Meals with fruits and vegetables

They want, musi, sackbut

They wantJelly prepared with fruit and berry juices, purees, broths.
In the hot syrup, cooked in fruit broth, add the dissolved gelatin, stirring constantly, heat to boiling, and when the dissolved gelatin, syrup is added to fruit or berry juice and filtered.
Shchob gelatin is more beautiful than shvidsha having appeared at syrup, yogo soak ahead of time at cold water on 60 hv, and then vimzhayut. Drive for preference to take from 5 times more than the total amount of gelatin, may be respected, and what is more than 6–8 times greater than gelatin.
To improve the taste of wine is added to the mixture, and in case of insufficient acidity used fruit - lemon juice or citric acid (0,1-0,2 grams per serving).
If the mixture is cloudy, it enlighten protein that bred the same amount of cold water, pour in the mixture, bring to boil and filter through the fabric.
Ready jelly must be transparent, sour-sweet taste, with the aroma used for its preparation fruit.
From fruits and berries are prepared jelly and whipped (mousse). In the fruit and berry juice, it is also used apple or apricot puree.
Prepare the mousse so.
In syrups, enter the gelatin and fruity aborigines, pre-empt them, cool them to a temperature of 30-35 ° С, and then beat them on ice until the thickly odnorodnoy pinni. As a result, getting rid of the total amount of money is 2-3 times.
Use jelly with thick fruit puree (sambuc) to cook trosha inakshe. Add applesauce and apricot puree to tsukor and bilki and beat them on ice to the bunker, so long as you don’t get any more than 2-3 times. Pislya tsyogo in masu, continuously interchanging, pour in a thin string of hot rosin gelatin and cool. For the residual preparation of the sums, pour the portions into the vase, or form and watch at a temperature of 4 to 8 ° C for 2 years. Before serving, a mold with jelly for a few seconds will numb the hot water, wipe it with a towel, lightly crush and put the jelly on the vase.
Musa and Sambuca on the table before serving pour syrup (20-30 grams per serving).
Cranberry jelly and currants.
Sort the berries, wash and wipe. Sіk anger at non-oxidizing dishes and put on cold, and pour m'yazgu cold water and cook with a stretch of 10 hv. Vidvar percent, cucumber with a nourishment, re-heat to a boil, see the top syrup on a pin, inject gelatin with a nourishing preparation and diligently give a new price. Potіm tsukrovo-gelatinovy ​​syrup zmіshyut with yagіdny juice, filter and pour at the form. Before the jelly ic currant, for the relish, I want to add trocha of citric acid.
Crane or black currant - 60 g gelatin - 12 g sugar - 60 g Citric acid - 0,4 hours
Jelly with raspberry or strawberry.
Raspberry or strawberry sorted and washed. At the same time prepare a sugar-gelatin syrup, immersed in his prepared berries and bring to a boil, remove from heat and infused for 15 minutes. The finished mixture is filtered. To improve the taste it before cooling must add citric acid.
* Raspberry or strawberry - 70 g sugar - 60 g gelatin - 12 g Citric acid - 0,4 hours
Jelly cherries.
Cherry sort, wash, knead and vіdzhimayut sіk them. M'yazgu pledged at the pot, boil zucra, pour hot water and heat until boiling. Ready syrup to prepare, to inject gelatin from new preparations, continuously changing, and again to load. If the syrup is boiled, the peppermint is boiled, the syrup is washed with cherry juice, the citric acid is added, the filter is mashed and the fruit is cooled.
* Cherries - 80 g sugar - 60 g g -12 gelatin, citric acid - 0,4 hours
Jelly with fresh fruit.
Be fruitful to wash yourself with cold water. The flesh of the kavuna, the dyni and the apple, narize with thin staples. Grapes are rooted, vіdzhimayut sіk, percent і zberіgayut in the cold in neokislyuvanuyu dishes. M'yazgu at once with apple cakes, dyni and kavuna pledged at the pot and poured with hot water, finished with zucor and boiled with a length of 10-12 hv. Prepare the fruit and vegetable syrup to prepare, finish the preparation of gelatin i, continuously change, heat until boiling. After pouring on the tsukrovo-gelatin syrup, pour the grape sik, add citric acid, add the filter, pour from the mold and cool.
* Apple - 60 g, grape - 40 g, m'yakot kavuna - 40 g, m'yakot dyni - 60 g, zucor - 60 g, gelatin - 12 g, citric acid - 0,4 g.
