, but there are still several subtleties that should be taken into account. So, step-by-step instructions - we do everything sequentially, and success will not be long in coming.

Tip 1. Choosing products for barbecue

It is worth repeating that kebabs can be made from a variety of products: these are different types of meat - lamb, pork, and even beef; poultry, as well as fish and vegetables. All to your taste.

Tip 2. Marinade

A very important component in the preparation of delicious kebabs. Marinades a large number. How to choose, you decide. Maybe in your family or circle of friends you already have an elaborate method of cooking for years, or you want to take a chance and try something radically new. Dare, but remember, meat is best marinated with a large number of onions, stacked in sturdy rows between layers of meat. The time for marinating should be at least 2 hours.

Tip 3. Choosing firewood

Firewood is definitely important when preparing a kebab. It is better to use a specific type of wood for each type of meat. Therefore, you need to carefully approach the choice. For poultry, the best option is firewood from fruit trees (cherries, plums, apple trees). For pork or lamb kebabs, it is better to use cherry, birch or linden firewood. For veal and fish, firewood made from birch, linden and fruit trees is suitable. Do not use spruce, pine and other coniferous woods to cook barbecue, as they will give an unpleasant aftertaste to the meat. Also, don't use poplar.

4 tip. Skewers or barbecue grill

To barbecue turned out juicy and roasted from all sides, it is better to choose skewers. For convenience, use disposable ecocamps made of wood: do not heat up, do not burn, do not need to be washed.

Tip 5. Climax: cooking barbecue

Do not overturn the kebab too often, this makes it dry, let the meat sweat on coals and absorb fragrant smoke. When ready, serve on the table with greens, fresh vegetables and sauce to taste.

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