Meals with fruits and vegetables

Dishes of legumes and cereals, salads.

Dishes of legumes and cereals, saladsLegumes such as peas and beans, should be widely used in food. Protein bean in its composition differs from most other plant proteins that it contains many mezynu. Legumes are generally rich in vitamin B and minerals (compounds of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron). They contain a lot of starch and fiber.
Pea seeds are white, yellow and green. For soups, purees and cereal is best used crushed shelled peas.
Dried peas produced from sugar varieties of peas.
Beans is white, color and mixture of both types. White beans used for soups and color - for side dishes.
Culinary processing legumes usually involves three steps: first they are washed in warm water, then soaked for 6-8 hours (to reduce the cooking time) and then boiled for 1 hours. While soaking lost 2% proteins and sugars and the 5 20% for vitamins and minerals.
Keep in mind that the loss of nutrients in legumes significant in the process of cooking by switching them into the broth. So, bean broth, as well as cereals, contains many valuable nutrients, and we recommend it for soups and sauces.
For zamuchuvannya bean beetles, take the podvinyu kilkist to masi dry grain. Trimayut grain at vodi dothi, abandoned vobnistju nabuhne. Process zamochuvannya can vvazhati zakinchenim, if the bean's mass zbolshitsya doubled. The temperature of the water for the soak is not guilty of overhauling 15 ° C, boiling grain of beans for an hour can be crumbled, and naveit naineznichnishe zakisannya foully vplyiva on rozvaryuvannost.
Pre-soaking beans before heat treatment makes it possible to have a whole grain, and when cooking without soaking the beans lose much of its shape, boiled soft and breaks.
After the soaking water from the beans drained, fill it with fresh cold water from razrahunku 2-3 1 liters per kg of beans and cook without salt under the hood at low boil until tender. Cooking time can be reduced if the use cooled boiled water. While cooking is not necessary to interrupt a boil, and add cold water, because it worsens rozvaryuvanist legumes, and in addition, the cold water cracked corn.
After cooking water from the beans drained. Salt added at the end of cooking.
The seeds are well cooked beans should be soft smooth consistency. To improve the taste of beans can be cooked with aromatic vegetables (carrot, onion, celery root and parsley), chopped into small cubes.
To prepare various dishes cooked beans using whole grains or make of them mashed. Serve beans as a separate dish or as a garnish. To prepare mashed beans immediately after cooking, not cooling, mince, using the grid of small
holes, a small amount of cooked beans can be cleaned through a sieve.
For cooking with legumes can use any fat.
Salad of fresh beans.
To use lettuce meaty variety of beans. Obchyschayut beans, wash and cook until done, back in the colander, cool and then fill with sauce, oil, vinegar and salt. Before serving sprinkle with chopped garlic.
* Fresh beans - 460 g, oil - 25 BC, vinegar 3% -s' - 5 g garlic - 5 g salt ..
Salad with canned beans.
With canned beans are removed marinade well obsushuyut and cooled. Tucking salad, add chopped onions, celery and grated cheese at the end of seasoned mayonnaise and salt.
* Canned beans - 330 g g -150 onions, celery - 310 g cheese - 60 g mayonnaise - 120 g salt.
Salad of green beans with potatoes.
Beans beans are washed, stems removed, put in boiling water and cook until tender. Potatoes cooked neobchyschenoyu then obchyschayut and cooled. The cooled beans beans na¬rizayut long slanting plates 3-4 cm and potatoes - small cubes or well plates. All mix, salt, seasoned with vinegar and sugar and pour mayonnaise.
* Beans in beans - 200 g potatoes - 200 g sugar - 20 g g mayonez- 40, 3% -s' vinegar - 10 g salt.
Salad of ripe beans.
Ripe beans are cooked, cooled, mixed with vinegar, oil, ground black pepper, salt and parsley. Onions cut into slices and placed on top.
* Beans -180 g, onions - 120 g, oil - 40 g 3% -s' vinegar - 20 g parsley - 20 g, black pepper, salt.
Salad of fresh beans.
Fresh beans are cooked, obsushuyut, cool, add sliced ​​onions and peppers and mayonnaise, then gently mix. Salad seasoned and placed on a piece of lettuce.
* Fresh Beans - 570 g, onions - 50 g lettuce - 200 g sweet pepper - 25 g mayonnaise - 120 g salt.
Bean salad "Assorted".
Cold cooked beans, peas and beans seasoned with mayonnaise, salt, mix and spread on leaves of green salad, sprinkled with finely chopped (diced) sweet peppers and onions.
* Beans - 330 g fresh beans - 330 g peas - 330 g, onions - 25 g sweet pepper - thirty grams of salad - 50 g mayonez- 120 g salt.

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