Jelly with citrus.
Lemon or orange obchyschayut, cutting off the peel thin layer. The resulting peel shinkuem and injected into the hot sugar syrup along with prepared gelatin. Then, stirring constantly, heat the syrup to a boil, remove from heat, add the squeezed juice, citric acid, filtered, poured into molds and cooled.
* Lemon juice - 35 g or orange juice - 60 g sugar - 60 g g -12 gelatin, citric acid, respectively, for lemon or orange jelly - 0,4 or 0,8 hours
Mus žuravlinnij.
With pre-cooked cranes vіdzhimayut sіk, percentіyu yogo kіrіz denser sieve in non-oxidizing dishes і zberіgayut at a cold place. Put m'yazgu at the pot, pour hot water, cook with a stretch of 5-6 xv and percent. At preparations v_dvar, boil zucor, give pre-preparations gelatin i, change, heat until boiling. Pour the cranberries into the prepared syrup, cool the masu to a temperature of ZO – 35 ° С, after which they chill on ice until the thickly odnorodnoy pini is approved. Spinenuu masuu shvidko pour in ready-made molds and put in the refrigerator. Sprinkle with syrup before serving.
To prepare the syrup cranberry knead, pour hot water and boil for mass 5-6 minutes, then filtered. In the broth to dissolve sugar and then heated to boiling, then cooled.
* Cranberry - 80 g sugar - 65 g gelatin - 12 g for syrup, cranberry - 20 g sugar - 40 g, water - 60 hours
Lemon mousse.Lemon mousse.
Obchyschayut lemons, zest finely chopped, put together with the sugar in a pot, pour hot water, place and cook for a few minutes or infused. In sugar syrup pour prepared gelatin and lemon juice, mix well, add citric acid, cool and whisk in the cold until a thick smooth. Just before serving pour syrup mousse, which is prepared with sugar and wine (preferably pink musk).
* Lemon juice - thirty grams of sugar 100 g gelatin - 12 g Citric acid - 1 g; for syrup, wine - 12 g sugar - 40 g, water - 60 hours
Orange or tangerine mousse.
Citrus obchyschayut, zest finely cut and boil with the sugar. This syrup was dissolved gelatin, add the juice of citrus cooled mixture and whisk until a thick mass. Before serving pour syrup and wine.
* Oranges or tangerines - 80 g sugar - 70 g gelatin - 12 g; for the syrup: sweet wine - 12 g sugar - 40 g, water - 60 hours
Âblučnij lyre.
Svіzhі apple washed with cold water, columnar viyimkoyu see the core, but rose the apple napil and see the knife. Put the prepared apple on the leaf, fill the trochies and drive them in the oven at a temperature of 120-140 ° C with a length of 20-30 ch. Prepare the apple to cool and wipe the cake. In the approved shore, finish the zucor, bilka, mix it strangely, put it in the cold and beat until the bovine fluffy mash is approved (about 2-3 times). In preparing preparations, give gelatin a small amount of water, continuously change the temperature, heat the gelatin until it reaches 45–50 ° С, and then use a thin string to continuously enter the weight of the mixture. I’m preparing to pour the masu at the tin, cool it, and then put it on the tari chi vases.
* Apple-180 g sugar - 65 g gelatin - 8 g, proteins - with 4 eggs.
Sambuc fresh apricots.
Apricot sorted, carefully washed, cut in half, remove seeds, put in a pan, pour a small amount of hot water (based 15 grams per serving) and cook over 10-15 minutes. Ready to wipe apricots, add sugar, citric acid, and protein and stir thoroughly, then put on ice and whisk to increase supply in 2-3 times. At the end of whipping administered prepared and dissolved gelatin (thin squirt), continuously and rapidly stirring. The finished mass is poured into molds. Before serving pour syrup.
* Apricots - 220 g sugar - 65 g okelatyn - 8 g egg whites with 4, citric acid - 0,4 g; for syrup, wine - 20 g sugar - 40 g, water - 60 hours
Sambuk with Kuragu.
Dried apricots are sorted out, washed in warm water, pour a small amount of hot water, cover the pan with a lid and cook over 15 minutes, then wipe lot. To puree mixture formed by adding sugar and proteins and mix well, then knocked on the ice to the formation of a pale orange loose weight. Prepared gelatin dissolved in a little water, stirring constantly, heat to 45-50 ° C. Then filter thin squirt of whipped mass, continuously and quickly pere¬mishuyuchy it. The finished mass is poured into molds.
* Apricots - g sugar 80 - 65 g gelatin - 8 g, proteins - with 4 eggs.
Oranges and tangerines with sugar and vynok.
Purified and cut into slices or mandarin oranges (the latter can be divided into segments) stack slide into a bowl, sprinkle with sugar and pour the wine (or pink muscat port wine). Sugar or powdered sugar can be served on the outlet separately.
Oranges or tangerines - us - 400 g sugar - 160 g wine - 40 hours
Lemon with sugar.
Lemons oshparyuyut washed and then cut into slices with a sharp knife. Each notch peel slices white layer is not the end and twist into the ring. Prepared in this way particles are placed on the wall kremanki ring out. A separate outlet for serving sugar or pour it into the center kremanki.
Lemon tea cut into slices.
* Lemon - 200 grams of sugar or powdered sugar - 160 hours
Fresh berries with sugar.
I pick out the berries, wash them with cold, boiled water, pour the cherries and pick them up, put them on the bowl, or vases and add some powdered chocolates. Zucor can be served okremo on rosettes. Give grapes without zucchar.
Cherries or cherries or plums or blueberries or raspberries or strawberry or grape - 600 g sugar - 60 hours
Fresh berries with milk, tops of sour cream. Sort the raspberries, because of the gardens, see the fruit, wash them with cold boiled water and put them on the vase. Give Tsukrov powder okremo to rosettes, and milk of any kind - from the milkman.
If berries served with cream, they pour it on top.
* Raspberry or strawberry - 400 g milk - 600 g g -400 cream, powdered sugar - 80 hours
Pineapple with powdered sugar.
Pineapple to peel: open the upper and lower parts, put, put it on the floor, pick up the upper and lower parts, open the window so that you don’t need to be fooled. Submit yogo mrzhna "tsilim". For the whole process of endowment, pineapple is cut in circles and placed in a vase, digging cups and pipes are burnt out of them. Prepare such a method for pineapple to cover it with shkirkoi, put it on the top of the potato string, put the top part on top and put on top the sauce in the sauceboat.
Pineapple - 400 g powdered sugar - 80 g; for syrup, rum or brandy - 20 g sugar - 120 g, water - ZO g

Povara- culinary secrets
Fruits and berries are always used in kind for dessert. Since the XVIII century it was used for salads. For this purpose, ripe, fresh and intact fruits and berries. Winter fruit salads prepared from canned and frozen fruits and berries.
Some fruits (bananas, pears, apples, peaches) after cutting darken. To avoid this, they should immediately lower in lemon or orange juice or citric acid solution (ukraynomu case in 3% -s' vinegar).
Fruit and berry salads are much tastier with special ingredients (cheese and sour cream).
Two apples fully satisfy the daily human need for vitamin C.
Apple bagati vіtamіn R and to that to the people with the luminous lambs of blood-sucking sudin, we ill for hypertension. Yakshcho m'yakot apple Dovgo is not dark, that means, scho in it there is little Vitamu R).
I’ve got a good apple with a stretch of small fingers, which I’ll have to lay them in a polyethylene basket and I’ve got a little zav'yazuvati.
Apples intended for storage, do not wipe, because you can break the wax on shkirochtsi that prevents spoilage of fruits.
Depending on the size and variety of apples must bake 15 to thirty minutes. Apples are acidic varieties (Antonovka) do not need long to keep the oven because they become chauray.
To apples when baking is not cracked, they must prick in several places with a fork.
To apples when baking not come out, they need a special slot to remove the core, and then 4 minutes dipped in boiling water.
Before serving peaches on the table they must first drop in boiling water, then in cold (that starred peel).
Raw pureed fruits and berries are well preserved for a long time if the mass is mixed with sugar in a ratio 1: 2.
Souffle treba vipіkati in the oven at a temperature of 200-250 ° C with a length of 10-15 xv and without interruption before serving. Properly prepared soufflé is 2–2,5 times in volume and is not heat-insulated.
Jelly will taste better range if you add 20- 40 g of fortified wine.
Jelly and should in no case be cooked in aluminum cookware, as in this case, changing their color and they get an unpleasant taste.
Musi and sambuca kindly move in form, so that before the rest of the place you soak them with cold boiled water.
After that, gelatin was added to the syrup, it doesn’t need to boil boiling, more so in such a jelly it’s jammed and the relish is burned.
To remove the jelly form, it should be at 2-3 s dip in hot water.

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